Boost Engagement with Tactical Local Email Marketing

One of the main things you should know about email marketing is that it is a very powerful tool that can help you get more from your customers. Boosting engagement, keeping old, and getting new customers can all be done with proper tactical email marketing. Unfortunately, most business owners are not using this tool to its full potential. The reason is often a lack of knowledge and experience. Fort that reason, this article will give you an overview of the best ways to boost engagement with tactical local email marketing and make the most out of it.

Benefits of local email marketing

Before we go on to the main tactics, let’s remind ourselves of the advantages. There are several reasons why you should invest more time in local email marketing and make your business visible even more. Besides enlisting the help of professionals such as the Link Department, the reasons are:

  • to boost engagement – the main reason why we are here today. Email marketing will help you boost engagement as people who get such emails are more likely to react to it or share with the people they interact with.
  • to lower bounce rates – nobody wants high bounce rates on their website, right? Well, emails will generate more traffic and ‘make’ people spend more time on the website, which results in lower bounce rates, too.
  • new content ideas – if a certain newsletter had amazing reactions, it’s maybe time to turn it into the ‘real’ content on your website. It’s a way to get to know your customers better and get insight into their interests.
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Emails can be a very powerful marketing tool, with a lot of benefits.

Start tactical local email marketing with a solid mailing list

The first step would be adequately building your email list. You can begin this process by adding sign-up forms to the website. You should keep it very simple. Add these forms to only the most important landing pages on the website. Furthermore, don’t ask for too much information. The simpler the signup process is, the more people will go for it.

Another way to do this is to add popups. Again, they shouldn’t be too distracting, so keep them simple and located on the most important spots. However, be sure to include some offers to the call-to-action. Include the reason why would a visitor want to subscribe – discounts, coupons, exclusive content, etc.

Segmenting of emails

A good local email marketing strategy is to categorize the emails and subscribers in different categories. Segmentation is sending specific emails to specific people, based on different factors. Here are the main categories you can make.

  • segmentation by email domain – This is very useful if you have a group of subscribers from different organizations, government, educational institutions, etc. By segmenting emails based on top-level domains you can focus certain content on the proper people who are interested in the topic.
  • segmenting by email engagement – checking if a subscriber opened your previous email and clicked on the link is also another way to make more specific content.
  • geo-segmentation – very important to the local email marketing, geo-segmentation can be very useful when sharing information interesting to people from a specific area.
  • other factors – there are other ways you can customize your emails such as by interest, time of subscription, professional, etc.
a person touching @ symbol
Sending emails to the right addresses is targeting the right audience.

Social media interaction

Another great example of tactical local email marketing is including social media. These networks have become a vital part of marketing strategies, for businesses in every niche. Communicating with the customers on social networks surely boost engagements, as people are more likely to comment and share the content. Therefore, don’t forget to add social media badges to your newsletters.

Important events

Email Marketing doesn’t need to be related to your business only. You can include updates about local important events or holidays. There are various things you can include in these emails, such as holiday celebrations, charitable events, promotions, product launches, etc. These are a great way to attract new customers, too, so be sure to include these events in your business calendar. It’s great to both attend and host them, and gain more email subscribers.


Customers love a good sale! Therefore, make sure you inform them about current discounts, especially if you’re organized an online sale. These are very useful for boosting engagement and creating more traffic on the website. Make attractive emails with special offers inside. However, be sure to keep it simple and be clear about the discount/offer you are promoting.

keyboard with social media symbols as buttons
Different social media attract different users – use them wisely to find your customers.


Other businesses are not there only for competition. Joining your forces with other businesses can give some amazing results. Think if another business in your area can complement your services or products, so you can make the best match and increase sales. Also, the marketing of two businesses is much stronger than standing alone. You can promote special offers and discounts in your emails and get better results. This way, you can attract customers of both businesses and therefore increase the sales.

Newsletter specifics

Now, let’s go through some details of your newsletters that you should take into account when practicing tactical local email marketing.

  • start with a subject line that stands out – make sure subscribers notice your email in their filled inbox. Make them unique and eye-catching.
  • make it personal – to really make sure a subscriber will react to an email, try to make it personal and grab their attention. Personalized emails bring higher transaction rates!
  • promote new products – emails are a great way to let everybody know that you’re releasing a new product. Add a discount offer for it, and you’ll get engagement quickly!

The results will show up sooner than you think

Going through tactical local email marketing methods, we can conclude that you boost engagement by making effort to get to know your customers better. This way, you can be sure that the results will show up as soon as possible.

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