How to Craft the Ideal Outreach Email for SEO in 2022

Backlinks and a successful SEO are connected with such a strong tie. Backlinks are proofs of trust, recommendation, and confidence that a website can get from another website. They are positive signals for Google to share your website in search results and give it a higher ranking. There are different ways to build backlinks. And one of the ways to get more backlinks is by sending a cold email that will ask for a backlink. It takes some skill to do this successfully and this guide will give you some tips on how to craft an ideal outreach email for SEO in 2022.

What is outreach email strategy?

A cold email is one of the most underrated ways to earn some backlinks. Many website owners are using this method to ask the websites to link to them. However, they often don’t get a response. The reason is that these emails are often poorly written and simply don’t convince the recipient that they should go for it.

As outreach emails are suggestions to other individuals to mention your website in their content. Email outreach is getting in touch with people who don’t know about your business yet, making them potential customers.

email letters
Reaching out by email can earn you backlinks and lead to many more benefits.

Reasons to improve your email outreach game

Maintaining the high quality of your services or products is the basis of a successful brand. However, the way you do marketing and interact with your audience ensures people see and recognize that quality. Email outreach is one of the ways to reach more people, and there are several benefits of putting effort into crafting an ideal outreach email for SEO. Here are some of them:

  • email outreach helps with targeting potential customers and business partners
  • generate leads – emails are an affordable way to get in touch with customers and therefore generate more leads
  • cold emails can help you reach a large database of customers and by using automation tools you can even adjust your emails to make better results.
a person holding a phone
Craft an ideal outreach email to make the most out of your SEO.

How to craft an ideal outreach email for SEO?

Now, let’s jump to the case. Learn how to create emails that will give the best possible results. In order to make an email that a recipient will actually read, you need to follow certain guidelines.

Focus on the quality

It’s true that the more people read your emails, the more chances you have to succeed. However, to craft an idea outreach email for SEO, you first need to focus on the quality, rather than quantity. It’s important to use these emails to say something that will interest the people who are reading them. Target the people who could really be your potential customer instead of reaching out to too many people.


One of the most important steps in creating a perfect outreach email is personalization. For starters, the subject line should be personalized to each and every recipient. Also, try making a connection to the recipient by mentioning the time your paths crossed before or some of the mutual connections. This way, the recipient will pay more attention to what you’re saying in the email and you’ll get more chances to receive an answer.

Be concise and informative

No one wants to read too much unnecessary text in their inbox. The messages you send need to be informative, but short and concise. Make sure you understand the person you’re writing to, as well as their needs and preferences. This will help you personalize the opening, and write exactly what they want to read. The communication you engage in should be clear, friendly, and with a strong point.

Stay away from spammy folders

A junk or spam folder is your worst enemy when sending outreach emails. To avoid your meals ending up in one of these folders, avoid unnatural language and spammy words that are signals to spammy filters. Other tips for avoiding spam filters are:

  • include some of your physical information such as address or phone number 
  • add the unsubscribe link 
  • stay away from misleading information in headers, subject lines, etc;
  • don’t write your emails in caps, especially in the subject line;
  • avoid too many exclamation points that point to (fake) urgency of your email;
  • make sure text and images are not overwhelming each other. Too many of each of these can be a red flag to the spam filters.

Present your services or products in the right way

It’s important to present the products or services properly, so the readers get interested in them. The best way to do this is to present a problem and your services/goods as a solution to that problem. Know the needs of your potential customer to be able to add the right kind of value to your emails and show how your business can help them out. Presenting the solution to a problem is the best way to attract a new audience, so make sure you know who you are writing to. This way, the website owners you’re reaching out to will be more comfortable with recommending one of your pages on their posts.

email inbox
People get tons of emails in their inboxes, so be sure to craft an ideal outreach email for SEO and make it stand out.

Write follow-ups

Almost no one succeeds on their first try. It’s not enough to craft an ideal outreach email for SEO, you need to make sure the recipient reads them.  That’s why you need to write a follow-up email after sending out the initial email. The reason why this is such an important step is that people get so many emails in their inboxes every day, so it can happen your outreach email gets lost. Even if you send only one follow-up email, you increase the chances to get a positive response.

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