Smart Ways to Earn or Build Backlinks to Your Website

You can find endless numbers of goods, services, and businesses of the same industry online. For that reason, competition is fierce, and people choose their favorites according to the recommendations they get. Apart from personal recommendations from friends and family, people trust praise from a reliable website that visits. And that’s how backlinks turn out to be so important. In this article, we will help you learn the ways to earn or build backlinks to your website – in a simple and easy way. 

Benefits of backlinks

As we mentioned, backlinks are references of your business on other websites. By getting mentions all over the internet, your website also gets:

  • more traffic
  • higher SEO score and a better ranking
  • more sales
  • better reputation
  • more opportunities to make partnerships
  • authority

All of these are affected by backlinks, and this is why you need to learn how to earn or build backlinks to your website, as soon as possible. And this guide is going to tell you how.

person using laptop to earn or build backlinks by writing a blog post
High-quality content and reliable backlinks will earn you a lot of benefits.

Simple ways to earn or build backlinks

Even though there are numerous ways to earn or build backlinks to your website, you should go for simple, yet effective ones. Remember, earning backlinks is like building your reputation – it needs to go steady. Shortcuts are not the best solution for this, and by using some of the black hat techniques, you only risk getting penalized and ruining your reputation. However, a proper backlink building strategy requires time and effort. But, you shouldn’t give up. In case you lack the time or skill to do this on your own, trusting a pro is the best way to go. Still, we want to share some of the best techniques in earning backlinks, in case you decide to do it on your own.

Guest articles

Very often, guest blogging is underestimated among bloggers and website owners. However, it is an efficient way to reach new people and attract them to your website. By writing an excellent article, and posting it on a new website, your content gets the chance to be seen by a completely new audience. This can be an incredible chance to earn more website visits and surely to earn a backlink. Do your research and find websites that accept guest posts, but pick the ones that are relevant to your niche. You can do that by searching your keywords, along with the phrases guest posts, write for us, submit an article, etc. These searches will lead you to the most relevant sites you can contact for becoming a contributor.

Remember: inexperienced bloggers often get rejected by the website owners. That’s why getting professional guest blogging services might be the right thing to do. It’s a cost-effective way to get your articles published on relevant websites, with minimum effort.

Broken links bring good backlinks

One of the great ways to earn or build backlinks is by reporting broken links to the webmaster of a website. Once you find a broken link on a website from which you could use a backlink, be sure to report this problem and surely mention a replacement. This replacement should include your website, with the page that is relevant to that article. Generally, webmasters are eager to say thank you by offering a link or two as you helped them with a broken link.

error 404 is used to earn or build backlinks
Reporting errors is a great way to earn or build backlinks to your website.

Contact the suppliers

If your business is about selling other people’s products, this can be a great way to get backlinks from the supplier. Almost every manufacturer has a page that shows where people can buy their products. This is the page where they can mention your website and therefore get you a link. Make sure you check all your suppliers and their “where to buy” pages and see if there are some you’re not listed on.

Try to get in listicles

Short, informative, and easy-to-read, listicles are very popular among readers and writers. These short blog posts include lists of the best things in a certain category, along with the links to those items on the list. That’s why you should try to get your place in some of these listicles and earn some links in this way. Do some niche research and see if there are any listicles you could be featured in. Once you find some lists that suit your business, reach out to the journalist or blogger and ask them to include you in their posts. However, make sure you justify this request – show why your website should be mentioned in a particular list.

Check the competitors

Having competition can be a positive thing. You can learn from more successful competitors in many ways. One of them is how to earn or build backlinks. Check out their backlink building practices and see if you can use them in your own strategy.

a person drinking coffee and writing a blog post on a laptop
Different goals require different techniques – adapt your backlink building strategy.

Infographics are a way to earn or build backlinks fast

The importance and popularity of infographics have increased a lot recently. The reason is that they are visual, easy to read and understand. Above all, they provide concise and informative details on a certain topic. That’s why if you create a useful infographic on your website, you can expect mentions from all around the web. Research a topic you like, and see what are the things you can present in an infographic. And if you’re not a designer – you shouldn’t worry about it. Check out some freelance websites and look for a professional to help you out with designing your post. This is an inexpensive, but highly productive way to earn clicks and attract more people to the website.

Tailor your backlink building strategy

Even the most powerful backlink building techniques might not be suitable for your website at the moment. It is essential to tailor your strategy according to the niche, your goals, and your website’s audience. This is why Link Department offers professional, tailored services and helps those with a lack of experience to earn or build backlinks for their website, in the simplest way possible.

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