Building Link Juice Like A Total Pro

The SEO strategies can’t be complete without the term ‘link juice’. This expression is used to explain the value that is passed from one page to another – by using hyperlinks. It’s an essential part of every successful SEO strategy, and to understand it better, we’ve made a simple guide that will convert a layman into a total pro. If you’re not sure what’s that and the proper ways of building link juice – continue reading this text.

Building link juice – the definition

Let’s begin this guide with the proper definition of the term so you can understand it better. Link juice is also known as link equity, which is actually the value certain links pass to another page. It is a factor that search engines use to rank the results on the search page. And that’s why we from Link Department advise that you pay special attention to link juice since quality links will improve your rankings. There are several factors that determine the value of a link, and some of them are the authority of the linking page, relevance to the topic, HTTP status, etc. These factors are equally important, and only the proper strategy and quality of the pages and content can lead to the proper value of these links.

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Get all the necessary information about link equity before you start practicing techniques for building link juice.

In what way the value of a link is determined?

As you can see, there are numerous factors that determine if a link passes equity or not. Here are some of them you should know about to make your links more valuable:

  • relevance to the page – Google will be aware if you link two pages that are completely irrelevant to each other. So, tips about SEO shouldn’t link to favorite recipes.
  • followed links – if you use no-follow links, you send signals that they should be ignored by crawlers, and that’s when you lose link juice.
  • authoritative websites give more value – naturally, pages on trusted websites will have links that pass more equity, much more than some new websites.
  • the location of the link – not every link in your content carries value equally. Google pays attention to the location of your link in the text. So, those placed in the body of the text certainly carry more weight than the links hidden in the bottom or in sidebars.
  • over-linking – if a page includes too many links, each of them will lose value since it will be hard for a reader to find them.
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Google can notice any shortcuts you might be using so be sure to make a successful SEO strategy.

How to master building link juice?

If you’re determined to become a total pro of building link juice, we’ve got some tips for you. Here’s what you should do to make links with more equity.

Master the content

Probably the most important factor in increasing the value of links is creating high-quality content on your websites. The more special and informative your content is, the easier will be to become more popular in the linking part of the internet. Do everything you can to make your content unique and valuable for readers. You can do that by giving relative information, including stats, infographics, research results, etc. These, compared with proper keywords will surely help in building link juice in no time.

Use internal links properly

Sometimes, people are focused on linking to other websites that they forget the ‘treasure’ they have on their own pages. Internal linking since both external and internal links bring value. However, this wouldn’t be random links all over the text. Make sure you pick pages that are relevant to the content and use proper keywords to incorporate them into the text. Furthermore, do the revision of your existing content, and remove any links that are not as important from pages that have high-value. This will help you avoid diluting the juice and decrease the value.

Fix old links

Another way to make more link juice is to find and fix any links that point to your website that no longer have the same value. This technique is called link reclamation, and it represents finding and replacing old content that is broken or improperly placed. These dead links devalue your pages so be sure to find them using some of the online tools and ask the website owners to replace them with a relevant link from your website. Avoid replacing them with homepage link, but invest more effort into finding a relevant page that fits the content the link is leading you to.

Guest posts

Guest posts are a perfect way of building link juice. The purpose of guest blogging is to write on another website and add the links of your website to the content. In this case ‘ help me and I help you’ technique is quite useful. The website owners get quality content, and you get quality links with great value.

Posts on social media are great for building link juice

Social media has become one of the most powerful ways of advertising. And that’s why you should use it wisely in building link equity. Be sure to post your content to popular social media websites, but using the relevant hashtags. This will attract more audience to your website and increase the equity of your pages and links.

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Social media networks are an important factor when building link juice – use them wisely!

High-quality content is imperative

As you probably see from this article, the whole point of successful building link juice is about relative, authoritative, and high-quality content. This means that if you have a good base, you can easily attract more visitors by using some of the techniques we mentioned above. Investing time and effort into your website and putting thought into every link to make it high-quality, will surely pay off faster than you think.

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