How to Build Traffic to Landing Pages

There is hardly a website owner out there that hasn’t struggled with building traffic to landing pages. Sure, some of them have a stroke of luck and manage to build decent traffic within a week or two. But, for most, having decent traffic means developing a long-term strategy and optimizing your marketing efforts. So, to help you out, we are going to cover the basics of how to build traffic to landing pages. Furthermore, we are going to take a closer look at some of the most used marketing tactics and how to implement them.

Optimize your landing pages before building traffic

In order to have any success with building traffic to landing pages, you first need to optimize them. A surprising number of people simply jump into marketing without first taking care of their website. This, as any marketing expert will tell you, is the wrong approach as promoting a poorly optimized website will only yield you superficial traffic. So, when trying to build traffic to landing pages, the first step should always be ensuring that your website is as well designed as possible. A good website will not only make finding leads easier. But, it will also help with social media promotion and SEO management.

A person visiting a well designed website on their laptop.
It is hard to overstate the importance of having a well-optimized website. Especially when you want to build traffic to landing pages.

Intuitive design

A mere glance at modern web design will show you that there are countless design trends that you can follow. From having a minimalist site with as few features as possible. To having a complex website with animations and integrated graphic content. But, if there is one thing that connects all of these trends, its that your website needs to be intuitive.

When a customer does land on one of your pages, they need to be able to navigate it with ease. If there is any information they need to find, they need to be able to so efficiently and without much hassle. If your website is not intuitive, your customers will either feel confused while visiting it or simply become frustrated after navigating it for a while. This, in turn, will navigate traffic away from your website, no matter how good your content is.

Landing page content and SEO management

While we are on the subject of content, there are a couple of things that we need to mention. First, you need to carefully select the content that you are going to use for your landing page. While theoretically, you can put whatever you want on your landing pages, you should only stick with the most vital info. The goal here is to tell as much as possible in as few words as you can. So, avoid having empty sentences or redundant information. Keep things nice and short so that your visitors can absorb as much information in one read through.

A girl reading something on a laptop.
Try to make your landing page content as informative and enjoyable as possible.

Also, you want to do your best to optimize your landing page content for SEO. Know that the biggest amount of traffic that you will get will come from search engines like Google or Bing. Therefore, you need to ensure that any content that you place on your landing page is SEO optimized, along with the links that you use. The better you manage to optimize it, the easier it will be to use various tactics for building traffic to landing pages.

Working with professionals

The aspects that we’ve mentioned so far are only a part of what you need to tackle in order to design a solid website. Therefore, it should come as little surprise that 9 times of out 10, you should find a professional web designer to help you out. A good designer will not only help you develop a decent website and build traffic to pages. But, they will also ensure that your website runs properly. A lot of traffic building strategies require extra tools and plugins in order to implement properly. And the only way to ensure that these plugins function well is to have an experienced web designer help you integrate and update them.

Marketing tactics that will help you build traffic to landing pages

With a good website at your side, you can start building traffic to landing pages. Now, it is important to note that not all tactics work for all websites and that you need to plan and pick carefully if you are to choose the tactic that is suited to yours.

Working with social media influencers

One of the quickest ways to build traffic to a landing page is to work with social media influencers. A recommendation from a trusted influencer can easily help you break the barrier of obscurity and have your website known. The key here is to find the right influencer. Know that simply looking for influencers with the largest following won’t do you much good. Ideally, you want to find an influencer whose content naturally connects to your website. That way you can make promotion natural and bring in quality online traffic.

A social media influencer that you can use to build traffic to landing pages.
While they can be difficult to work with, social media influencers are can be quite effective in boosting your online presence.

Blog posts and linking

As we mentioned before, properly handling SEO is the only way to ensure that you build long-term online traffic. Sure, a recommendation from an influencer can give you a temporary boost. But, if you want to see quality traffic over the long run, you need to manage your SEO. This is mostly done through blog posts and careful link building, along with social media promotion. If this sounds complicated, there are companies you can hire that can efficiently handle SEO management for you.

Join online communities

The final thing we would recommend that you do is to join an online community that is connected to your website. After all, your main goal should be to find and engage people that will be interested in your website. And the only way to find those people and see what they are like is to join their forums and online communities. The more you can learn how to think like your audience, the easier it will be to build traffic to landing pages.


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