How Backlinks from Different Page Locations are Worth More

Backlinks from different page locations will work differently. People sometimes don’t understand that backlinks can hurt your SEO. That’s why it’s important to hire a good in-house SEO expert if you are running a big web page. If you have a small one then you can outsource SEO specialists but it’s important to work with one. They can help you overcome all the obstacles and gain more organic views, followers and of course get noticed by Google. Link Department will show you some general ideas so you can see more about the worth of backlinks and something you need to pay attention to. You can start your research from there.

The problematic backlinks

Toxic Backlinks from Different Page Locations can hurt SEO
Toxic backlinks are something to pay attention to! They can damage your SEO!

When talking about the worth of backlinks you first need to understand that it’s much better not to have backlinks than having toxic backlinks. You see they not only are worthless to your SEO but can also damage it. In some cases, you can get a fine from Google. So this is a big no-no. Don’t worry, even if you have toxic backlinks there is a way to get rid of them. Even if you don’t have an in-house SEO expert you can read here all about toxic backlinks and you can find a way to stay clear of them.

The number game

Let’s play a number game!

People often wonder is it better to have a lot of links from different websites or to have a lot of links from one website. The truth is it’s better to have links from different (reliable and trusted) websites than to have links from the same website. Actually, it’s better to have 10 links from different websites than to have 100 links from the same one. Google search engine works that way, and obviously, that’s one of the biggest factors so before you start linking consider this. In case you are wondering is it legal to link to another website without any permission – the short answer is yes you can. Link away.

How to know the worth of backlinks from different page locations

Just like anything else in this world some backlinks are more valuable than others. That’s pretty simple to understand. The most desirable backlinks to earn are the ones coming from trustworthy, high authority websites and you want and need them. Backlinks from low authority or potentially spammy websites are not something you want to link to as they can be potentially dangerous. The perfect examples are PBN’s (personal blog networks).

A quick guide to finding valuable backlinks

We strongly advise finding experts to help you but if you are still at your beginning and want to do this on your own we made you a little cheat sheet on how to find valuable backlinks from different page locations:

  • find top referral sources and get your backlinks there
  • use outbound links and form partnerships
  • use Google Search Console Reports
  • take a look at your competitors, check out their backlinks
  • find broken links
  • build links from broken links
  • make sure to have good quality content so others will link to you
  • publish a skyscraper content

Those are just some helpful tips and tricks you need to know, now that we pointed you in the right direction and gave you some material to go through you can continue.

Backlink strategy

SEO sign
Every backlink strategy is worth a shot!

There are a million backlink strategies. That’s why we already mentioned to you hiring experts. It’s almost impossible to figure out all of the strategies. There are simple ones like the Skyscraper Technique we just mentioned above that is inexpensive and proven to be good and reliable and then there are much more complex ones that should be left to professionals. It’s important for your SEO to try a few different strategies and see which one works the best.

Another number game

Now that you saw how backlinks from different page locations have different worth your next logical question would be – how many backlinks do I need to rank? You can read here more details about this question since it’s not as easy as it sounds. There will be no universal answer or universal number like “you need 5 per page”. It depends on how big your website is and what are you writing about, but we showed you where you can find your answer and now you know where to look for it. That’s a good start.

The importance of SEO and reasons why you should hire professionals to help you with your backlinks

When you have an important website, if you conduct your business or sales there you want it to be the best it can be. SEO experts are the ones that can work on your blog/site to make it more appealing to Google. The name of the game is to be seen on the first page of Google. Because when was the last time you were on the sixth page of Google search? It’s easy to forget or neglect some things. Image link building is a perfect example and that is very important if you are in the e-commerce business. That is the only reason why we suggest you hire professionals to help you out.

But nowadays, there are as many professionals as there are link-building strategies. You need a reliable one that has basic knowledge but also the one that worked with many different techniques. So if you plan to hire one know that the process of hiring will be long but it will be beneficial for you.

Of course, you can learn all of this on your own and DIY it – unless you have a more pressing matter to attend to. We gave you material to go through and this will be enough, to begin with! Good luck and remember this text next time you start linking.

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