How to Sell Backlinks?

There is a way to sell backlinks and earn some money. Then later on that money can be invested into your website and do even better. That you can charge sell backlinks and charge more and the wheel is in motion. You can even earn some decent sums of money. But you need to do it right and you need to work smart. Link Department team will show you some great ways to do so and where you can learn more about it. Education is the key in the SEO line of work. Of course, if you don’t want or have something more important to deal with you can always hire an SEO expert to handle all of this.

The broken-link building method

The broken-link building method is fantastic! We won’t be focusing much on explaining the method thoroughly but you should learn all about broken-link building. When you find a suitable broken link that you are confident you can replace nicely get in contact with the owner of the website and offer them a replacement that they can benefit from. If they are interested offer a sum you think is appropriate and wait for the answer. You might be surprised by the result. Of course, not everyone will be interested but most people do not want the broken link and many of them will be willing to pay to correct the mistake and benefit from it of course.

Marketing – promote your content to sell backlinks

Never underestimate the power of marketing. You wouldn’t believe what you can sell with just the pure magic of marketing. Of course, if you have good content it will be easier to sell. Promotions are the key here. You are more likely to sell your backlinks if people are familiar with your content. You can use email to promote your business and outreach but there is an even better way.

social media to help you sell backlinks
Social Media influencers are a pretty big hit right now.

Don’t forget influencers and bloggers

Nowadays influencers and bloggers have so much power. They are the new celebrities. You will get better results if a popular Instagram influencer promotes your content than you would if a singer promotes it. But not everyone can promote your work, you need to think this through. If your content is for example about skincare, you cant offer gamers to promote it. You need to find mommy bloggers, beauty bloggers, and such. It’s important to find your niche and people in it that are influencers.

Use the websites

There are websites like that can help you to sell backlinks. You can register there and get paid for creating relevant content. Of course, you will be earning less that way but you are more likely to get offers, so this might be a great way, to begin with selling your backlinks. Make sure to research online and find other websites like this one where you can register and get paid for your content.

Advertise smart

You want to advertise your content but don’t advertise that you are selling backlinks. That will attract way too many spammers and schemers. They will try to tempt you with big sums but their offers will usually be bogus so the best way is to avoid advertising that you are trying to sell backlinks altogether.

Red flags

Since we are mentioning spammers and frauds we will mention one red flag that can be problematic for search engines. Consistent rotation of links can be a red flag for search engines. You don’t want Google to think that you have a link farm. That’s why it’s important to fly under the radar. Select your paid links carefully and try to negotiate the long-term collaboration. That will look consistent and safe for search engines.

red flag
Red flag alert! Avoid this!

Tips and tricks

Use HTML links only because some link buyers are using JavaScript or other code to update the text or change it. Add a rel=”nofollow” attribute to the link and by doing that you will prevent your site from passing “link juice”. Only link to relevant sites. We already mentioned the importance of finding your niche but Google also looks for relevance between links and content. When partnering up with someone do research in order to avoid spammy websites. When researching use – to see if that website had any penalties.

Avoid Fiverr

You can sell backlinks on sites like Fiverr for micro-jobs. Even though it might sound tempting if you are just starting to sell backlinks this is something you want to avoid. If you want to earn really big sums and have respectable partners you don’t want to be associated with them because even though there are many legitimate sellers there are plenty of spammers. You can’t afford to be associated with them. There are other ways to sell your backlinks so, skip this one for now. There is nothing wrong with Fiverr as a website you just need to uphold the reputation that’s all – most SEO experts will advise you that way.

Hiring SEO experts

We already mentioned this at the beginning of this text. But this is a legitimate way to do this and get results. SEO experts are just that – experts. If you have the budget for one – go for it. Your website will benefit from it and you will be able to sell backlinks easier. Sometimes having good quality content is not enough, you need all the tricks from the book now.

hiring SEO expert
Hiring SEO experts will give you the best results.

Hiring an in-house SEO expert

If you decide to hire an in-house SEO expert make sure to let them know what you need. That will make the interview process much easier. See if they have some experience when it comes to selling backlinks. Many of them do.


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