Top 5 Benefits of Working with a Link Building Company

Creating a link building program isn’t easy. It takes time, money, effort, and persistence to get everything right. And when you have a lot of clients, it’s pretty easy to get lost in all the keywords and anchors. That’s why many SEO companies today opt to work with outsourced link building strategies. And that got us thinking. If you’re an SEO manager in an agency, what would be the top 5 benefits of working with a link building company for you?

However, this article can also be valuable to someone who’s just getting into SEO and learning about it. So, we’ll mention that link building is among the three of Google’s most important ranking factors. Many experiments have been done on this topic and one thing is clear. Without any links leading to your website, you simply can’t rank high.

Additionally, we don’t even have to mention that link building is a competitive sport. You always have to think about what companies to contact and how to reach out to them. Then, there’s negotiating everything from topics to publishing fees. And, the importance of organic link building is something you can’t forget. Even when that is done you still have to measure results and do the promotion. It’s an extremely time-consuming task, and when you realize that, the idea of outsourcing begins to take shape.

You Don’t Put Pressure on your Team

The first thing we want to talk about is the sheer amount of time that is needed to do everything properly when it comes to link building. We did some math and calculated that realistically, you’ll need around 212 hours a month to build 15 high-quality links.

If we know that a full-time person has 160 hours available to them each month, it’s easy to conclude that you need at least two people to be able to complete the job. Of course, these 160 hours we’re talking about include meetings, holidays, replying to emails, and everything else that comes with working in an SEO agency or anywhere else.

As you can see, it’s fairly difficult to build this muscle in-house. It is possible, however. You can hire a full-time project manager and a number of freelancers. But, there’s the time your manager will need to adjust, master all the different skillsets needed, and learn all the little tricks like using your competitor’s backlink profile to gain more links is.

The team discussing top 5 benefits of working with a link building company.
Your team will have much more time to focus on other important things if you decide to outsource.

It’s a job that isn’t Exciting for a Single Person

Since it is such a time-consuming process, and since most of the work that needs to be done is tedious, link building isn’t a career. The main problem is that there’s no progression. Your intern will go from SEO junior (or a link builder) to an SEO Manager in 6 months to a year. After that, you have to look for another person.

So, it quickly gets obvious that this situation simply isn’t scalable. Replacing the role frequently and having to train all the new people won’t get you anywhere. So how does everything work with a link building agency like Link Department is?

Because of working with various clients, link building agencies do have an economy of scale. They’re able to afford dedicated roles in the team for each stage of the process. This creates opportunities for career professions so everyone is constantly motivated and specialized. So, not having to hire additional people and saving money along the way definitely is one of the top 5 benefits of working with a link building company.

Frustrated man in front of computer.
Link building is a daunting task if it’s done by just one person.

You Get Access to Proven Systems that Work

When you start a link-building program from the bottom up, you learn through trial and error. And sometimes, that’s a big burden for a company to take on itself. You’ll waste time and money trying to achieve something that other people already know how to do.

So, that’s another reason why it’s much better to outsource the system when it comes to link building. This will enable you to accelerate growth and you’ll still have enough time to focus on all other important aspects of your business. There are already many battle-tested systems that can ensure the results. So, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t reach for them.

Additionally, you get the expertise that the company brings with it. Since they’ve worked with a wide range of clients, you can leverage their knowledge and experience and create something special for yourself.

Increased Accountability for Results

One of the most important things when executing your link building and growth strategy is consistency. It’s similar to how link equity works. You simply can’t afford to trip up. In terms of both leading indicators, and lagging indicators, you have to deliver month-on-month. And as you can expect, this is not a simple thing to achieve on your own.

However, you have a lot of knowledge about SEO, and if you partner with a link building company, your accountability to achieve the results you’re after can skyrocket. Here’s how:

  • You and the company you choose can combine the resources, so you can hit deadlines or change strategy in no time
  • Outsourcing means that your link building services aren’t dependent on internal politics, meetings, or spontaneous business meetings
  • You can be sure that the agency choose will always deliver
  • Link building company won’t  underperform, these people are the experts in the field
Arrows pointing up.
Increasing your accountability for results is probably the best among the top 5 benefits of working with a link building company.

Easy-Access to Top Tier Sites

And the final point we want to talk about is in fact a simple one. You see, running a link building program always was and always will be all about building relationships. This, of course, isn’t easy. You have to be persistent, invest lots of time in it, and sometimes you just have to know the right people.

So, the final of the top 5 benefits of working with a link building company is that all the hard work has already been done. These companies have already partnered with top brands in pretty much every niche possible. So, whatever you need – they can deliver.

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