How Many Internal Links Should You Have in Your Blog Posts?

Do you think about how many internal links some posts are having? We will tell you some information about links. In fact, how many internal links but also what else your blog should have. The more information you have the better you will rank and your post will be seen by many more people that way. That is a great thing if you are running a business online or matter of fact it is a great thing no matter what because you will have a lot of people on your blog reading it. You can find out the effect a backlink is having on your blog very easily.

Type of internal links

There is more than one type of internal link. You should know every type that is out there for your benefit. When you understand how many and what types of internal links there are. You will more easily know where to use the links and what type is the best for that case. We use Google search every day but everyone has their own way of how they do it. Be sure you use it to research what you need. Some of the internal links are:

  • Navigation links
  • Action links
  • On the page links
  • Internal direct to content links
  • Dynamic links

What is a navigation and action link?

The navigation link is something that every blog has and it is usually located on the top of the website. For example. The homepage link, the links under Service and Company, and therefore the overall use of navigation links is that the user’s navigation is easy on your page.

Person trying to navigate
You will need navigation links for people that visit and read to navigate themself where they want to be but also where you want them.

They exist to help users find their way around your site. They are on the top and bottom so the user can find them from several different points on the page. For the action link, they are usually the ones that are saying ‘call’ or ‘send a message here’.These types of links are designed to make people do what the owner wants them to do. For example to sign up for the service that they are providing.

On the page and direct to the content link

On the page, the link leads to the particular subheading lower in the content, on the same page. They can also be hidden. Meaning when you want to write a message on some website and then it opens up for you all the message from there.

If you are wondering why are we talking about this and why are links important in SEO. You can visit that link and read about it. Internal direct to the content link is some of the most used and the most important. You add internal links to encourage your readers to visit other parts of your site. That may be other blog posts. Sometimes it can point to a landing page or a product page as well. Something that you think that the readers will be interested in or need to see.

analyzing a website
Dynamic links change with time.

Dynamic links

You should know that dynamic links are not that important because they are not fixed links but rather change with time. Speaking primarily for the related posts links. Every time you visit some site chances are the related posts you see are going to be different. That’s because it prioritizes recent posts in the same category as the post you’re reading right now. That is why they are not so important and also Google ignores them. But don’t worry you can get your business to have a higher ranking with some cheap ways just follow the link that will explain everything.

So, How Many Internal Links should you have in your blog?

The short answer is many. But if you want details then we will go into explaining. You will need to have at least one navigation link because they help your readers navigate the site. About the action link. You can put one of them but if you don’t want to then don’t. You can just leave information for the readers where they can reach you.

For example a phone number. For on the page link they are useful for you because they make people engage with your site while they can be hidden so put one or more. The most important is internal on the content link. This link is here so you can navigate your readers through your whole website and can send them to see what you think they need. The best number for these links is at least 3 or more but don’t overdo it.

Making a sketch on what you want your website to look like
Before doing anything be sure of what you want for your website.

In the end, be sure of what you want for your website

You will need all of the links above on the list for a good page. But that does not mean you need to put all of them. Not to mention that does not mean you should overdo with them and put all of them everywhere on a small page. The readers will not know how to navigate the website and therefore leave. You can find more information like this on the Link Department site. We have very good information on these topics so be sure to inform yourself. And learn different things about how many internal links you need, posting, and other necessities to be successful in making websites and pages.

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