Backlink Analysis Tools That’ll Help You Understand Your Link Profile

Standing out of the crowd today is the main task of SEO activities.  Of course, Making good content that others want to link to is the starting point. However, in the abundance of websites, there is much more you have to do to stand out. This is why making a good backlink profile is an essential part of your SEO strategy.  Building backlinks is an ongoing process that is at the core of your SEO effort and strategy. But building backlinks without control can bring you more harm than good. This is where backlinks analysts come into play and where you have to exploit a large number of backlink analysis tools.

Backlink building and analysis tools

Well, predominantly SEO effort is based on three aspects in order to build a quality profile. First, you have to create compelling, relevant, and authoritative content in order to be linked to it. Secondly, you have to build a backlink profile. In addition, you have to monitor this profile and research competitors’ profiles to identify backlink opportunities. Whether you do it yourself or have professionals such as the Link Department handle it, using proper analysis tools is essential.

A computer screen showing grafs from Backlink Analysis Tools
Good SEO requires proper and detailed backlink analysis

With this in mind, good control of your profile is possible only by utilizing a lot of tools to help you out. These tools should allow you not only to analyze your own backlinks but also to make comparisons to your competitors. There are many tools you can use and they all have their strong points and values. However, it is important to find the tools that can help you and provide overall value for your SEO back-building effort. Some of the backlink analysis tools that stand out and are worth mentioning and using are:

  • Ahrefs,
  • SEMrush,
  • Moz,
  • Majestic SEO,
  • GrowthBar,
  • LinkAssistant,
  • Serpstat 
  • Traffic Travis.


Ahrefs is a user-friendly tool with a lot of specialty reports ad features that make it easy to use. The tool provides backlink audits, keyword searches, competitor link analysis, and more. It has a link index and website crawler that can process over 8 billion pages. It can easily show you the reasons your competitors are ranking high, provides ideas and points to the backlink opportunities. Ahrefs helps you to monitor the competition build search traffic as well as backlink and keyword options for your webpage.


SEMrush provides analytics to your competitor’s strategies and lets you perform deep link analysis and show the type of backlinks you have. You can also check the domain authority and geolocation of your backlinks. This tool allows you to check the type of backlinks you have and provide an analysis of the weight these links have for your site. It also provides an in-depth check of your follow and no follow links as well as a check of the sources for your competitor’s backlinks. These features help you build a better profile and SEO effort.


Moz is one of the oldest and best all-in-one tools for backlink analysis. It is great at finding backlinking opportunities. It also does a keyword and suggestion analysis. This tool is also great for making local listings. Moz link explorer is great for building strong backlink profiles. It helps you discover linking domains, compare your backlinks to competitors and it can easily check the domain authorities of your backlinks. With all this data it is great for in-depth analysis and backlink strategy optimization.

Computers and people working on them
You should use these tools to analyze your competition as well

Majestic SEO

Majestic is at the same time one of the most affordable tools and one with the largest commercial database of links. Analysis, competitor monitoring, and link profile analysis are features that are simple and easy to use with Majestic SEO. This tool is simple to use and easily accessible to professionals, entrepreneurs and developers.


One of the best backlink analysis tools on the list is GrowthBar. All of the important SEO insights can be accessed easily. The tool provides insight into every website when you make a search. It easily provides competitors backlinks, keyword suggestions and covers ads data for both Google and Facebook. Checking competitor’s backlinks and top-ranking backlinks is easy. You can even follow their backlink domain authority within your search results. The tool lets you export the data as CSV for further analysis.


This tool provides a list of backlinks filtered by categories. The analysis lets you see pages with the chance of penalties and also provides insight into pages with the most backlinks. The links can also be pulled straight from a google search or through Google analytics. The reports are detailed and include historical profile changes, referring domains, no follow/do follow ratio, etc.


Serpstat provides all the data in one place and allows you to track your competitors. It is a hacking tool that is great for content marketing and SEO. This is because it allows you to look for page and domain rank to determine the best backlink and most reliable backlink sources. It also analyses the referring pages, domains, and anchors as well as your competitor’s data. The troll allows you to compare data and build a stronger backlink profile.

Traffic Travis

Traffic Travis is full of useful features to help you improve your backlink profile. Its best use is to provide you with a list of high-quality sites and backlinks for your profile. It also performs a full SEO audit to identify mistakes that affect your rankings or area that need more work and attention.

A chart on the table with a ruler and pencil
Make sure you utilize as many backlink analysis tools as you can to enhance your SEO performance

There are many backlink analysis tools out there. They all have their value and can be of considerable help in your SEO effort. However, it is important to know that these tools must be used together to provide you with results. The key is to find the tool or combination that works best for you. Only one tool will not be enough so research and utilize more of them to achieve the needed results.

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