5 Essential B2B Link Building Tactics That Work

Over the years, SEO came a long way. And during that time, link building became one of the finest SEO practices of them all. In the beginning, some of you may remember that backlinks were measured in volume. The more links you had leading to your site, the more relevant it was. Nowadays, however, things have changed. As you could expect, the usage of backlinks led to an abuse of this tactic, and today, the number of backlinks is more or less irrelevant. So, we decided to help everyone out and list 5 essential B2B link building tactics that work.

With Google’s frequent updates, the biggest challenge is keeping up with the changes. However, the most notable one was the introduction of the Penguin update. As it turns out, Google miscalculated something in the precise nature of it, and now links are more important than ever.

On the other hand, this update also established some new rules that marketers had to obey. These rules were based on strict monitoring if you have ”Google defined” high-quality links that lead to your website. As well as if your content is relevant enough to go along with them.

Man writing on a whiteboard.
There are quite a few rules marketers need to respect nowadays.

How Important is Link Building for B2B?

As you probably already know, B2B marketing is based on forming relationships and building authority. One of the simplest and most successful ways of achieving this is by creating high-quality content. It should solve problems and give answers to important questions that your target customers ask. However, if you want to ooze authority, you need to include relevant links.

If you ask anyone from the B2B industry what link building is all about for them, they’ll tell you the following:

  • Google Ranking Factor – This is a fundamental factor. Of course, getting to the first page of Google is never easy. However, with the right planning, repetitiveness, and dedication, it’s more than achievable.
  • Traffic Magnet – When a site with a higher domain authority score links to you, you’ll move up a few spots in SERPs. If those links keep on coming, you’ll have a continual stream of potential customers on your website.
  • Authority Builder – It’s essential to understand that you have to earn that link on a website that can bring more targeted traffic to yours. It’s not an easy job, but it can pay out big time.

Best B2B Link Building Tactics

Now that you know all you need to know about the essentials, we can start talking about our 5 essential B2B link building tactics that work. You don’t have to wait for anything. Start implementing all of these today.

Social Media Links

And where could we start if not on social media? It’s a well-known fact that if you want to establish your brand presence on Google, you must be the first search result when someone searches your brand keywords. One of the most powerful factors for boosting SERP is the usage of your social media profiles. Utilize them by including your web links in the profiles About and Bio sections.

It’s needless to say that all those social shares matter also. And they matter a lot. In B2B, high-quality content always gets lots of attention and shares. And the more of them you have, the bigger chances are for your content to be noticed by websites with higher authority. When that happens, some of them could offer your content as a valuable source by linking to it.

Phone with Instagram, Facebook, And Twitter apps installed.
Since social media is such an important part of our lives, it doesn’t come as a surprise to find it among 5 essential B2B link building tactics that work.

Guest Blogging

Contrary to what some may lead you to believe, guest blogging remains a big part of B2B link building strategies. This long-term tactic can do wonders for your page rankings. But, only if you know how you can utilize it to build authority links on the internet.

The first thing you want to do is finding guest blogging opportunities. Here, naturally, you should seek sites with high domain authority.  When you know who you want to contact, write them an email. But, make sure to put some effort into it. You can check out our guide for writing the perfect guest blog pitch if you need help with it. Always make sure that all the sites you’re submitting to allow you to include your link.

Broken Link Building

All of the tactics we’re talking about today require a bit of time and work to incorporate. Unfortunately, some of the tasks you need to complete are more daunting than others. This tactic requires searching for broken links on a specific website, creating content that can replace it, and notifying the owner about everything.

It’s simple, really. You’re providing value to the website owner by discovering the link and making a substitute, and the site owner gives you a backlink. To help you along the way, tools like Ahrefs will do an amazing job of finding the broken links on any website.

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Broken link building is an old tactic that is still very useful.

Expert Round-Up Articles

These articles consist of authority opinions on a given topic or are the answers that professionals give to a specific question. With the experience Link Department has, we can tell you that true professionals in any field are usually more than happy to be presented as authority figures or influencers. Therefore, it’s often easy for them to sit down and write this kind of article.

Even if you do a simple interview with someone, it will make that person feel good and appreciated. Don’t forget that you’re also offering them a place for their links. And a free round of promotion when you publish the post. If you’re going to aim high, this tactic is the one for you.


Help a Reporter Out (HARO) is a free service that offers reporters a big database of resources for their stories. So, there are daily opportunities here for you. It’s an unusual, but yet excellent way to build a high-quality backlink.

What’s special about the final of our 5 essential B2B link building tactics that work is that reporters can reach out to you. And it’s not like no major news outlets use their services. New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Mashable are just some of them. Signing up is easy and you’ll need just an email address to get started.

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