How to Build High Authority Links with Content

When it comes to creating web pages it is all about content. We all have to try to write relevant and useful content that people will read. However, this doesn’t mean that such content will be seen. It doesn’t mean that it will lead to a webpage being highly ranked. In return, this means that you have to put some effort into building your brand and domain authority. Today, it is not possible without backlinking so make sure to hire Link Department to professionally handle this issue. So, when you are trying to rank and gain authority the question becomes: how to build high authority links with content? Well, there is no simple or magical answer to this question so let’s see what should be done.

Value of Link Building

Simply put your content and SEO optimization are the factors of your ranking. However, to really boost your rank you have to invest in link building. Simply put this means that a site links to your own website making a referral to it. This shows the public and more importantly Google that your content that is linked to has value and is relevant. This will give you certain authority and rank and the higher the authority of your backlinking site the higher your authority is.

Generally, web resources claim that you can earn backlinks by asking politely or they provide a set of tips and tricks to do it. But the issue is not that simple.

Cloud made of social media terms and Content is king
All of the SEO efforts must be based around equality content that is truly the king.

The meaning of backlink is that by linking to your webpage a website basically vouches for the content that you are creating. It assigns it a certain value and expresses confidence in it. This is what google algorithms recognize and reward. The more backlinks you have the higher rank Google will give you. The more links from authoritative sites you have the higher in the search engine results you will be. This gives you a better chance of building traffic to your webpage and getting more conversions. In this respect, backlinking is extremely valuable and deserves the proper investment of time.


Research shows that Google is making changes in its ranking factors making backlinks extremely valuable. User engagement is one of the predominant factors for ranking. As backlinking can significantly increase this interaction Google tends to value strong backlinks when ranking a page. This means that the more backlinks you have the higher rank you are assigned to. This also means that you will get more backlinks if you are higher in the search results. In this way, backlinking starts to become a perpetual motion process that is beneficial to your webpage.

However, besides this SEO effect, backlinking also shows the credibility of a webpage. For example when a relevant and authoritative page links to your webpage and content then it shows that your content is also credible and authoritative. This makes the audience take your webpage more seriously leading to higher traffic and conversion.

The Quality

Not all links are of the same value. Having more backlinks may be tempting but their quality is also important. When generating backlinks you have to make sure that they have a high quality. So make sure that the site is: relevant to your topic, authoritative, has high traffic, and is properly indexed. As a rule, backlinks from web pages that fit these criteria can be more valuable than a multitude of backlinks from web pages that are of lower value.

Build High Authority Links with Content Like a Pro

Good and quality content is not always easy to make. However, there is a list of content you can try to make to attract high-quality backlinks. This content can be a sure way of earning confidence or other web pages which will translate into page rank. So make sure you create:

  • List posts
  • White papers
  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Surveys, reports, and original research
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Whitepapers, List posts,  and Infographics are popular content that can build authoritative backlinks

List Posts

List posts are short information on a relevant topic. They are meant for use through social media where they can have a lot of shares making your content widespread and available. They are short to read and absorb, highly scannable, and invoke curiosity while providing the necessary information.

White Papers

Whitepapers are more than just blog posts and they provide in-depth content on a certain topic. They establish your expertise in the niche while providing your customer with a solution, These are very well researched and provide facts about a certain topic. As such they sell or promote a product indirectly by providing well-researched facts. Whitepapers must be relevant, on point, valuable, and well-targeted.


Infographics exploit the fact that users are very visual. These types of visual representations are more appealing and far more likely shared over the internet. The studies show that quality, appealing infographics with relevant and accurate data are usually shared  3 times more than other content. This is because they can relax a lot of data in an appealing way. This makes them a significant source of backlinks.


Videos are great at generating backlinks. Their value is on the rise due to the developments of many video-sharing platforms. Videos that provide real value and that can be used to simplify the topic that a webpage is covering are generally magnets for backlinks. In addition, if a platform like Youtube starts recommending your videos then its authority is confirmed. These videos can be interviews or simple but quality how-to videos that are popular today.

A man looking at YouTube on a tablet
Video is good and high-quality content that can drive your SEO rank.

Surveys, Reports, and Original Research

Research and statistics are always relevant for the public. This means that you can generate a lot of backlinks by creating this type of content. The key is that the topic is relevant for the consumer or industry. This data has to be credible, original, and highly valuable for the public. This content is hard to make but once it is promoted and grabs the attention of the target audience it can be a considerable source of backlinks.

So, building a network of authoritative backlinks is important and a crucial part of your SEO effort. While there are numerous ways to create them one key piece of advice is to create great content. You should always strive to build high authority links with content that you provide. So, invest in content creation and problem-solving for your audience. Your relevant content will then lead to quality backlink building.

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