Blogger Outreach Strategy: A Complete Guide for 2022

Building backlinks is still at the heart of every SEO strategy and success. It is its vital part. However, with penguin updates and Google algorithm changes today it is difficult to build high-quality backlinks efficiently. At the same time, backlinks from high-authority websites are the most effective way of boosting your rank and traffic. In light of this, one of the best ways of building backlinks is through adopting a good blogger outreach strategy. This is one of the powerful ways to increase traffic, sales, and profit without engaging in black hat SEO or spamming anyone. So, in 2022 y0u should try to learn more and adopt these strategies as your main SEO weapon.

What is it?

Blogger outreach is a sue way of generating traffic if done right. Of course that you can have Link Department do it for you professionally. However, it is important to know and understand this strategy in general. Simply put this is a strategy that is based on reaching out to other bloggers and building long-term relationships with them. This is done with the idea of using this relationship to backlink and grow traffic in a symbiotic relationship. This strategy creates a win-win situation where both sides create value for each other. This is is a prerequisite for its success of it.

Person at a laptop
Reaching out to bloggers in a niche is a way of generating good quality links and creating a successful SEO

This is not an ad-hock endeavor but rather a strategic effort of reaching and building relationships with the influencers of the niche or industry. The final goal of this activity is to build brand awareness, exploit influencer marketing, promote your new content and create strategic partnerships among other goals. To do this you have to identify the right influencers and channels and try and build good relationships with them. Here are a few steps to follow :

  • Find potential bloggers
  • Create a relationship
  • Measure the results and modify


You must try to reach out to relevant bloggers in your industry. Relevance of your partners will be the key to your success. It is good to define a target of at least 20 relevant individuals to contact. Then try to approach them focusing on one at a time. This will allow you to concentrate and be more concrete and personal with your relevant contact.


The aim here is not to achieve one ad hoc communication and one cooperation. You must strive to create a relationship and long-term cooperation to benefit both sides. So, take the slow approach and do not haste. Do not start by spamming your potential contact. You should start and continue with a  recipe like this:

  • Stat communicating through tweets likes and comments until you get a response. Make comments on his blog and engage in conversation.
  • Send an email with comments and thoughts on his blog. Then once comfortable ask for reviews of your website or product. Try to link to his blogs and content whenever possible
  • Then ask for a mention or link to your content on your blog. In this way, you are solidifying the relationship. Just keep in mind that you have to find a reach out to a blogger genuinely interested in helping out and creating a relationship.

Measure and correct

Whenever someone links to your content measure the effects of this action. In this way you can see just where your traffic is coming from. Meaning that you will know which blogger creates more exposure to your content. After measuring you can repeat the process of searching for other bloggers that can provide you with traffic. By making small adjustments you can make a good network of bloggers that can maximize your exposure and maximize your traffic. By modifying your activity you can build a successful approach and a blogger outreach strategy that will give great results.

Blogging, blogger elements as part of a blogger outreach strategy
Authorities bloggers are a sure way of creating a lot of backlinks for your website

Techniques to keep in mind

Handling your blogger outreach strategy and activity demands a lot of effort and dedication. There are numerous techniques to help you out with it. Here are a few you should stand used and keep in mind

  • Establish relationships
  • Give so you can get
  • Use a solid approach
  • Be smart
  • Relevance list

Establish relationships

Focusing on only short-term results is not the way to go. Blogger outreach is aimed at establishing long-term relationships that will yield results for longer periods of time. Aiming at only providing links is not a recipe for success. So, focus on establishing relations with people and do not concentrate on creating links.

Give so you can get

Strive to offer and give more to your partners. Focusing only on getting value for yourself will not give you the results you need. So try to provide value to your partners. The more you do the more you will receive in return.

Use a solid approach

Create a solid approach to your blogger outreach strategy. This means that you have to be smart about your blogger outreach. A solid approach means that you should properly understand what you need, set concrete goals, find relevant bloggers for your niche and always measure results. this will make it easier to scale your blogger outreach activity.

Be smart

Try not to do spam other people. Be smart when reaching out and create a personalized approach to the process. Adapt to each blogger you reach out to and customize your pitch to them. This will make your contact more successful.

Laptop and a notebook
Managing blogger outreach strategies require planning and being smart.

Relevance list

Try to make a list of highly relevant bloggers for your niche. Do not reach out to everyone but try to focus your attention. So, find bloggers that are relevant, authoritative, and that usually tend to promote other posts and people. In this way, you will focus and the people that can provide you with the best outreach results.

Blogger outreach strategy is one of the most valuable SEO activities you can invest in 2022. Generating high-quality backlinks today is hard without it. With proper knowledge, you can manage it so you can get adequate results and provide a good return on investment.

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