White Hat SEO guidelines

Well, there are many different techniques and strategies to implementing your SEO effort and activities. All of these actions have the same common goal. To achieve better rankings and a better position in google search engine results. But, while all SEO is aimed at creating good rankings there are white, gray, and black areas in SEO. Most websites can use all of these strategies however, sticking to white hat SEO and quality backlinks building may be the most beneficial marketing strategy in the long run. To create a good guideline for using white hat SEO you should know about its definition and some basic rules.

White hat SEO and what it is?

Well, this type of SEO strategy is simply put any SEO activity that is within the guidelines of major search engines. Since one key search engine, is Google then it should be clear that this means following Google rules and regulations.

In addition, it presumes to optimize for users and not search engines, to create quality content, stand out from the competition and create quality backlinks. Whitehat would imply that you do not use techniques that might be considered cheating. And while it seems that white hat is the way to go there are many black or gray areas that many sites work in to get the desired rankings. These strategies can get results but it’s mostly a short-term deal. To achieve long-term good standings, a white hat, playing by the rules approach is essential. It will help with your SEO optimization.

Neon sign do something great as part of white hat SEO
You should try to make compelling content that attracts users rather than practicing black hat SEO

Why is white hat essential?

You should consider that any black hat activity is considered cheating by google. It also presumes to use the loopholes of the rules and regulations imposed by google. However, Google is not passively standing by and watching from the sidelines. It is endlessly improving and changing its ranking algorithms so that it can find any black hat activities.

As a result, Google does not hesitate to impose sanctions on websites engaging in a deceitful or dishonest way. In these cases, Google can demote a site or even exclude it from a search engine result. It can also impose a lifetime ban on its search results. As it is the number one search engine the absence of your site can mean disaster for your business.

With this in mind, it is clear that in the long run black hat won’t work and that it is too risky to practice. Black hat activity can if found and sanctioned by Google destroy any other positive effort that you have invested in your company and its internet presence. So, it is clear that white hat SEO is the right way to go. Make sure you understand this SEO effort as it will be your way of future internet marketing activity.

The basics of white hat SEO

The major aspect of white hat SEO issuing organic techniques to create a quality website that will perform well in internet searches. The quality of the website is a key guideline that demands consideration and optimization of:

  • Website content, audio, and video
  • Meta info
  • Link building
  • Site structure, usability, and performance


There is a lot of talk about website content that you must create. First and foremost this meant that you have to create content that is relevant and meets your market audience’s needs. In this way, your visitors will have the interest to visit your website and refer it to others. You can find and define keywords that your website should be optimized for. Then you can focus on implementing them in some great content that will be appealing to your end-user. In this way, you will provide value to your visitors/customers and also to your industry.

Social media icons
Make sure you integrate your social media with your website

Make sure that the content focuses on your brand. Also make sure to create keyword-rich metadata, titles and have disciplined keyword usage. Be advised that keywords are no longer relevant in the Google algorithm as before, however, they are important for your consumers and are still valuable for your ranking.


Make sure to use metadata that is keyword-rich. Metadata should be descriptive and enticing to stimulate traffic to your website.


Make sure to do proper link building. It is important to create relations with other websites and to create a network of links between them. This is important as most highly ranked sites have quite a number of backlinks.

Link building ultimately means that your website links with a number of websites that deal with the same topic and have a certain authority on the topic. If your content is relevant and authoritative then many people will tend to link to it from other websites. The more backlinks you have the better your content presumably is. This will in turn increase the value of your website and raise it up on the search engine rank. In addition, if the websites linking to you are of authority and have a higher rank you will benefit from it. The black hat backlinks buying strategy is easy in comparison but risky.

A tablet with website schematics
Make sure your website is well designed and structured and that it works well across platforms

Site structure and performance

Take care of your website architecture. Make sure that it is easy to navigate and logical. It should be fast and not lag and on any multimedia content. Today it is also important to make it work across platforms. So it should be mobile friendly and work on desktop, mobile, and tablet. A good website will have a good social media integration enabling your users/clients to follow your brand across platforms. It will allow your content and brand to be absorbed by users seamlessly and easily making the site functional and of high performance.

White hat SEO is the best SEO direction you can choose in your online marketing effort. It encompasses a  simple set of guidelines to go buy. Although it may be difficult to master and black hat practices may seem enticing in the long run it is clear that white-hat strategy is the way to go. Good ranking and positioning will come only through following the set of rules that will provide good content and lead to a good ranking by itself.

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