Does domain authority affect SEO?

The practice of making quality websites has developed considerably through the past decades. The rankings and tools for rankings have changed considerably. And although everyone’s aim is to rank the highest possible, Google is keeping the actual ranking algorithms a secret. There are hundreds of factors that influence it with Domain Authority being one of the latest. This authority is one of the aspects that are perhaps confusing and not well understood. However, if the question is does domain authority affect SEO, the simple answer is, Yes! Through SEO it is possible to achieve a higher Domain Authority and rankings which is why SEO is concerned and influenced by DA results.

Domain Authority – in short

Domain authority is a term that causes a lot of confusion to many clients. Many of the clients today mistake it for one of the principal metrics to be concerned about. But the reality is that although DA is significant, it is not the only metric to concern yourself with. To stress the point, you should follow a lot of factors and not only this metric. The fact is that there is confusion between DA and Google Rankings that is the problem.

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There is a subtle correlation between SEO and DA as their relationship is not one way

Let’s get something straight. Domain Authority was created by MOZ as a quantification of the web sites authority or power to rank. It is a prediction on the ability of the website domain to outrank another domain. As such it is influenced by a number of factors that are used to calculate the website strength. It was introduced as a single metric and it is becoming confused with both the DA concept and the Google metrics like page rank. First of all, it is not the same as google rank.

Rank is formed by Google algorithms that take into account the information transferred from the internet. DA as a metric conscience itself with a sample of the information transactions that are not representative. In this way, a website with high DA may rank as average or subpar by Google rank. But, DA has proven to be a valuable tool for measuring and developing website authority and position. The higher the DA is the better ranking you have the possibility to get through the SEO activity.

Domain authorities impact on SEO

SEO is not influenced by DA directly. DA influences the results of SEO campaigns. The higher the Domain Authority rank is the higher search engine ranks. High DA leads to higher search rankings. So, the correlation between the two is evident but just how does domain authority affect SEO? Here a few examples of the influence:

  • Comparative analysis
  • Improved content
  • Checking of the referring website value
  • Link outreach

Comparative analysis

Since you can use DA as a comparative tool you can easily use it to compare to other, directly competitive sights in a single search. If your competitor scores higher DA than you then you will have the motivation to increase your score. In this way, you will increase your probability of ranking higher than your competitors in searches.

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Does domain authority affect SEO? SEO can influence DA considerably and must be taken into account

Content improvement

An increase in your Domain Authority is possible by increasing the quality of your content. The debate between the quality and quantity of backlinks is important but here you must consider the quality and ranking. Having better content will lead to more websites linking to your domain which will, in turn, lead to a boost in your Domain Authority rankings. Keep in mind that you have to attract sites that will have a higher DA than yours.

Referring sites

Checking the Domain authority of referring sites is important. You want to make sure that websites sending links to your domain are high quality and positively referred. A high DA of these referrers is a good sign of their quality which will, in turn, lead to a high-quality and a higher rank of your domain.

Link outreach

Evaluate the sites that you are sending your site as the link to. If you are linked to websites with higher DA you can expect a boost in your domain authority. If not you will have to manage a DA boost another way. The most obvious example is if you are linking to popular news sites or educational sites. News sites will give you a DA boost, however, educational sites, not as much. But be clear about it, your linking will predominately be based on the content you provide.

In conclusion

Do not ask the question does domain authority affects SEO as it surely must. Your content and search engine optimization are the main factors that will determine your DA. In turn, this means that the higher your DA ranking is the better results your whole SEO activity will have. This is one of the main tips that you must focus on managing your SEO and in turn DA.

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Do not underestimate the value and influence of good SEO

This endeavor demands considerable knowledge and experience to navigate through adequately. You must differentiate between DA concept and metric and also the whole DA meaning from Google, Google rankings, and other metrics that are also important to master. If you are not prepared to invest that much time and effort you can always hire professionals such as Link Department to help you out. From project analysis, defining the best and most desired metrics, creating and implementing a tailor-made plan for your companies needs the professionals can handle your every need in this respect. Your SEO can be tailor-made to accommodate your specific Domain authorities’ needs and aspirations.

So, by now you can conclude that there is no question of does domain authority affect SEO in your company. It does! The question is are you aware of this, to what extent, and what are you prepared to do about it and improve your overall rankings? With this in mind, just keep on analyzing your DA until you find the best possible SEO response.

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