The Importance of Organic Link Building

There’s no need to explain why content marketing is one of the most powerful features of the marketing world in 2020. This marketing strategy is used by all businesses nowadays, not just bloggers. One of the ways to get higher in Google searches and generally improve your content is surely organic link building. However, many people don’t realize the true importance of this tool, and very often neglect it or practice it improperly. That’s why we’re here to guide you through the world of organic link building and show you why and how you should implement it on your website.

The definition of organic link building

Organic link building is one of the white-hat methods of acquiring backlinks and hyperlinks for your website. Compared to black-hat methods and paying for these links, ‘accepted’ methods such as organic link building are done according to Google’s guidelines. Even though it’s sometimes hard to get the external links on other websites and link them to your own, this method is fully accepted by Google and will bring much safer and beneficial results.

What these links look like?

Links are very important to your organic link building strategy, so you should know everything about them. To put a link into your content you will need an interface such as WordPress or use HTML coding. Either way, you can place these links in two ways:

  • by using anchor text that contains a particular link, or
  • a plain link that looks like something like this
google search page
Good quality links will ensure many benefits for your website’s growth.

Is that everything you need to know about organic link building?

Even though this seems pretty simple, there are actually a couple of more factors to consider. It’s very important to know that adding random links to your content will not have the right effect on your Google ranking. Not all the links are the same – they don’t carry the same weight and don’t benefit your website equally. There are several factors to consider when dealing with backlinks:

  • relevance – links that lead to pages that are similar to your business or relevant to your niche carry more weight.
  • authority – not all websites provide links of the same importance and quality. Websites with more authority are rarely considered as spam and will benefit your website more.
  • link juice is also something to consider. The more influence a website has, the stronger will its recommendation be – and Google likes that.

Why organic link building should be the focus of your marketing strategy

Now let’s jump to the main focus of this article – the importance of organic link building. Here are the reasons why you should build your strategy on natural backlinking and avoid black-hat methods whenever you can.

The ranking

Probably the most apparent reason why organic link building is so important is the highest-ranking possible. Google recognizes the methods you’ve used to gain the links, and it will surely award white-hat solutions such as organic link building. If you’re not sure how to do it, there are professionals who can help you with link building such as Link Department, and guide you through this process without any setbacks.

The growth

Another reason why you should go for a natural link is the long-term plan of growth for your website. If you plan on staying in this business for a long time, then you should avoid the shortcuts and start building your career the right way.

The trust

To make sure your website is growing steadily, you need the trust of your customers. However, if your website is recommended by an irrelevant or untrustworthy business – you can lose many potential clients. People come across millions of similar webpages on the internet, so make sure you stand out from the crowd by offering quality and trust.

a man using a tablet for organic link building
When a user comes across your website, they should notice you as relevant and trustworthy.

How to make this strategy work?

Paying for backlinks and other shortcuts seem pretty attractive, especially if you’re desperate for new visitors. However, if you understand the right methods of organic link building, you’ll see that it’s not so difficult to do and that it can bring you even more benefits. Here are some ways to gain links in an organic way.

Good quality content

We can’t stress this enough – high-quality content will attract more visitors and more recommendations from relevant websites. Make sure the topics you cover are relevant to your business and give answers to your customers’ questions and problems.

blog for organic link building
Organic link building comes with high-quality, relevant content on your blog.

Updated content and latest news

The internet is all about brand new information. That’s why you should cover the latest topics, write about the latest news, and update your old content according to the latest events.

Be generous for long-term results

People love gifts and acknowledgment. To be noticed on the internet, you need to be generous and expect nothing in return. This will not show you’re desperate for backlinks, and actually, be more beneficial. There are several ways you can help others and make them like your website more:

  • free ebooks, tutorials
  • free guest posts and images
  • content that acknowledges the work of other businesses or bloggers – top lists of your favorites will surely help them like you more and maybe offer you some links in return.

Ask for mentions, but be careful

If you have friends and partners that can help you out, ask them for mentions. However, do this very carefully. Posts that you get links from should be relevant to your niche and stay within the industry.


Efforts always pay off. Shortcuts and black-hat methods might give faster results, but they often come with a dose of risk you should avoid. Practicing organic link building will ensure you grow your business steadily, focusing on long-term results and many returning satisfied customers.

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