How to Build Powerful Links With Email Outreach

Increasing your online visibility can be a greater challenge than you might have thought. Merely having a website and letting it work its magic doesn’t do the trick. Not even close! That is why you must master clever tips and tricks that will help you improve your rankings on all available search engines. There are quite a few techniques that can be used to get this important part of marketing accomplished. And when we mention SEO improvement we just can’t neglect to emphasize the importance of backlinks and what they bring to the table. You can always consult with our professionals at Link Department, but if not, here is how you can build powerful links by using email outreach.

Use the power of emailing for link building

If your business has a highly respected website, others will organically use your URLs for linking. Consequently, your rankings will go through the roof. However, if you have a startup site on your hands the story is a lot different. In case you are in such a predicament, you will use inbound marketing to your advantage. That is why we are sharing with you the most valuable tips on how to land and build powerful links with email outreach.

Gmail opened in Safari browser for emailing
Using email to your advantage to gather valuable backlinks is an excellent digital marketing strategy.

The art of link building

Just in case you aren’t certain what link building is, we will briefly brush shoulders with this topic. When we say that you should build powerful links, we are actually referring to high-quality backlinks. When used correctly, backlinks redirect users to your website and as a result, your content gets to be seen. Naturally, it is an excellent way to increase website traffic. So, to summarize, these are the main and the most important benefits of links:

  • drive traffic towards your website
  • improve rankings on search engines

Rules that will help you through the process of outreaching

Simple emailing whoever crosses your mind will not get the job done. This type of work will consume lots of your time and energy. That is why you must be certain you are doing what needs to be done and in a correct manner. So, before you open your email and start typing, here are a few important details to keep in mind.

Don’t forget to edit

Nothing can be a turnoff as big as reading an email with grammatic errors, misspelled words, addressed to the incorrect person, etc. We can go on and on. These types of errors as irrelevant as they might sound are very important. That is why you should always make it your business to proofread what you have written. Trust us when we tell you, it is wise to even do it twice. It can save you from embarrassment and score you those much-needed inbound links.

Gmail used to build powerful links.
Before you press the send button make sure that what you wrote is in tip-top shape.

Don’t overdo the subject line

By now we know that contacting other publications for content sharing is one of many excellent ways to earn backlinks. But to get to that point you must dazzle somebody else enough to make them want to buy what you are selling. So, when doing it through emailing you must make sure your email grabs positive attention. During this process, it is important to understand that a subject line can make you, but also break you. A well-written subject line can spark interest and draw special attention to what you want to present. Yet, if it is too long or not specific enough, the reader might just move on. To avoid the ladder scenario, keep your subject lines short and sweet. Still, don’t forget to make a point.

Before you reach out dig deeper

This tip is very important, especially when emailing well-established publications. Get to know the company and even the person that you are emailing. If you do it just out of the blue, without any concrete knowledge about who you are targeting, expect to be ignored. After all, if you don’t do the research, how can you know are you targeting the right publisher?

Be original

It might sound ambitious, but nailing a big publishing giant to publish something related to your business is a job well done. Consequently, you can bank on countless extra views of your content. The best way to impress somebody that is already well established is to offer them something they don’t have. In other words, unique and interesting content. Something that will be worth their time as well as worth publishing on their website or social media. For instance, if a backlink of yours were to be published in the New York Times, you can be sure that your content is interesting and one od of a kind. Hence, your traffic and ranking will organically skyrocket.

One size doesn’t fit all

You might be looking to build powerful links ASAP. Thus, you are sending emails left and right. You probably think that mass emailing of a template will get the job done. However, if this is your tactic you are making a massive mistake. We already emphasized how important is to dig deeper and get to know the person/publication on the recipient end of your email. Use that knowledge and send only customized emails. Surely this approach is much more difficult, but it is also incomparably more effective.

A lit up lightbulb in a mans hands
Get inspired and put your creative thinking hat on before you start creating content for others to see.

Buckle down and be prepared to do the work if you want to build powerful links

If you aren’t keen on doing some serious work, don’t expect serious results in return. To build powerful links you must invest lots of time and even more energy. It is a process of writing emails (the right way) and then getting them into the best possible hands. Get prepared for a long and grueling process, that can in return provide major rewards. It is one of the more difficult ways to digitally market your business. Nevertheless, the results are long-lasting, organically achieved, and extremely beneficial for your business. So, take the time and start your email outreach. The invested time and effort will be well worth it.

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