How to Create Content That Outranks Your Competitor’s Content

A little competition can be good for the spirit, but if you feel like your business is getting run over by your competitors, you have a serious problem on your hands. An excellent way to keep up with others in your industry and eventually surpass them is by having an impressive online presence. However, to get that goal accomplished your online content must be on point. So, let’s see how to create content that will help you blow away your competition. With our tips and tricks, you will impress Google and other search engines in no time.

Importance of content marketing

Before you start learning how to create content that will help you blow away your competition, it is important to understand the value of content marketing. Content marketing is not just another flashy business lingo. It brings something remarkable to the table if done correctly. The consequence of great content marketing is the organic increase in traffic. For that reason, your content should be engaging, useful, and effective. It should help your visitors solve their problems.

Once your services are acquired you must move to step number two. Your next step would be to build relationships with those visitors and make sure they are with your company for the long haul. Now that you fully understand what great content brings to the table, we can discuss what you should do to create amazing online content.

A man on his laptop researching how to create content.
Focusing on your online content will result in more visitors and improvement of online ranking.

How to create content that will leave your competition in your online rearview mirror

Writing online content that is worth someone’s while is hard enough. The fact that you need to compare it to somebody else’s makes it even harder. Still, by no means impossible. Thus, here is how you can make your business more competitive by using online marketing as your business weapon.

Check out your competition

To beat somebody at something you must know what they are about. How can you know if something is better if you don’t know what you are up against on the other end? Since the web is powered by high-quality content there is no magic spell to it. You need to create something better than what your opponents have as their online content. You can check out their keywords, type of content, etc.

For instance, websites that have blogs have 55% more visitors than those that don’t. Also, video content can be a great addition to your online marketing portfolio. Mix and match to find the perfect combination for your visitors.

Use online metrics to your advantage

If you are unsure how to approach these tips, we have an excellent starting point for you. Focus on the most important content writing metrics. There are websites that are specifically designed with such a purpose. Therefore, look up the most important website metrics to track and start using that information against your competition. With such valuable insight, you will be writing better content in no time. All you need is an URL to get all the metrics that are of importance.

A person tracing their metrics on a laptop.
Online metrics linked to content marketing are a great way to evaluate your competitor’s content value and effectiveness.

Experiment with different types of content

Keep in mind that interactive content is twice as valued. If your competitors have only written content, this is an excellent way for you to shine and add other types of content to your website.

By doing so you will improve visitors’ experience and as a result, your pages will become more and more popular. It will be only a matter of time until all the search engines start loving what you are selling. Not to mention, unwritten content is much more likely to be shared on social media. What an excellent idea for free advertising and positive attention-drawing towards your business. It’s becoming more and more clear why content marketing is so important for your business.

Catchy and original headlines are a must

When focusing on content creation you should keep in mind what search engines like to find on your website. Especially, the mother of all online search engines, Google. Google has certain requirements that must be met for content to be considered high quality. Headlines are surely something that Google and other search tools pay attention to. Explore what is out there. Get your creative juices flowing and then come up with your own unique version. This is a simple, but very effective marketing tactic.

Ideas written on a piece of paper.
Creativity is of the essence when working on content. Uninteresting and repetitive content will most likely chase away all your current visitors.

Don’t forget that there is a need for speed

Did you know that there is a 40% abandonment rate by visitors on pages that do not get downloaded in 3 seconds or less? The last thing you want is to be on the negative side of that statistic. Faster loading time results in better search engine rankings. It turns out Google even prefers speed over great content. So, even though your content might be amazing, if the download time is slow your business is an online goner. Make sure your pages are clean and fast for maximum results. Yet, keep in mind that the best combo is great content with high speed. That is the ultimate winning combo.


Now that you know all the important details on how to create content that outranks your competitor’s online presence it is key to have your expectations in check. Content marketing is a highly effective marketing strategy. However, nothing will happen overnight. A successful content marketing strategy takes time, consistency, and persistence. Building up an impressive online presence takes time and energy. Are you concerned because you don’t have the slightest idea of how to get this goal accomplished? If you are a rookie in this field you can always turn to professionals to help you improve your online presence. In any scenario arm yourself with patience and creativity. If you do your rewards will be well worth it.

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