3 Types of Blog Posts That Earn the Most Backlinks

Creating high-quality content is the essential step of a successful SEO strategy. People who visit a website are in search of answers to their questions and solutions for their problems. That’s why you need to provide highly-informative blog posts that are relevant and interesting to the readers. Only then, you can expect more backlinks and a better SEO. However, the real question is – what types of blog posts earn the most backlinks? In this article, you’ll learn how to create the content of the highest quality, and build your content strategy the best way possible.

What are backlinks and why they matter?

Let’s clarify the benefits of backlinks for your website, and the reason why you should go for the top three types. Backlinks are links to your website made by other websites. When you post relevant and educational content, other websites use your ages to complement their content. As you get more high-quality backlinks, your website gains more authority and becomes more valuable in the eyes of Google. And this only means you can get a better ranking, and eventually more leads and sales. Therefore, you need to learn to create the most effective content and the most popular types of blog posts. Let’s see what are the ones you should focus on.

blog statistics of blog posts that earn the most backlinks
If you pick blog posts that earn the most backlinks, you are choosing the path to SEO success.

What are the blog posts that earn the most backlinks?

In the huge realm of SEO, there is a limitless number of blog posts. However, some of them are more valuable than others and earn more attention, as well as backlinks. Check the main blog post types you should focus on when creating your content.


If you have knowledge and experience in a certain niche, you should use it wisely in creating guides, or ebooks. A guide that includes some valuable information on a topic, will surely be used as a reference in some third-party articles. To make a guide that will be easily discoverable, make sure you use all the relevant keywords. Think about what a reader would search for, to get a solution or answer from your guide. The answers should be the keywords to use in this type of blog post. This way your guide or ebook will appear in search results when a reader or another website that creates content does some research on the topic.

In order to make a useful guide, do some research on the topic you want to write about. Take a look at the results, and see what are the gaps you can cover that will make your blog post stand out.

books and pencils on a table
Think about your niche and what is knowledge you can offer to the readers.

How to’s

Another way to help people do something and also become a great reference is by creating a step-by-step explanation on how to achieve or do smoothing. Again, relying on your experience and knowledge, you can share the answers and solutions with your readers in this type of blog post.

The reason why these are very beneficial for gaining more backlinks is the simplicity of understanding the text and detailed explanation. Any idea you want to write about should be broken down into smaller steps. Furthermore, the title itself reveals the exact topic of the article which makes it more likely to be clicked on. These are very popular among readers, but also content creators, as they know what to expect and are able to find answers quickly. However, there are some guidelines that will help you create an attractive how-to post:

  • choose a useful and attractive topic;
  • make sure you can break it down into small sections;
  • write the post that is long enough so you can include all the details – longer posts of this kind tend to have higher rankings;
  • share additional tips – apart from explaining a certain process, make sure to add some interesting tips and tricks, to help your readers even more.

This type of guide can also include list posts, that are very popular online. List posts are also simple to understand, easily scannable, and ensure the reader scrolls down to the end of the page.

Posts that provoke comments

Another way to make sure readers and other websites notice you is to create so-called opinion posts. Usually, these are about a topic that has very diverse reactions. You can write about some controversial things from your niche, challenges, problems, etc. Providing your opinion based on your experience and knowledge will certainly provoke some reaction. Even though people may or may not disagree with your opinion, they will be willing to discuss it, and also include it in their content. Reactions on your blog posts will turn into backlinks, which will lead more people to your website, services, or goods.

keyboard of a laptop
Be honest and write informative and relevant opinions.

Other blog posts that can bring you backlinks

Apart from these three blog posts that earn the most backlinks, there are several other types you should consider in your content building. Some of them are:

  • original research – even though these require a lot of time to make, research posts are very valuable when building backlinks. As they provide original and relevant information, they are favored by other content creators;
  • infographics –  even though it’s ‘just an image’, an infographic is very popular because it gives a lot of simplified and summarized information. They are easy to understand and read, which is why many blog writers are eager to include them in their posts;
  • interviews – original content is always a good thing. Interview posts are great because they share the opinions of skillful individuals from a certain niche. They also help build the authority of your website, as renowned people are willing to participate in creating the content there.

Mixing the right kind of posts will lead you to your target audience, but also help your posts reach other websites. Building backlinks is a complicated, lengthy process, but one thing is for sure – invested time and effort eventually pays off.

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