What are the top local SEO tools?

Search engine optimization is the most significant factor in getting more customers to your business. Because of the importance of SEO, many people what to know – what are the top local SEO tools. We here at Link Department want to help you learn about the best local SEO software and choose one for your business. So let’s begin. 

GrowthBar – one of the top local SEO tools 

The first entry in our article about the best local SEO tools is GrowthBar. Let us see the benefits of choosing GrowthBar to help you improve your business. 

  • The first reason to choose GrowthBar is the ease of access. The app has a Google Chrome extension that you can install with just a click of a button and start improving your chances of making it on SERP. 
  • The second reason is their AI. With GrowthBar’s AI, you can change your content with one click GrowthBar’s AI will improve your titles, change your blog, headers and make them more SEO friendly. 
  • You will be able to track the most popular keyword, and it will give you keyword suggestions. It will also give you the ranking difficulty of your keywords. 
  • And finally, it will allow you to track your competitor’s domain authority. Let me explain what domain authority is. Domain authority is the quality of your competitor’s search engine optimization. You will be able to follow your competitor’s backlinks, keywords, and ads. 
a metal structure
GrowthBar’s AI will improve your content fast and hassle-free

In addition, to all the above, GrowthBar is very affordable at 29 dollars a month. 

Sync everything with Yext 

If you want to create content that outranks your competitor’s content, consistency is crucial. Your business information has to be up to date on every directory. You can update your business information manually. However, if there are forthy directories, that can be a lot of work. But with Yext, every change that you make with your business will be synced on all platforms. 

Yext will manage almost all of your business information and update the directories. Here is what this software can do for you. 

  • If you ever change your companies name, address, or phone number and do not want to update it yourself, Yext will handle it for you. It will update everything automatically, and in addition to the simple update, it can do it in different languages. 
  • The software will sync your business hours, holidays, calendars, services, and products. If you make any change in the things mentioned before, Yext will sync it up. 
  • The third thing Yext can do for you is update GEO tags so that your customers can find your new location easier and visit your business.
  • And if you are offering any coupons in your store, Yext will manage them across all the directories.
a monitor showing programming
With Yext one of the top local SEO tools, you will be synced.

Now let’s see why consistency is significant besides generating more traffic. The first reason to have your information updated on all of your directories as soon as possible is that you might lose customers. If a customer gets the wrong information about your business, it might avert them from bringing their business to you. The second reason is if you have your information updated and accurate, it will increase your Google page ranking. 

Try out Moz Local

Moz Local is probably the most popular local SEO software on this list. It is similar to Yext as it also helps you sync your business listings. The features of Moz Local are: 

  • Moz Local will not only sync your business listing but also manage them. These two features are what make Moz Local one of the top local SEO tools. With Moz Local, you can sync your ongoing business listing on social media pages, search engines, and directories. It will detect and delete any duplicated business listings. There are many ways duplicated content affects SEO, so you should avoid it. In addition to all of the above, Moz Local will offer you suggestions to improve your business listing. And you can do all this by using the simple dashboard. 
  • The second group of features involves dealing with customers reviews. Not a lot of businesses answer to customers’ reviews and take them for granted. With Moz Local, you can respond to all reviews from one dashboard no matter where the customer left it. And you can respond to reviews swiftly because Moz Local will send you notifications instantly. If you engage more with the customers, you can answer their problems and increase the chances of getting their business back. 

Moz Local is very significant if you want to boost your local SEO, and it offers many more features that we have not mentioned. 

Semrush Position Tracking Tool is one of the top local SEO tools 

Have you ever wondered how your keywords were ranking on SERP? Semrush Position Tracking Tool is here to assist you with that. The Position Tracking Tool can track the ranking of your keyword on a national level, but it has the option to do it locally. 

It will help you analyze how your keywords interact with SERP features. And assist you with improving your local SEO strategy. 

With Semrush Position Tracking Tool, you can discover your competitors and their rank and where you rank compared to them. You can then use that information to try and improve your positioning. 

person using MacBook
With Semrush Position Tracking Tool, you can track your competitors and improve your strategy.

The key to any business is the organization, and with this tool, you can organize your keyword and then filter them to make it easier to follow their rank. And if there are any position changes, Semrush Position Tracking Tool will notify you immediately. 

Finally, to see why your keywords are ranked high or low – the tool will provide you with reports. You can use those reports to modify your strategy. 


These are our top local SEO tools, and if you choose any of them, you will improve your SEO strategy. Good luck with your business. 

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