A Practical Guide to Buying Links in 2021

Search engines, especially Google, use links as one of the major SEO signals for website ranking. And Google places its focus on the quality of your backlinks even more, since their Penguin updates. That’s why it becomes crucial to maintain a healthy link profile in today’s very competitive SEO ecosystem. To stay on top, the majority of companies are heavily investing in optimizing their websites. So if you are having trouble reaching high ranking in SERPs, the reason is probably a lack of quality backlinks. Fortunately, one of the best solutions for the ranking problems, in 2021, might be focusing on buying links. However, you will need a guide because not all links and SEO companies bring the same value.

Things to consider when buying links in 2021

High-quality content and links are critical for every SEO campaign. But, even if you have incredibly valuable content, it means nothing if it’s not easily accessible by a wide audience. This is where backlinks help tremendously. However, there is one problem. Obtaining backlinks completely naturally takes too much time. And your company’s competitors are not waiting for you to get them so you can play a fair game. They will use link building experts such as Link Department and win top positions in search engine result pages (SERPs), leaving you below to struggle. Fortunately, nothing stops you from applying the same strategy. The best way to ensure the quality of your links is by following this practical guide to buying links.

Team leader demonstrating practical guidelines for buying links in 2021.
A professional link building team can significantly improve your SEO campaign.

What are high-quality backlinks?

Simply put, backlinks are incoming links from other websites. When other websites link to you, they are giving you a portion of specific value. This increases the overall value of your linked pages and your entire website. The more quality backlinks you acquire from others, the better your ranking and reputation will be. When it comes to quality, they are “do-follow” backlinks from other relevant and authoritative websites. They should be from your industry, or at least from places relevant to your niche. However, they can be hard to obtain.

The list of benefits of backlinks

  • Backlinks improve your search engine ranking position.
  • They get you a lot of referral traffic
  • Help you build your brand authority
  • Improve website crawling rate
  • Allow you to create a relationship with the audience and other websites

How do search engines see backlinks?

Backlinks, in particular, serve as a vote of trust in the eyes of search engines. Generally speaking, Google measures the number and quality of your links when assigning you your ranking position. So these “votes from other websites” signal Google that your company’s website is to be trusted.

How to perceive backlinks buying?

To reduce the difficulty of getting backlinks, the general advice is to contact our SEO experts. Not only you won’t have to deal with balancing between do-follow and no-follow links, but the average cost of acquiring backlinks this way is far less than investing in making an in-house team. To maintain a healthy number of backlinks without any setbacks, this is probably your best option.

Overall, buying links is a great way to earn more quality links in 2021. Even though some will interpret it as going against Google’s guidelines, it doesn’t necessarily mean that. As long as your SEO experts know how to approach the problem, your website is safe for the future. They will use only the best SEO practices and focus on white hat link building without exceptions.

A Google search results page for the word “analytics”.
Google constantly evaluates websites making sure no one is using black hat techniques.

Why are companies buying links?

Chances are that majority of your competitors are buying links since it’s a common practice. And there are more than enough valid reasons to work with a link building company:

  • It saves time – You will need a tremendous amount of time to build a quality link profile from scratch. In a business environment, this often means the difference between a success and a failure. Hiring someone to do it for your company is an efficient way to handle this problem.
  • Reduces effort – It takes a lot of effort to produce quality content. And even more to bring it closer to the targeted audience. Buying quality links is an effective way to improve the entire process and strengthen your company’s online presence.
  • Provide you with the existing audience – authoritative websites already have a well-established audience. With backlinks from them, you will deliver your content right in front of them.
  • Allows you to stay competitive – ignoring what your competitors do will leave you way behind them. Even though you can try to avoid it, this will likely hold you back. On the other side, with the right backlink professionals to support you, you will level the chances and even outperform them.

Remember, buying links is not about the quantity. It’s all about the quality, so you need to be selective when choosing the right link building partners. Avoid suspicious offers and shady websites with offers that are too convenient to be real. It might seem their offers are a good way to save money, but it can cost you dearly in the future.

Formula 1 team working together in the race.
Everyone needs a capable and skilled team to win against competitors.

Buying links – a good idea when done right

To make everything working, you will need skilled and experienced link building professionals. Those who will follow the best practices and make sure no black hat SEO strategies are involved. Basically, this is the only way to ensure absolute safety and potential success for your company in the future.

Here is what link experts like us offer:

  • Priority to safety so there are no penalties by Google
  • Focusing only on quality links without exceptions
  • Years of experience in the SEO industry
  • White-hat and white-label backlinks strategies and SEO services
  • Realistic and affordable prices

Outsourcing your link building efforts with SEO experts like us provides you with numerous benefits. You will also get a better insight into your link profile. Spending years collecting relevant data, there is plenty of valuable metrics to compare you with. Additionally, each company needs a custom made backlink offer, which we are very well aware of.

If you want to make a strong SEO strategy, increase the value of your website, and progressively grow your brand, consider buying links in 2021. Experts will help you understand the process, assess your link profile, and help you with your SEO campaign. When properly implemented, there is little to no chance that something will backfire on you in the future.

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