Contextual Link-Building Strategies to Follow in 2022

Before we start talking about contextual link-building strategies we should cover what contextual link-building is. After all, this is an educational text so let’s cover everything! We will also leave you a few useful links where you can find out more. SEO is simply that kind of area where you need to learn new stuff every day.

Everything is changing quickly and what was popular in 2021 might not be in 2022. That’s why you need to keep up. First of all, links that are surrounded by text in the body of context have much higher SEO value. So, as you can assume links that are in sidebars and footers for example have less SEO value. This way of link building is the fastest way to boost your website’s search performance but contextual link building seems to be changing always and the rules are changing very quickly. So, let’s see what will 2022 bring us.

Benefits of contextual linking

There are many benefits of link-building as you can see. You will get more traffic and with that, your traffic bounce rate will decrease. All of that will benefit your website a lot. If another company uses your article that will also be beneficial for your SEO. But to exchange backlinks with other sites you need to have good text. That’s the key. The text surrounding your link needs to be both interesting and visually pleasing.

If you are wondering “why the text needs to be aesthetically pleasing” you need to understand that many people will be drawn to the article if the text looks nice, clean, and interesting. If it’s just one huge text without anything that stands out people will find it boring and look past it without even reading it. That is of course bad for you. So, make sure to make the text look nice.

A word blog written in blocks
Both blogs and bloggers are very important in 2022.

Blogs will be very popular in 2022

Contextual backlinks can be outbound or inbound. Outbound ones are just links to other websites. Inbound ones are links to your own content. Both are links found within a body of text or paragraph. They can be within a blog or maybe some new press release, article, or just about any type of written content that can be found online. Of all of those, it looks like blogs are still very popular and they will stay popular for quite some time. So, make sure to find some bloggers to work together.

Influencer marketing

Never underestimate the power of marketing and the reach of influencers! Marketing is a way to sell something but think carefully – who is doing all that selling? Influencers are. This is not a time when all you needed was a billboard on a side of the road and that was it. It’s much more complicated now. An influencer in your industry will be your best asset. If you are selling make up for example you need to find a beauty influencer.


Micro-influencers are becoming very popular too nowadays. They have fewer people following them on a daily basis but their audience is more involved with them and that is why they tend to be more persuasive. People believe them more than they do famous actors or football players. So, in 2022 consider micro-influencers to promote your website, the thing you are selling, or to share links with if you are collaborating with a blogger. The kind of collaboration or promotion you need depends a lot on your niche of course.

Social media icons
Instagram made micro-influencers.

Building relevant relationships

We just mentioned that building relationships with bloggers can be beneficial. Choosing relevant websites for your niche, building relationships with them in order to get them to link to you is one of the best strategies you should work on in 2022. Paid partnerships, collaborations, and similar can also be a good way to build relationships with relevant web pages. Paying for backlinks is technically forbidden by Google but paid partnerships and collaborations are different things. Let’s say it’s a way to get what you want and it won’t get you in trouble. This strategy is called Niche edits. If you have an SEO expert he or she will know about it very well since this is not something new but it is still very popular in 2022.

Go on a hunt for unlinked brand mentions

Go, check Google to see if there is any kind of content with your brand in it but no link to you or your website to be precise. This is 2022 and you can find anything on Google now so start searching. Even if it’s a page mentioning something about you it’s important to find it. When you do find it contact the owner of the website and request a link. This is a pretty straightforward way to get an organic link because it’s already set up just for you so it will be very beneficial.

Hiring an SEO expert or experts is always a good idea

This is not a part of the contextual link-building strategies but it is a part of the whole SEO game we are all playing now. SEO experts can give you the best advice about the strategies, and they can help you with link building. They know all new strategies and what’s popular. We already told you that in this area everything changes quickly so you either need to learn from relevant sources such as the Link Department constantly or you can hire an SEO expert to help you. If you have a big website consider hiring an in-house SEO expert as a full-time job to work on your website.

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Hiring an SEO expert won’t be a problem, there is plenty of them available nowadays.

Context is everything

All those contextual link-building strategies we just mentioned are good but always keep the focus on context. Link building without context is a waste of time. So, focusing on the text surrounding your links needs to be your top priority.

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