Tips for Creating Highly Linkable Content

At the heart of any SEO effort, there is a link-building campaign and strategy that will result in the increased page rank of your website. However, often companies and brands have a problem with building backlinks. They have a good outreach that is unfortunately limited by content problems. Most often the problem is in the lack of engaging, linkable content that gets the audience to respond.  In these situations, the question that becomes relevant is, how to go about creating highly linkable content? This is the first step in improving the results of link-building campaigns that influence your SEO results. Aside from hiring Link Department to help you out, you can understand how to do it yourself.

Linkable content

There are many SEO strategies and techniques that are developed to get marketing results on the internet. There are many tools and software to help you out with your link building, analysis, and optimization. But, the key to online marketing success is still content. There is no escaping this fact.

Ultimately you must be able to provide content that will serve a purpose. It has to bring on brand awareness, generate leads and boost sales. This content has to influence the audience and trigger the market’s reaction. So, this content must be gripping and interesting thus becoming highly linkable to others. So, the content must make an impact on the audience. There are two main ways to do that: through creating sharable content and creating linkable content.

Crown with inscription Content is king as Creating Highly Linkable Content is key
Creating highly linkable content is the key to your online marketing success

Generally, linkable content is useful and it helps the user/audience solve a problem, answer a question, or provide knowledge. It is not self-promotional and can be entertaining.  Its main characteristics are:

  • Well researched, serious, and in-depth content,
  • Content and its creators are authoritative,
  • It is aimed at a niche and relevant.

Some of the highly linkable content that fits these criteria are tutorials, ebooks, how-to articles, case studies, demos, etc. They have a permanent value and never lose their importance.

Creating linkable content

So, now that it is clear just what highly linkable content is, we should deal with the ways of creating it. Top content creating tips are:

  • Create well-researched content
  • Make how-to content
  • Use visuals
  • Create web pages
  • Use different forms of linkable content

Create well-researched content

Internet users try to find credible content that is based on relevant data. So, do proper research when creating content. Relevant and accurate data will give your audience the confidence that the content is relevant and authoritative. This content then becomes linkable with many users being interested in revisiting and linking to this relevant source. At the same time, it will increase the authority and relevance of your website. This data should be unique and original to spark interest and lead to citations and links. Content like this should also be well and presented and simplified so that it is easy to comprehend and use.

Make how-to content

Data shows that how-to contents are highly linkable and searched for over the internet. This content is also were popular on YouTube as video material. These guides and tutorials can be used to make the content more comprehensible for the writer.  It is becoming the main source of information and they provide guidance. As such they are highly sought after and become highly linkable. However, these how-to articles and videos must be relevant and realistically searched for. Any how-to content that is not really of interest but is made to be stumbled upon is more of a sharable than linkable content.

Multicolored dandelions
Use stunning visuals to grab attention to your content and make it more linkable

Use visuals

Striking visuals are also important for the likability of the content. This incorporates infographics, charts, maps, and visual guides into readable content in order to make it more or easily comprehensible to the audience. Striking animation and video make the content come to life and easy to go through making it highly desirable and linkable in return. Adding this visual content can make your basic content more desirable and attractive so try to master this aspect of content creation as well.

Create web pages

Try to create informative web pages. If the content on your web page is useful information that can solve problems or provide guidance then it becomes highly relevant. Based on the quality of these point-to-point tips or the information it can become authoritative and thus linkable content.

Use different forms of linkable content

Keep in mind that anyone interested in our content wants to enrich and add value to their own content. So those who link to our webpage/content want to add value. So, aside from other linkable content building tips to use here are also three types of linkable content you should create:


Doing research and providing insights is the most popular way of creating linkable content. The public generally believes the research results that can provide concrete proof for its statements rather than unsubstantiated theories. Well presented research data is trustworthy and makes the content linkable and preferred. This is just the thing that can then generate inbound links and help your link-building strategy.

Product reviews

Good product reviews are highly valuable and content that is preferred for linking. Reviews can provide detailed information on products and services in a helpful and valuable way. Writers willing to give good reviews rather support their content rather than disturbing their own content flow.

Opinions from leaders

As people tend to look up to leaders in certain fields then statements and interviews become highly linkable. These leaders should be authorities in the field at hand that possess unquestionable knowledge on the topic. The audience tends to use these by not only sharing them but also linking to them to support their own statements.

5W questions on a white board
Create well researched, useful and relevant content to make it more linkable

Creating highly linkable content is a continuous process that requires an investment of time. Making good content and stopping there is not a good idea. You have to continue making relevant content for the audience to notice and influencers to link to. In this way, it will still be fresh while staying important and relevant over long periods of time.

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