Content-led link building tips

In the world of online marketing, one thing is sure – everything is changing so fast. Search engines are constantly developing their way of ranking websites. Nowadays, these algorithms have shifted their focus from quantity to quality – which can only mean two things. First of all, you shouldn’t focus on the number of links you receive – too many content pages and too many links can make Google believe it is dealing with spammy pages. Secondly, you should also shift your focus to the quality of your content and the links your website is getting. That’s why this guide is filled with content-led link building tips. It will help all the newbies to the link building world to grow their websites in the best possible way. 

Create unique, relevant infographics

If you have some useful information to share, use the easiest way to present it to your audience. Infographics are very simple to read, easy to understand, and very visual, which means more popular among readers. However, even though the format itself is quite simple, there’s a bit more to create them. As you probably know, the competition is fierce, as more companies are using similar techniques to display data from the same field of interest. This is where your competence and creativity step forward.

The infographic you create needs to be better than others, so the publishers will notice and use it in their content. This implies the highest quality of your infographics design, as well as the relevance to the topic. A professional designer can help you out with the technical tasks while focusing on the topic and the needs of your target audience can assist you in creating the infographic. Ensure the content you create is unique and informative, so there’s more chance to be picked out among all the rest.

Post your own research

Original data and unique content is what values the most in content-led link building. If you can publish your won research papers and white papers, it would truly help your website gain more links. A fresh point of view on a certain topic and some new information will ensure more value to your content, which is highly valued by other publishers. Surveys are a great way to gather information, so think about the universities or other locations with whom you can team up and conduct research.

The beauty of this technique is that it can be applied to any industry and topic, so it would be fairly easy to do it. Be sure to investigate more about your target audience and their needs and problems, so you can create content that gives them answers. After posting, make sure you do some kind of promotion, and let the quality of your paper do the rest.

glasses and a notebook on a desk
Have some new information about the industry? Share it with the world!


A less expensive and a simpler content-led link building technique is making collaboration with a brand. This shouldn’t be a competing company, though. Think about a brand that goes well with your products, services, and the content you’re creating. Combining two great things into a useful but also interesting collaboration will earn you a new audience, but also new links as well.


Another simple, but highly effective way to create content that will earn more links. Contact an expert from your niche and do an interview. The topic should be related to your industry, but also give answers to a more general audience. Try to get as much available advice and information from the expert, which will add a whole other level of value to your website. And where’s more value, you can also expect more links.

Contact influencers

On both local and global levels, influencers have become a way of marketing that the audience loves. The reason is that these people are quite popular, and serve ads in a less obvious way. There are several ways to make collaborations – product reviews, guest posts, etc. Either way, your audience will grow, which means more opportunities to get links. Influencers have become celebrities of the online world, and now is the time to use this effective tactic to grow your website.

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Right people can help you grow – include influencers in your strategy.

Build your numbers

Creating content is surely the first step of link building. However, the way you promote it and the numbers these promotions create is also very important. The number of likes, shares, and comments is what attracts the attention of a much wider audience. Therefore, you should use social media platforms to promote the content and encourage people to react. And don’t that just once. Multiple shares, scheduled in a way not to spam your audience, will ensure more people see the content you work hard on.

Easy-to-read content

Even though surveys and whitepapers are more valuable and difficult to create, you also need some content that’s easier to read. Shorter articles that are written in the format of how-to lists, guides, and top tips are considered ‘flat content’ that turns out to be more clickable and shareable. This will improve your overall SEO and work well with the more valuable pages.

a paper with the world tutorial at the top
Guides and how-tos are very popular on the web.

Stay flexible with content-led link building techniques

When considering content-led link building for the SEO strategy of your business, it is important to be flexible and open-minded. There’s no perfect formula that applies to every niche and business. You need to be prepared for some research about the industry and local climate. Invest time into finding out the ways of applying these tips to your content, adjusting them according to your needs. Google will appreciate the effort and help you increase the rankings much faster than you think.

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