How to get high-quality backlinks in 2021?

Even with all the changes in the SEO world, backlinks are still one of the main ranking factors. And in 2021, SEO professionals and website owners should continue to focus on building them. With the trust and authority that comes along with high-quality backlinks, you will achieve better visibility and an increase in organic traffic. In the long run, it’s a definite way to get a higher position in search engine result pages (SERPs).

Ways to earn high-quality backlinks

In essence, backlinks are links coming from other websites to yours. Search engines, like Google, usually consider them as votes of authority, credibility, and relevance. And the more you have, the higher is the probability you will get some of the top positions in search results. However, the process of getting them is no easy, and it’s not everything about the number of backlinks. Normally, you will have to develop a strategy to get high-quality backlinks for the best results. And it’s advisable to find SEO professionals to help you with it. Mostly because there is no simple solution to solve all backlink dilemmas, and because search engine algorithms are constantly changing priorities.

On the other side, there are certain strategies that, when used properly, can help you find high-quality backlinks for your website:

  • Create quality content for your website
  • Get high-quality backlinks through guest posting
  • You can use the Skyscraper technique
  • Broken links method
  • See how your competitors are backlinking
  • Link building with social media
  • Link your unlinked brand mentions
  • Create business listings
  • Get high-quality backlinks with interviews and podcasts
  • Use HARO

Create quality content for your website

Quality content reigns dominion when it comes to SEO, in general. Having industry-relevant and linkable content on your website can attract links on its own. And these naturally obtained links are some of the best backlinks you can get. To help speed up this process, you should enrich your pages with original data and various researches. By creating new case studies, guides, or a fresh point of view on various subjects, you are providing valuable content to the readers. At the same time, you are creating yourself an opportunity to get quality backlinks from other authority websites.

Two persons researching with the laptop and the map.
Do the proper research before creating content for your website.

Get high-quality backlinks through guest posting

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t limit yourself to creating quality content only for your website. You can simultaneously create quality content for other websites and benefit when they link back to yours. Guest posting was and will remain quite a powerful strategy to get quality backlinks. However, you should primarily focus on your specific niche. Eventually, you can provide content to more distinct websites but only if their content is relevant to your website.

You can use the Skyscraper technique

Speaking of quality content, you can try to utilize the Skyscraper technique. Basically, you find some content relevant to your niche and make a better one. Following the advice above, you create exceptional content on the same subject. Then, you can try to reach website owners and offer it as a replacement. If it works, it will significantly increase your traffic.

Broken links method

Broken link building is beneficial for more reasons. First, this is an excellent opportunity to get high-quality backlinks. You basically search for websites whose external links are not working.  Once you find those which are related to your industry, you can try to offer a replacement. Second, website owners will probably accept the offer since it benefits them as well. It is in essence a proper solution for both sides.

See how your competitors are backlinking

If you lack an idea about what to do, it’s always good to explore what your competitors are practicing. For this, you can find various useful SEO tools. They will allow you to:

  • check where your competitors are getting their backlinks from
  • what strategies are they using
  • give you an insight into their strengths and weaknesses
  • save you a valuable time

Link building with social media

Today, social media is an inevitable part of every successful SEO strategy. Your presence on social media will not only give you the opportunity to get quality backlinks but will also increase your visibility. The best part is, that the audience there is sharing valuable content further. A couple of the most popular social media platforms are:

  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • and many more, including forums like Reddit

With such high domain authority that social media have, those links can considerably improve your link profile.

Three pictures of buildings taken by phone and posted on Instagram.
It’s good to remember that people like to share visually appealing content on social media.

Link your unlinked brand mentions

Being such an interconnected place, there are probably some mentions of your brand or website on the internet. Especially if you are longer in business, and actively present on social media. Do some research by using proper SEO tools and find those unlinked mentions. Basically, they can be anywhere, from listings in different business directories to mentions in online newspapers. Once you find them, try to contact the publisher and ask to include links in those mentions.

Create business listings

Everyone offering some kind of product or service should have business listings. They are great because they include important information about your business like NAP (name, business, phone number). But most importantly, some of them can include links back to your website. Besides, they are crucial for getting a better ranking in local SEO results. Just like with brand mentions, research and claim if there are some already existing. If not, don’t hesitate to create them, especially in Google My Business.

Get high-quality backlinks with interviews and podcasts

Interviews and podcasts are a great way to get more exposure and increase your brand’s online footprint. There are many bloggers who are experts in specific industries. And they often conduct interviews with various representatives for those industries. Allow yourself to be interviewed by them because it can improve your overall SEO. It will help you spread the word. And more specifically, most of them provide high-quality backlinks inside the content. Or, below in description if it’s a nontextual interview like a video or audio podcast.

Laptop and a mic setup for an interview.
You don’t even have to leave your office for an interview.

Use HARO as a proven way to get high-quality backlinks in 2021

You can use HARO (“help a journalist out”)to reach out to journalists who publish various articles. On the whole, you should look for those relevant to your industry. You can connect with them, provide a valuable opinion or insight, and earn high-quality backlinks in return. And it’s not even hard because many of the journalists are already looking for materials for their articles.

For a successful business and a well-ranked website, you have to focus on finding high-quality backlinks in 2021. With proper strategies like these, you can ensure better visibility, an increase in traffic, and a higher conversion rate. Your backlink profile is an important part of your overall marketing strategy and is effective only if it’s built properly.

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