Estimate the quality of your backlinks with SEMrush Page Score

Backlinks are one of the most essential aspects and elements of any online content marketing strategy. Numerous tools help marketers create content, and by extension backlinks, but rarely which tool is like SEMrush. This is why today we are going to find out what exactly is SEMrush, why do you need it, and how you can estimate the quality of your backlinks with SEMrush Page Score.

What is SEMrush?

SEMrush is simply an SEO tool. However, it is not any kind of tool. It’s a tool with many functionalities without which no serious backlink builder will want to start a job.

SEMrush is an all-in-one tool suite that can help you improve and benefit your SEO strategy. More precisely, SEMrush helps marketers improve online visibility and discover marketing insights. This tool can help marketers from different services (PPC, SMM, SEO, Content Marketing, Marketing Insights, Keyword Research, Competitive Research, etc.) help understand how their and their competitor backlinks are doing.

Why do you need SEMrush?

There are many reasons why one would like to use this tool. You can, for instance, analyze your competitor’s backlink strategies. Or you can check the geolocation of your backlinks and domain authority.

In short, SEMrush will help you to check the type of backlinks you have and provide an analysis of the weight these links have. Also, you can use this tool to get an in-depth check of your links (follow and no-follow). And as we already mentioned, you can check your competitor’s backlinks and their sources. Of course, that can help you build a better profile and SEO effort.

SEMrush Page Score analysis.
With SEMrush Page Score and SEMrush in general, you can improve your content marketing strategy.

How you can estimate the quality of your backlinks with SEMrush Page Score?

SEMrush helps its users in many aspects. What are those aspects, and what are those functions we are going to explore right now!

Comparative Competitive Intelligence

You must understand what you are doing before you try to analyze how well your competitors are doing and what they are doing right, i.e. what and how many backlinks they’re using, what keywords they are targeting, etc.

SEMrush helps you with all you need to know about the traffic you are getting, whether it is paid or organic, with an overview screen when you enter a web address. With it, you can check whether your traffic is getting better or worse, or how you are ranking on Google. This all happens in real-time. This is because SEMrush sends SEO reports in PDF every month which can show you all your progress over the last year or two. All you have to do is to monitor your dashboard from time to time to see how you are doing.

Effective keyword research

Your strategy has to be primarily based on keywords. And the success of keywords is one of the most important metrics you should track. Keyword strategy should and needs to be the foundation of your content marketing plans. This is how customers from your preferred niche can find you.

With SEMrush you can identify keyword phrases that are most likely to get you the most search traffic. No longer will you blindly pick keywords hoping to get the right one. This tool will arm you with amazing SEO possibilities and help you optimize your keywords, and in extension, your content strategy.

Of course, this means that SEMrush can help you explore different variations of keywords you want to use and that are associated with the root word.  That way you will understand better what people are searching online, and how you can utilize this to your advantage.

SEO on the table.
Effective keyword strategy is a difference between a good and a bad SEO marketing strategy.

Create a strategy out of SEMrush analysis

The online competition between blogs is harsh. There are millions upon millions of blogs on the internet, and many of them certainly, however you are original, look like yours. But, only a few get most of the traffic. So, what they are doing right?

This is why you need to closely monitor those blogs, and this is where SEMrush comes into place. With SEMrush you can get a deeper look at your competitors’ strategies, and try to emulate, or even outdo them. You can get an insight into the keywords they are using with which they are getting the most traffic.

And of course, once you know what those keywords are, the next part of your strategy should be using them yourself or making them even better. SEO and other online marketing strategies are all bout “one-upping” your competitors, and keywords are a large part of it. The best advice is to develop content that targets those keywords and search terms. With SEMrush, you can build a successful content marketing strategy based on an analysis of your competition. That way you can target the traffic your competition gets with their keywords.

Creating new keywords

As we already said, if you want to be on top, you have to come up with new ideas for your content marketing strategy. SEMrush allows users to brainstorm new ideas for keywords.

For example, if you click on the keyword “cute pets” on SEMrush, many more keywords will be shown to you that are relevant. Examples of this are “cute pets for sale”, “cute pets behaving like humans”, and so on. When you click on those keywords, many new ones will be suggested to you. Of course, this will allow you to get more and better keywords for your content creation.

Keep your existing traffic

When you are modifying, or completely changing your content marketing strategy, there is always a chance that you’ll lose your existing traffic. Everything that changes has its advantages and its drawback, and you’ll want to make sure that there are more advantages than drawbacks. Of course, this is the only way to advance in this field.

Being happy.
With SEMrush Page Score you can keep your existing traffic and succeed in your SEO intentions.

Thankfully, SEMrush can help you with that. SEMrush can give you tools to minimize your traffic losses. It is far easier to build on existing traffic than starting everything from anew. You can also see on a scale from 0 to 100 on SEMrush Page Score how your backlinks are doing.

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