SEO Predictions From Google In 2022

After the New Year holidays, it’s time to get serious. The SEO game is constantly changing, and users need to make sure they are up to date with all the changes. However, these are not always clear and easy to understand. That’s why many website owners feel puzzled as the new year approaches. For that reason, we want to introduce some SEO predictions from Google in 2022 to make it easier for you to prepare. Here’s what you can expect in the year ahead of us.

Mobile-friendly websites will be more popular

It’s true that making a website mobile-friendly attracts more visitors and gives better SEO results. However, this feature will be a top priority in 2022. As people are using their smartphones for almost every online task, it’s natural to understand that the focus will be on mobile browsing. And the reason why this is one of the top SEO predictions from Google is that Google is introducing a ranking index that will put up first websites that are mobile-friendly. This is another reason to review your website’s design and make it even more mobile-friendly.

Remember: having a mobile-friendly website is not the only factor that will give you a better ranking. Be sure to explore all the possible ways to improve your Google ranking. Very often these are quite simple to do and yet they can give amazing results in the long run.

mobile phone in a person's hand, ready to research SEO predictions from Google
Using mobile to do more daily tasks is the reality of 2022.

Google discover as a trend of 2022

Another trend that will be hot this year is Google Discover optimization. This is another mobile-friendly feature that allows users to explore more extensive content. This is a whole new level of experience that analyzes users’ online activity and lets them explore even more interesting content. To make sure your content gets on Discover, there’s nothing too special you need to do. You just need to follow the basic SEO principles, create great-quality content, and offer trustworthiness, high authority, and expertise to your readers.

Prepare for the new Google updates

Something that happens almost every year will also happen in 2022 – Google will introduce more new updates. This can be an issue for those who are late with the previous version. However, if you’ve followed some o the best SEO practices from the beginning, you’ve probably created a solid foundation for all the updates that are coming. If you don’t need to correct the correct mistakes from the past, it will be easy to upgrade your website to any new Google updates that are coming in 2022. For that reason, it pays off to become an SEO expert and make sure you get the most out of your website’s SEO game.

typing text on a typing machine
SEO predictions from Google show more updates coming.

Online shopping for more users

Online purchases are not a new thing in the SEO world. However, online shopping is becoming even more important in 2022. The reason is that the number of people buying everything, from everyday items and groceries to much bigger purchases, is rapidly growing. More than 2 billion people will be using online shopping this year. Therefore, be sure you’re ready for that. Google is doing everything to make it easier for both businesses and customers to achieve great results and enjoy an amazing shopping experience. One of the main features Google introduces is Shopping Cart. It allows buyers to get more information about the products they like and find them much faster.

To be part of this trend, businesses will have to make a list of their products that are filled with additional information, and most importantly – relevant keywords. This information will allow Google to analyze the products and make sure to offer them in relevant searches.

TikTok advertising

Tik Tok is one of the fastest-growing social media networks, and its popularity will continue to rise in 2022. The reason why this is relevant for businesses is that Tik Tok has proven to be a great advertising channel. Users are spending more time on this network, and businesses should use this trend wisely. Be creative and find a way to promote your business or share knowledge with Tik Tok users and bring attention to your website or other online platforms.

Remember: along with TikTok, explore other video formats that can help you in your SEO game. Video content is an essential part of a successful SEO strategy, so be sure to explore other platforms such as YouTube, which also introduced a short video format, along with the regular long videos.

tiktok icon on a mobile phone
Use new social media trends to make your SEO better.

AI will become more important in 2022

When you look into SEO predictions from Google in 2022, you shouldn’t miss artificial intelligence. It will continue to be important in online communication, which brings us to SEO optimization. Google will use AI to make rankings more informative, analyzing content in-depth. Written content is not the only factor Google will use to rank websites – AI will become one of the deciding factors.

How to efficiently keep up with trends and predictions

Every year comes with a new set of rules and trends. SEO predictions from Google in 2022 are introducing new priorities, too. However, you shouldn’t start panicking right away. Make sure you review your current situation and see what are changes you need to make. Not all predictions and trends apply to every business and its website. Set your priorities and focus on the goals these methods will bring. Focusing on the bigger picture will do you a lot more good than wasting time on details that may not be beneficial to your SEO game. Just be sure to set the right goals. Then, it’ll be easy to adjust your strategy according to the new trends and make the best possible results.

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