How to Promote Your Website in Every Social Profile

Social media is so important nowadays. You can’t do anything without it and it’s important to promote your website. Everyone is there and this became the most popular way to advertise your business? People don’t watch tv as often as they used to. They don’t listen to the radio or read newspapers nearly as much as they used to. But, social media? Well, they spend hours there. So many big brands stopped promoting their brands on tv, billboards or, radio and are using their social profile for that same purpose.

You need to be visible on social media if you want to promote your business/website and the only way to do that is to be relevant on all popular social media and grow daily. But, please note that this is not an easy task. You need to work hard and study, we will show you some basics now and you can continue the research on your own later on.

Instagram is the number one social media for promoting websites

It’s the most popular one for quite some time surely. This is a perfect place for you to have a social profile and promote your website. There are a few ways you can do this. It’s of course depending on what your website is about.

Instagram as the best app for promoting your website
Instagram is currently the number one app for promotion.

If you are selling something the best way to promote your business is through bloggers and influencers. This works quite easily. They are mostly very open to collaborations. You contact them on Instagram by using dm or even better on their email and offer them collaboration. Some like to take products, some money it’s something you can discuss. Micro-influencers are usually a way to go, big profiles like celebrities promote often and people don’t even look at them while they are promoting. Micro-influencers do this less and they have more power over normal everyday people because they connect with them. So don’t bother yourself with celebrities, go for a micro-influencer to promote your website.

The other option

If you are not selling, you just want your website to rank better on Google and get more views you can start adding people on your social profile, engage a bit with them, and then start Instagram promotions. They are not very expensive but they are quite effective, and best of all you can choose your own target group.


This social media is older and not as popular as it used to be, but still, plenty of people use it and you should have a social profile here. Instagram and Facebook are actually owned by the same company so they are quite similar when it comes to promotions. Even if you are not using this app for promoting your business you still need to be on it in order to promote your business on Instagram.

TikTok is the newest trend

This one is fairly new and gained its popularity during the global pandemic and lockdowns (that’s when millennials took it over from gen-z). Here things and promotions work quite differently. It’s all about short but funny or educational videos. Here is also important to Collab with influencers. But beware if someone is popular on Instagram isn’t necessarily great for this platform. So do some research before you start offering collabs. You can find online courses for every social platform to help you entertain your crowd and grow more, so check them out.

Twitter app icon
This app is older but still very relevant for promotions and exposure.

Twitter (OG app for promotions)

Oldie but Goldie. This is the definition of Twitter. But this platform is still a very relevant social media tool to build links and promote your business. Especially if you talk about something on your website and don’t only sell products. This platform works only if you engage and promote yourself. You need to be present, talk about whatever interests you and find similar-minded people. Never be rude even if people start leaving rude comments, that will only hurt your business later on. Just ignore them, there are rude people on every social platform just like in everyday life – the best course is to ignore them, and if they push their limits simply block them. It’s easy as that.

How to promote your website using dating apps

There are people saying that you should be on every social platform if you really want to grow your business. That is ok, but some platforms are not meant for promotions. Skip the dating apps, don’t open your social profile here. But some have paid ads so you can use that to your advantage.

Dating app on smartphone
Dating apps are not the place to have a profile for your business but you should consider those ads on them.

Tips and tricks for growing on social media

There are people who can promote your website on social media for you. But many people do it on their own because this can really be a fun project. There is no easy way to earn real followers and get many likes. But there are some tips that can help you do it quicker:

  • Never buy followers and likes (there are companies like Fiverr that can do this for you for a small price but it’s not worth it)
  • Don’t use unregistered apps for Instagram and Facebook (like unfollowing apps and such)
  • Be present – you need to be present every day (out of sight out of mind)
  • Engage with your crowd, ask them something, answer their dm-s
  • Follow some, and like some pictures don’t be a ghost
  • Use good quality pictures and videos, never use blurry ones
  • Use hashtags
  • Mind the trimming (don’t post much during lunchtime or in the middle of the night)
  • Make sure that people can understand you, don’t talk quickly
  • Talk about something else not just about your website all the time
  • Use apps like Lightroom or Canva to make your pictures look more professional
  • Use extras (for example nowadays reels on Instagram are very popular or status and stories on WhatsApp)
  • Research algorithm as often as you can because it is changing all the time

These are just some basic tips that everyone should know. Good luck, you are ready to promote your website!

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