What are Guest Post Bio Backlinks

We will be talking today about guest post bio backlinks since they are getting very popular nowadays. This is all just a part of every good SEO strategy and everybody will tell you that backlinks are the best way to do it. A good way to stay on top of your SEO game is by hiring an SEO expert to help you out or if you have the budget for it – hire an in house SEO expert to work for you and do whatever is necessary to promote your webpage and make it visible on the Google’s first page. After all, that’s the name of the game now right? Relax, and read on.

Guest blogging explained

Guest blogging is as we mentioned earlier very popular at the moment. We say at the moment since in this line of work things change quickly and no one can tell you if they will be popular a few years from now. But that’s not our problem, now we need to know everything there is about guest blogging. Guest post or guest blogging is writing blogs for other websites to be published (and recognized of course). This is just one of the methods of getting backlinks from blogs to your own website in exchange for an article that can be beneficial to both parties and that is the reason why it’s so popular. It’s a win-win combination. With guest posting, you are building work relationships, exposure, authority, and links after all.

Being a blogger is a full-time job nowadays.

Are Guest Post Bio Backlinks effective in backlink building?

First of all, it’s important to mention that Google is not such a big fan of paid guest blogging. It can be a bit spammy and unrealistic and that is the reason why Google is not such a big fan. It’s not always the case of course. Some paid guest post bio backlinks are great! Now let’s get back to the original question. Guest blogging can be a good part of your backlink-building strategy but it can not be the only one since it is not ideal.

The reason why we say it’s not ideal is that it can take a lot of time. You need to wait for the response from the website owner or you have to pay them and that can take a lot of time. So, yes it should be part of the strategy but not the only way to do backlink building. If you are interested in all the ways you can do backlink building we suggest talking to the Link Department experts, who can help you learn a lot of interesting tips on this topic.

Guest posting as part of your SEO strategy

Once again it’s important to mention that we are talking about the current situation now in 2021 and probably in 2022. As long as you are prepared to do the leg work, wait and put your time and effort into it it will be so worth it. This can be the best link-building strategy in terms of link quality. That’s because it allows you to target high-quality websites (inside your niche) and that way you will be improving your chances of successfully securing backlinks.

Guest Post Bio Backlinks as par of your SEO strategy
Guest blogging should be an important part of your backlink-building strategy.

Accepting guest posts on your blog

Another popular question is “Should I accept guest posts on my blog?”. Let’s cover that too! That can be a pretty good way to grow your blog. You don’t even have to do a ton of work for it all you need to do is accept. Its a free marketing, and in this line of work you should always accept free marketing. There is no more powerful tool than marketing. The only important thing is that you are staying inside your niche. You don’t need a guest post about sports if your website is about literature. But if it’s a biography of some author – that can be great! Your guest poster will share their content and then when it’s published they will also promote your blog. All that can lead to more social media shares and, hopefully, links to your site which is the goal here right?

Is guest posting paid?

Another often asked question. We already mentioned Google not being a big fan of paid guest posting for obvious reasons. Many blogs still offer a lot and pay guest writers for their work of course. But, in most cases guest posting opportunities aren’t exactly lucrative – that’s just the reality. Chances are you won’t become rich for it. This will probably be unpaid labor in terms of money but the benefits of it will be great for your website.

calculating and counting money
Chances are you will not become rich if all you do is guest blogging.

Eight easy steps to execute a guest posting strategy

  1. First of all, you need to determine your guest posting goals
  2. Your next step will be finding guest post opportunities (stick to your niche)
  3. Qualify guest posting sites
  4. You also need to develop blog post topics and make sure that they sound natural
  5. Also, you need to have a perfect pitch
  6. Make sure that your content is good
  7. Follow up on your work and all the little details
  8. The last part is tracking your results

Hiring an SEO expert

This is something we mentioned in the very beginning and we will repeat it now. Hiring an SEO expert is a very smart move and it can benefit your website greatly. They can help with all the strategies and advise you well. When hiring an expert it’s important that you tell them exactly what you need and everything you have been doing so far. They need to have insight into your work as well as you should check out their previous work. This is a two-way street and you need to know everything about each other’s work. Don’t forget to mention to them about guest post bio backlinks and everything you have been doing about them!

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