6 Types of Blog Posts You Should Try Today

Fresh content on your blog will create more traffic and boost your rankings. However, this is not as easy as it sounds. Creating high-quality content is incredibly important for your SEO success, and that’s why there’s more pressure on the writer of a blog. Sometimes, writers lack ideas for new blog posts, and this guide is going to help them with this challenge. In this article, our Link Department experts will present the top six types of blog posts you should try today, and start creating some new pages for your website.

Fresh blog posts – why do they matter to SEO?

Posting fresh content is one of the most important factors of your SEO strategy. There are several reasons why you should utilize different types of blog posts on your website:

  • engagement – your audience loves fresh content. Different blog posts you upload regular will keep your readers more engaged, which results in more traffic, higher brand awareness, and more conversions;
  • authority – if more and more people recognize your brand, its authority increases with every new click;
  • indexing – posting fresh content will help your website be more interesting to indexers, and make your website more popular;
  • Google loves fresh content – combining all the previous reasons why you should write blog posts more, we get to the most important part, and that’s higher ranking on Google. In short, regular posts bring more attention and combine to give the best results to the website.

After understanding the benefits of regular blog posting, let’s help you out with some ideas for the next update. Here are the types of blog posts you should consider for your future blog activity.

tutorial written on a paper
How-to guides and simple tutorials are useful in backlink building.

1. How-to Guides

One of the most popular types of blog posts to try out is writing a tutorial or a how-to guide. It’s a simple way to attract the attention of your regular readers, as well as those who are visiting the site for the first time.

Furthermore, guides and tutorials are the blog post types that earn the most backlinks. For most people, the internet is a tool to find a solution to a problem, necessary product, or service. That’s why if there’s anything you can help out your readers with – go for it. Teach or explain the things you’re good at and share the knowledge with your visitors. However, it is essential to be very clear and simplify your writing. As not everybody is skilled and knowledgeable about the topic, it is important to break down your blog post into a couple of smaller steps. It will make the article easy to read and understand and therefore more popular among the readers.

2. Controversies

Controversy topics are present in all niches and industries. They can be a hot topic that can drive traffic to your website. However, you need to be careful when writing them – use the language wisely, present your ideas objectively, and include questions to trigger the comments and discussions of your readers.

laptop screen with one of the types of blog posts
Types of blog posts that provoke discussion are a great way to earn backlinks and new customers.

3. Hot topics

Controversies lead us to news and hot topics. Current events are an easy way to think of a topic for a new blog post, as they are happening all the time. Pick a topic that is currently interesting in your niche, but at the same time be sure that the topic is something you can give your opinion about. When looking for news, people browse pages that offer more information than the previous one, so make sure to discuss the topic and give a comment that can also be discussed in the comment section. That’s why it is good to build an email list, so you can share this type of content with your subscribers as a piece of exclusive information.

4. Reviews

In the age of online shopping, reviews are a very valuable piece of information on the internet. That’s why extensive, objective reviews are very appreciated by readers. If there’s anything you could write about – a new gadget, piece of clothing, an accessory, etc. your readers will love to know more about it. These types of blog posts are very valuable in attracting first-time visitors. Almost every user has searched for a review of a product once in their life, so these are quite popular. However, there are also often underestimated blog posts so you should try them out.

a gadget box on a desk
Quality reviews of hot gadgets are one of the types of blog posts that bring new visitors.

5. Lists

If you haven’t tried to write a list before, today is the day to go for it. Lists of products, services, types of food, best exercises, etc. are presenting the information in a simple, easy-to-read way that all readers love. Likewise, in the article you’re currently reading, the information is numbered and divided into smaller chapters. This makes it easy to understand, informative, and not requiring a lot of time to read.

6. Infographic

The biggest benefit of posting an infographic is the ability to make them for every topic possible. They present useful information in a simple way, which is very popular among readers. Infographics bring data to life and make sure visitors can see all the information in an attractive visual. This can be very useful for your brand, as visuals help recognize a brand much faster and get the idea behind it. You can also use it to tell a story about your brand. Furthermore, you can teach your readers about a certain process or a concept. Infographic visuals are very engaging, which is why they should be part of your blogging strategy.

How to decide what’s the next thing you should write about?

Our ideas of types of blog posts are just the first step of your blogging strategy. Therefore, when trying to get the idea of your next blog post, you should also search for inspiration in your audience. Undesratng our audience’s needs, preferences, and requests will help you decide about the future blogging theme. For that reason, communication with your readers is the key to success, so be sure to listen closely to what they have to say.

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