Link development strategies you need to start using

Link building is the cornerstone of doing SEO the right way. It can make or break not only your website but your business as well, so approach it with care, diligence, patience, and the right attitude. To help you on this exciting journey, the Link Department team brings you some of the best link development strategies you need to start using right away!

One of the best link development strategies – Quality over quantity

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush! Haste makes waste! Cream of the crop! Less is more! I could list these idioms all day long, but the bottom line stays the same; quality beats quantity every day of the week! No rush with building up your link numbers if you don’t have valuable content behind them!

Quality links attract readers. However, to understand how to build them, you should spend some time learning how Google defines quality links.

Run a blog

A blog is the most efficient way to share valuable information with your readers and customers. People have questions, and you provide answers within your articles. As long as you push quality content, your blog will have its customers.

When starting a blog, have in mind that this is not something you can do quickly. It often takes months for it to start getting daily traffic in some decent numbers. Furthermore, just writing articles will not get you far, especially if your business is in its starting stage.

By using the benefits of guest blogging services, you are setting up your blog for success, and at the same time boosting the number of quality backlinks.

Social media is your best friend

The influence of social media on all spheres of our lives is quite apparent, and its benefits should not be overlooked. In 2016, it was recorded that over 70% of people on the planet had an account on at least one social media platform. Since then, the numbers have drastically gone up.

The number one reason why social media engagement is one of the most effective link development strategies you need to start using lies in its power to reach out to every corner of the world, to all nations.

A person holding a mobile phone and looking at social media icons.
Social media networks are the best channel to build your link base and get new customers.

No matter where your clients are, you can interact with them completely free, whenever you want it.

Using blog posts, tips, and CTA posts is a clever way to not only keep your customers informed but also to substantially increase the conversion rate and drive organic traffic.

Influencers can speed up the process

Even though it seems that influencers became really popular in the past few years, the common concept has its roots all the way back to the 1930s. Social media influencers started in 2006 and quickly became a trend.

Creating partnerships with influencers will help in many ways, and this is one of the ways to go viral overnight. They have a deep pool of followers, so ask them to advertise you and link back to your website, and you will quickly get a fresh wave of new visitors. From there, it is your job to turn them into returning customers.

Maintain a connection with prior linkers

If you had a few people who linked back to your website in the past, do not lose touch with them. Instead, strengthen that bond and make a partnership with them. If they produce quality content, you want them as your friends.

Two people shaking hands.
Maintaining partnerships with previous linkers is a crucial step towards quality link building.

Use the benefits of broken links

Hunting and fixing broken links is a hard and tedious job. However, it may give you good results if you are persistent. Visit blogs in the niche of your interest, and look for any links that have a broken page. For example, if you click on a link and it takes you to a page saying that the website is no longer in function, you have found a small gold mine. You just have to dig it quickly before other miners appear!

Reach out to the website owner, report that you have found a broken link, and ask if you can provide a quality article of value to replace the existing one. Usually, the website owner will gladly take this opportunity.

In the same manner, always check your blog and make sure there are no broken links on your website.

Using web directories – yes or no?

Web directories like Google My Business are considered very useful for link building. This is how you get paid advertising for your company. That’s based on your geolocation, interests, targeted groups of customers, and so on. Whether this is an effective strategy or not depends from case to case.

A girl doing a search query on Google.
Google My Business is a good way to put your company on the map, and get some extra quality backlinks.

The best advice is to give it a shot for a month, and see if it gives back any results. If not, you can always choose to not extend your membership.

Should you hire a professional link building company?

Hiring professionals to improve your business is always a good move. It costs money, but the reward is tenfold. A link building company knows the most efficient link development strategies. We can save you the precious time you would otherwise spend testing what works and what doesn’t.

It is a judgment call based on your financial budget, but you should consider trying it. Feel free to contact us for more information.

A closing word for link development strategies you need to start using

Have in mind that neither of these link development strategies you need to start using will give full results on its own. Using just one approach will help you for some time, but to have long-term benefits of link building, you need more. The best piece of advice is to go through a testing period, see what works best, and then use a combination of those strategies that gave back the best results. Furthermore, try not to exploit any of these approaches, and swim into waters of building link farms or using similar “dirty” solutions. Remember the first rule; quantity over quality! With that in mind, be smart about link building, be persistent, and put a lot of energy and effort into it. Good luck!

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