Backlink Types You Need To Stop Getting Right Now

For sure, you are aware of the importance of backlinks in SEO. However, not all backlinks are good, some can seriously affect the rankings of your site. If you are not sure which backlink types you need to stop getting right now, you should continue with your reading. And after you are finished with that, make sure to get in touch with the Link Department and hire professionals to help you with your backlinks.

Links that are purchased are one of the backlink types you need to stop getting

First of all, we have lists that are purchased. Buying links is not something positive, and it can even cause a penalty. Even famous brands can get a penalty, not only small firms. Also, the companies that are actually selling these links present this as marketing that seems at first completely legit, it is not so. To be more precise, to Google as an authority something like those may seem like manipulation to get a better ranking in searches. For this reason, make sure to always avoid this type of backlinks because they can hurt your site.

A person using Google.
Google will be aware of manipulation for better rankings, keep this in mind.

Links that are irrelevant to your topic

Secondly, adding links that are completely irrelevant to your topic and that do not have any connection at all is something that you must stop doing. Adding more links just for the sake of it does not serve any function in your article. Even if it sometimes seems to be no big deal, some readers could notice this and start considering your articles less reliable. Some people prefer exchanging links with other companies and this is not a bad thing if they are in the same or at least a similar industry that has a certain connection.

Spammy comments are one of the backlink types you need to stop getting

Thirdly, leaving spammy comments that are generic on blogs is not something very wise. Yes, it may seem like your article would have more people who will check it out because of better rankings, but it can seem completely fake. This is why many people could start avoiding reading your work online. Therefore, you must avoid leaving these types of comments right now if you want to save your credibility.

Backlink types that you need to stop getting are the ones that are sponsored and that do not have a full disclosure

If you are not sure what sponsored post is, we will clarify everything. A sponsored post is a text that you are writing for a particular website that is not yours. Also, you are paying for publishing it, and t serves for self-promoting. In case your post that is sponsored does not have a disclosure that is proper, people can see it as advertising that is completely false. To be more precise, Google does not prefer these types of backlinks because they sometimes have no editorial control.

One of the backlink types you should stop getting is those irrelevant to your topic.
Do not add as many links as possible in your article if they are not relevant in any way.

Moreover, Google is not a huge fan of you paying for getting better rankings. However, you should know that this type of backlink is not bad at all if it has a proper disclosure and is published on a website with similar topics. This type of marketing is legitimate and a large number of really big companies use it.

Avoid private blog networks as much as you can

The next thing you should avoid is private blog networks. In case you are not sure what these are, here you will get an explanation. It is actually a group of websites or blogs whose main purpose is to sell links. Moreover, they are owned by one person and it is common that websites like these have only a couple of pages. Also, these websites rarely are updated and when an average internet user checks them out, it seems like they are not in function anymore.

Average persons will not know that these are just part of a network. But, you should know that similar websites actually sell space for links. There are two ways in which an owner of a similar site can let you put a link to your own site. First, you can publish a completely new text that contains a link to your website. Second, you can use an article that is published already and place your link in it. All who use private blog networks to manipulate algorithms that can lead to an actual penalty must know that this is not a very smart thing to do.

One of the backlink types you need to stop getting is private blog networks.
Do not use private blog networks in order to manipulate Google’s algorithm.

Stop getting profiles on low-quality directories right now

Finally, you really should stop getting profiles that have low-quality directories. This is because they will sooner or later start affecting the rankings in a bad way. So, make sure to avoid web directories that are publishing links from who knows who without any standards at all. In the future backlinks like these will not bring you any good, remember that. Once you stop getting these profiles everything will improve and your rankings will be better, you will see.

Avoid the backlinks you don’t really need

To sum up this article, there are more backlink types you need to stop getting. Firstly, avoid purchased links. Secondly, do not use links that are irrelevant to your article. Thirdly, do not leave spammy comments. Fourthly, you’d not need backings that are without full disclosure. Fifthly, private blog networks can be really bad for you after some time. And, finally, you really do not need profiles on low-quality directories. This is because they can negatively affect your rankings after some period of time. If you follow these tips, you will have no problem with your online business at all and everything will go smoothly.

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