Building Natural Backlinks For 2022

Building natural backlinks is even now in 2022 the best possible SEO strategy. Link building is still a relevant and important part of your SEO so we need to talk some more about it. When it comes to search engines natural backlinks have always played a crucial role and also they play a big part in determining a domain’s authority. We are writing this for the ones that wish to learn more and be on top of their SEO game. If you think it’s too much work for you – that’s ok too. You can always hire professionals that will be able to do all this work for you and you can focus on other aspects of your business like financing for example. It won’t be so hard to find a good SEO expert now.

Building natural backlinks and why Google likes them

Natural links are ones that you had no part in establishing,”  this is how Google defined them. You can read more about this on the basis of its algorithm development. A completely impartial third party decided that your website was worth linking to solely based on the quality of your work. They simply included it as a resource or information source on their own platforms and that means that you have done your work and others think it’s good as well. All of that shows Google that you are doing a good job and they want to reward this.

Nowadays it’s completely possible to assess whether external links are natural or unnatural. There are a few types of backlinks and beware – unnatural links can result in penalties from Google or they can damage your domain authority. Natural links can help your rank and overall authority a lot. There are ways to make your links appear more natural to search engines. It’s all about how you construct your natural backlink profile.

Google logo on a building
Google is a big fan of natural backlinks.

Unnatural links and what you should know about them

Since we are mentioning them a lot we should explain more about them. You will also hear the term “fake backlinks” and many more. Make sure to find a reliable source like Link Department is when researching more about this topic. To simple it down unnatural links are the ones that you create on your own. The sole purpose of them is to improve your search engine results, so this is completely fake. Back in the day, they worked very well and that’s why even now they exist. But they can result in penalties and they can worsen your SEO so steer clear from them.

Safe backlinks

Google made its algorithm specifically to make backlinking difficult and for some, it can be overwhelming but they have a reason for making it so hard on us. Because they did it the internet became more useful and less spammy. This also makes it easier for you to get backlinks safely. When you type your keywords in a search engine you will get no or just a few spammy results (they are not omniscient even though they are trying). Business owners are often looking for a piece of good advice on establishing a natural backlink profile. They can find it to be difficult so we are about to show you something you should pay special attention to.

man in distress
Google is making things harder for all of us but for a good reason.

Type of connection

The first and most important thing you should know is that when posting a link it needs to be relevant to the conversation. It should never be a random link that leads to a totally different topic. If someone (a potential buyer may be) is inquiring about a certain service that you provide, for example, link to that specific service page rather than the home page or your contact page. It’s always good to connect different pages on your own website. Just a good way to help your website.

Boosting traffic without tampering with algorithms

Many SEO experts when doing backlink building utilize a no-follow link in order to boost traffic without tampering with Google’s algorithms. The tag instructs spiders (we are talking about web spiders of course) that the link should not be followed. There are benefits to this action. For example,  consumers will be able to see and click your links without the worry of Google repercussions and penalties. It will drive traffic but also keep the connection hidden from them – it’s a good combination.

Backlink building and blogs

There are ways you can profit from building natural backlinks. The most important of all is that it is Google approved. Blogs are perfect. They are written by real people. Plenty of reputable companies and organizations often welcome guest bloggers to contribute their websites and you should do it too, just ask them. This is an amazing practice since it delivers quality material and a small amount of link power for both parties involved. This practice will also allow you to include a link to your mailing list in your blog article. You just need to make sure that your article is well-written and relevant to your readers.

The key element that will help you is time. Investing time and effort in the content will help you to connect with your audience and provide you with valuable information. That will inspire them to share and add to their own channels. It’s a win-win situation. It doesn’t matter which aspect you invest your time whether it’s graphic, visual, or written it will pay off but the smartest thing to do is invest time and effort in all of them. After all, you want to generate helpful items that connect back to your website and support natural link building.

Blogger working on her laptop
Bloggers can do wonders for you. Guest blogging is in this year!

About 2022

This year just like any other before is a new hope. There are some exciting things that search engines like Google are preparing for us. Hopefully, we helped you and pointed you in the right direction where you can find out more about building natural backlinks and their value. Good luck!

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