How to Become an SEO Expert in 2022

SEO profession today is one of the professions that are in high demand. It pays well which is why many strive to get into this business. However, knowing how to become an SEO expert is not that easy. It takes time and a lot of knowledge to get into the business. At the same time, you have to invest time to gather experience and achieve good results. Basically, the first factor in becoming an SEO expert is the passion to learn and expand your knowledge. So let’s see what is needed and just how you can become an SEO expert today at the dawn of 2022.

Becoming an expert in SEO

Handling SEO today can be easy. Many professional companies, Link Department included can provide professional SEO services. They will manage your website SEO and backlink building as its core. But, this does not have to be the only way to do it. While you should leave the link-building effort to the professionals you can certainly handle SEO on your own.

Person reading a Digital marketing book Become an SEO Expert
Learning and gaining broad SEO knowledge is key to being an SEO expert

What is an SEO expert?

Simply put it is the person that works to optimize and market a website in order to get a high search engine rating. This rating, good positioning on search result pages, in turn, leads to traffic increase, higher revenue, and profits.

These experts must have a broad knowledge of certain SEO aspects. This person must also have skills that will help him achieve the desired result. This means that the expert must be skilled and have some knowledge about multiple SEO aspects. These include Technical, On and off-site SEO. Data analysis, project management, and communication are some of the crucial skills to have in order to handle this job. Understanding and using SEO tools is also important.  The best SEO specialists usually master a number of these areas of digital marketing and management. With this in mind, you can easily become an SEO expert with some guidance. The key is to invest time into gathering new knowledge and insight into SEO. There is a lot to learn and many steps to take on this path. Here are the basic four to start you off.

  • Learn about the basics
  • Practice
  • Experiment
  • Scale your SEO

Learn about the basics

Knowing the fundamentals is the basis of all SEO activities. Without an in-depth understanding of the basics, you won’t be able to take SEO. Skipping this step will prevent you from ever being able to manage your website SEO. So, take your time to gather all of the knowledge you can. It is not enough to know about tags and meta descriptions or content and linking. You should try to understand their order, importance, and how they tie together. Understanding how they provide results as a whole is the key to understanding SEO. This is the foundation that every SEO professional has to build its knowledge. Creating a good base of knowledge at this point is crucial for further success.

Person looking at webpage data
Practice and experiment with different SEO tools to gather knowledge and experience


Becoming an SEO expert is a lot of work and practice. Mastering SEO is not a matter of learning theory but of developing the skill set required. The best way to learn it is from practice. So, try to learn the basics from a reputable source and implement these elements on your own website. If the market is relatively small then you can achieve good results with only these basics. You can then use them and make small changes to achieve different results.

Through this practice, you will be able to see and experience just how these changes affect your results. This will provide you with deeper knowledge and understanding of these elements and their effects. In this way, you will be at a higher level of mastering these SEO processes and elements that are the backbone of SEO strategies and activities.


Once you get more proficient you can start to experiment more. This ability to do your own experimentation is what will differentiate you from a beginner. Experimentation with SEO elements will provide you with more and more complex knowledge. It will provide the basis for further development of your SEO strategies and actions.

The key here is to be careful. Do not make big changes that may jeopardize your webpage rankings. make small changes on certain web pages and follow their effect. Also, make one change at a time to precisely track which one gets the results. However, through this experimentation do not make changes to well-established and set SEO fundamentals. You should only experiment with certain page elements that may provide higher conversions and get you more traffic.

Laptop and SEO elements list
Master different SEO elements to become an expert

Scale your SEO

Be sure that your SEO effort may become too much to handle. You won’t be able to do it yourself and you will have to scale up. This means that you will have to get someone to handle your SEO while you concentrate on building your company. However, if this is not the option you must learn to automate your SEO processes. In this way, you will save time and make it easier to handle your strategy and activities. But be clear that you will have to delegate some of the activities.

The basic advice is to take care of your on-page SEO personally. Professionals should be hired to handle the link-building effort. Such a decision is wise as any mistakes in this area can seriously damage your ranking with search engines. So delegating this activity to professionals that can concentrate n these activities only will be the right and rational way to go.

A short summary note

So, these facts make a clear case. It may seem that becoming an SEO expert is a difficult task. It certainly takes a lot of time, effort, and development to achieve. But with proper guidance and learning, anyone can become an SEO Expert. Learning through practice and trial and error will also help you build up and gain your knowledge. This industry and job are creative and can be satisfying to do. So, don’t hesitate and dive into the world of SEO.

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