Local Link Building Tactics for Any Budget

Due to the increased importance of online shopping and the internet in general, SEO strategies have become an essential part of every business. Successful link building strategies bring higher ranking, which leads to more customers, and as result, businesses get more revenue. That’s why businesses should take this struggle very seriously, and invest time and effort into making their link building strategy as efficient as possible. However, if you’re wondering this might be too much for your budget, we’ve got a solution for you. This is the guide to local link building tactics that can fit any budget – make sure you include them into your strategy as well!

Why local link building matters?

Before we go to the main link building tactics, we should point out the main advantages of that strategy. The reason is that many business owners are not aware of how beneficial backlinks can be, so they often don’t want to invest time and money into them. The main positive things about local link building are:

  • a better ranking – this is probably the most important reason why you should start building links. When your website receives more links from local websites, it ranks higher in Google Search. This is particularly important for Google Maps, where people will go and look for your business;
  • build relationships with other businesses – as your website’s links appear on other online locations, it gives you more opportunities to create business relationships with other companies;
  • make your brand stand out – by getting more and more links, you promote your brand in so many different locations. Promotion on relevant websites helps you to increase the authority of your website, and earn trust from customers and business partners;
  • improve traffic – link building is a strong marketing strategy that helps you get more traffic to the website, which potentially means more new customers, and therefore – increased revenue.

These are the reasons why you should include link building into your marketing strategy as soon as possible. And we’re going to help you start – here are the best local link building tactics for any budget.

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Link building is an essential part of digital marketing.

Local link building tactics you should include in your marketing strategy

Here are some simple things you can do to enhance link building and get more attention to your business.

Say hello first

Sometimes, you need to initiate the first contact with another local business and make them notice you. However, this should be in the least aggressive way possible. The thing you can do with ease is to write a blog post that mentioned a local business in a similar niche. But this shouldn’t be random – pick a business that’s not your direct competitor, but still has something to do with your niche. Create an infographic, an interesting blog post, or other quality content and make that mention noticeable. This will increase the chances for them to return the favor and include your link in future posts.

Make a resource page that’s useful for locals

]To attract people who maybe are not familiar with your product or services, create a page that is useful for many – resource page. It can be a guide or a top list of places, local businesses, services, etc. Again, you’ll link some of the local businesses, and websites that will be more than happy to link you back.

a handshake over successful local link building tactics
Make partners with local influencers as one of the main local link building tactics.

Contact influencers

The career of an influencer has become extremely popular with the growth of social media networks. Influencers advertise certain products or services that can be related to their lifestyle, gender, job, etc., and show their followers why they should try it out. That’s why you should do some research on local influencers and think which one of them would promote your business the best. Remember, the whole story needs to be relatable and well-connected to your niche.

Create a useful tool

A rather inexpensive, but very efficient way to get more links is to create a tool that will be useful to the local people. This can be a calculator of certain costs, for example. Find out the common needs of the local people and think of a tool that they could use. Adding this free tool to your website will surely earn you backlinks, as other content creators will include them in their posts.

Go for a custom Google Map

This is one of the local link building tactics that not so many people know of. Google lets users create custom versions of Google Maps. Knowing the local area, you can create a map that will be useful for locals, or even tourists. For example, map all the pet-friendly locations, sort restaurants by pricing, etc. Get creative and provide a map that will be used by many. This will surely get you more visits and most importantly – more links to your website.

a laptop on a table used to practice local link building tactics
Finding a way to make your website noticed is not always complicated and expensive.

Revise your citations

Business owners shouldn’t underestimate the power of citations. After covering the main directories, start with a detailed strategy. Look for some specific directories related to your niche. These are often free, so you can enlist your business and not hurt your budget at all. Sometimes, people will go for specific industries to browse businesses by their services/products, and not by their location or their name.

Trust a professional

Sometimes, local link building tactics can be overwhelming for business owners. If you simply don’t have time to deal with them – let a professional do that instead. Relying on a team that has the skills and has more experience with local link building tactics will surely give you peace of mind and most importantly – positive results.

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