How to Build Backlinks for a New Website

Ranking your website is a complex undertaking. It takes balancing a lot of factors Google values when evaluating your webpage. One of the dominant factors is backlinks. You can try to build them yourself or you can get Link Department to build them for you. But, whatever way you go you should know that creating backlinks for a new website demands a different approach. There is an option of building authority over time. However, there are certain techniques to build backlinks for a new website quickly and relatively easily. You can boost your backlinks and ensure their high quality.

What are they and why do you need them?

Backlinks are one of the most important factors in SEO today. They are key to ranking well with search engines. Basically, they represent any link from some other website to yours, your web pages. As such they are so-called inbound or external backlinks. The presence of backlinks to your webpage represents a vote of confidence for your website. It indicates that the quality of your content is high and relevant contributing and providing value to users. The more backlinks and from authoritative websites the better. Such a backlink portfolio will contribute to your rankings as Google will consider it more valuable and worthy of ranking high.

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Building backlinks for a new website is not easy but there are ways to do it

You can easily build backlinks on your webpage over time. Through quality content and user satisfaction, it will happen in time. But new websites asl want to rank well in a short period of time. So how can they build backlinks fast and start ranking well? There are multiple ways or strategies to do so.

  • See what the others are doing
  • Leverage Youtube
  • Podcasts
  • Local link building
  • Build relationships
  • Leverage broken links

See what the others are doing

Simply put you can spy on your competitors. There is always a possibility that someone already did what you are trying to achieve. Do not waste time trying to figure out something that already has a solution. So, take a look at how your competition is doing and what they are doing. Then try to copy what they are doing to get backlinks and boost their rankings. There are many tools to help you out here. You can easily see how the competitors were linked, to what content and analyze their keywords. This is the easiest and most effective way of getting ahead fast.

Leverage Youtube

Know that one of the answers to how to build backlinks for a new website might just be YouTube. This is the second largest search engine with enormous traffic and following. Billions of videos are playing on YouTube every day with as many visitors. In addition, Google owns Youtube so it’s inclined to give it the highest authority and ranking. So, getting a lot of links from Youtube gives you an immediate boost from a high authority webpage. You can easily create a video for your key content and promote it on YouTube.

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Utilize all of the available tools to build backlinks


Podcasts are easy to create and incorporate into your website. Make them easy to join and create a detailed guide to do so. You can even promote and stream it over a variety of platforms. This way each link will be a backlink to your webpage and podcast. If you create a podcast that is easy to join, relevant, and popular you can in addition get backlinks from users that might start to share it. Just make sure that the podcast is relevant and it contributes to users, your community, niche, and industry.

Local link building

Starting a new website should begin with utilizing all of the local resources first. Base your activity on your physical location and branch out from there. First, try to utilize local business citations. Pick from the most common platforms and create a good profile with citations. Keep in mind that the first and foremost platform will be Google My Business profile that is also pinned to google maps. After that, there are whole lists of platforms and Yellowpages that you can utilize for local listings. These in turn become backlinks to your webpage increasing your visibility and popularity. Then you should make sure that your content is original, data-based, valuable, and link-worthy.

Build relationships

Building relationships online is one of the best ways to build backlinks for a new website. Utilize social media to create networks of people preferably within your niche. Try to build relationships with experts in the matter. If you engage them and create a strong connection you can promote your website to them. In turn, they will be inclined to promote it themselves and link to it. If experts in the niche start linking to your webpage you get instant visibility and exposure. Then you get more and more referral traffic and higher rank.

Leverage broken links

One of the easy techniques for building backlinks is so-called broken link building that leverages broken links. It is simply put the act of replacing missing or outdated content that is already linked to your own. The fact is that many links on the internet today are dead. The content they point to might be deleted or the domains are inactive. Some content may also be outdated and not useful. As broken links like this can hurt websites’ SEO it is in the best interest of admins to weed those out. This is where you can have a chance to earn backlinks.

Film reel with YouTube icon as a way to Build Backlinks for a New Website
You can leverage YouTube and use podcasts to get some link building results

There are many online tools that can help you find dead or broken backlinks. You should do research on the top websites in your niche to find those. After that, you can contact webpage admins and offer them your own content that will fill in the broken link. If your content is relevant it can be a great and easy solution to the broken link problem for the admin. In this way, you can earn a lot of backlinks through thorough research and problem-solving.

To wrap up

Linkbuilding is not that hard even for a new website. You may not have enough money to buy backlinks in your beginnings. However, there are effective ways to build backlinks for a new website. With proper research and time investment, you can do it quickly and easily.

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