Types of Content That Attract The Most Backlinks

In recent years, the process of link building became one of the most discussed topics in the world of online marketing. Business owners put in a lot of effort to create the best possible strategy that will help them overpower their competitors. And, it all has its reason. When Google decides which ranking position a site should get, it takes backlinks as one of the most important ranking factors. Numerous websites linking to your site are an indicator that tells Google there is some value in what you have to offer. If you want to find out how that all function, and what types of content that attract the most backlinks, this is exactly where you should be.

The story about backlinks

As we previously pointed out, backlink-building is an important step in gaining the top ranking positions among the search results. Although more is always better, mere working on the quantity of the backlinks will bring you nothing good. A successful link-building strategy focuses on the quality of the backlinks you create. In fact, nowadays, a few high-quality backlinks count more than numerous spammy and toxic ones.

This is because not all backlinks are useful for your reputation. Some of them can actually be pretty harmful and can hurt your SEO, as well. Thus, for example, if the backlinks emerged from some comment spamming, or from a website that is completely irrelevant to your business area, get ready to deal with the consequences. Not only will your relevance be called in question, but you may also earn some serious penalties. That is why you need to take good care of your backlinks, and the ways you got them.

There is Google search displayed on the laptop's screen.
Use types of content that attract the most backlinks to rank high among the search results.

Why is content important for the process of link-building?

Everyone who has ever worked on SEO knows that content is the king. That is exactly what the experts from Link Department would agree upon, too. The best possible thing you can do for your SEO is to get a good quality backlink from a reputable site. And if that site is from your own niche, you have everything you need. However, nothing of this is really possible without well-formed content.

Some types of content that attract the biggest number of backlinks

Since no one can get a link with no effort, and free of charge, a good strategy can be really helpful. Here are some content types that have shown as the most effective and the most natural.

1. The ultimate guide content

Ultimate guides deal with a particular subject and offer a thorough examination of the chosen topic. This type of blog post, if done properly, usually attracts a huge number of backlinks. Everywhere in the world, people use Google search in order to get various kinds of information. Thus, for example, content writers, while writing their pieces, search for information online. And in case they are writing about the same topic you did in your post, the content you shared can easily become their reference. This is especially useful if your content can offer some in-depth explanation of the points they couldn’t give enough space to. And that’s how you get your new backlinks.

However, ultimate guide content is something that you need to put a lot of time and effort into. And, not everyone is ready to give that much.

2. Infographics

Well, here is one interesting way to create some new backlinks for your site. Infographic is a type of post that is specific since it consists of pictures only. Many SEO professionals consider infographics to be the most popular content that attracts the audience in no time. The reason for this can be pretty simple. Many people are so-called visual types of learners. They like easily accessible content, that they don’t need too much effort to perceive. And, even if you are not so much into visuals, infographics will still be catchy and appealing for their beautiful design.

Here again, you need to devote a lot of energy to build them properly. This time your inventiveness will play a crucial part. But, don’t worry, even if you are not a creative kind of person, you can still make use of infographics. Just employ the right experts from the available freelance sites, and let them do the job for you.

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Find an artist in yourself.

3. How-to contents are types of content that attract the most backlinks

Just imagine how many times you have consulted Google to give you an explanation on how to do something. Well, you are not the only one, of course. So, why wouldn’t you use this very fact to gain some good backlinks for your site?

How-to contents give their readers an easy, step-by-step solution to their current problem. Most of the readers like these kinds of posts since they are usually interesting, and more importantly, they deal with some popular questions.

Writing these posts can be fun, so don’t miss another great chance when link building can benefit your business. All you need to do is to play detectives for a while, and find out what things people are most concerned about. Then, elaborate on the topics, and create a set of answers that will be both useful and amusing to your readers.

4. Original research

This type of post, if you do it the right way, will certainly bring much value to your site. It is a unique piece of work since in it you present the results of your own research. So, it’s something that should be specifically interesting to the readers. Therefore, give your best to make it informative, convincing, and credible in every way.

Original research can earn you numerous backlinks, but it can also be pretty helpful to the people who need the information you offer, but who didn’t manage to find it by themselves.

A woman is writing something down in her notebook. Collecting the information is the first step in the process of Original research- one of the types of content that attract the most backlinks.
Give your contribution to the world.

Now it’s time for you to do something good for your business. Make some use of these types of content that attract the most backlinks, and help your site become more visible to your potential customers.

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