Five Common Pitfalls to Avoid in SEO

SEO is a process that can yield great results if done right. At the same time, it can cause your business considerable damage when handled in the wrong way. In the least, it can be wey ineffective not letting you gain any results from it. To be clear, making mistakes is not uncommon, but making them can be very costly for small companies. To avoid them you should try outsourcing your SEO to professionals such as Link Department or other experts. But if you want to manage your SEO yourself be careful and learn. Here you can find more about the pitfalls to avoid in SEO.

Why manage your SEO

Many companies try to manage their own SEO. Their main goal is to rank high in the search engine result. Their good rank and domain authority can provide high website traffic, conversion rates, and profits. However, these SEO activities and efforts fall short of the intended goals. SEO then proves to be ineffective and does not get the results no matter how much time and money you invest. The problem is that many companies make some common mistakes in managing their SEO. Their approach is not holistic and they often neglect certain important SEO aspects. They also do not have the expertise to experiment with different SEO strategies and do not adapt to new market conditions and changes.

Hand written optimizing elements
Handling different SEO and marketing aspects is a prerequisite for SEO success

Studying their activities and the results of their SEO effort allows us to identify problem spots and factors. So let’s quickly identify, list, and analyze the top five common pitfalls to avoid in SEO:

  • Not setting SEO goals
  • Quality vs Quantity
  • Neglecting Keywords
  • Black Hat SEO
  • Not Adapting

SEO goals

Properly defining goals is the key to the success of any activity. Knowing and clearly defining SEO goals is the prerequisite to your success. While SEO is aimed at ranking high within the search engine results this is not enough. High rank, domain authority, and even increased traffic may not result in an increase in sales and profits. Simply driving traffic to your website will not result in increased sales. So, make your SEO goals clear. Driving quality traffic and building a website that will lead to conversion will increase your sales and profits.

If you are not clear about what you want your SEO effort will not be aimed correctly not giving the desired effects.

Quality vs Quantity

Many companies believe that their SEO activity should create a lot of content, using a lot of keywords and links to achieve a high ranking. This is a mistake. Quality is the main factor that is important for your SEO success. The first thing is the content you provide. It should be valuable to your target audience and help them solve their problems – focus on customers and not ranking. So, first, try to understand your audience and their needs and wants. Then be sure to provide quality content that is prepared and written for them and not search engines. Your audience can recognize valuable content that will draw them to your website.


Understanding and knowing your audience and their needs will help you incorporate the right keywords in your content. Do not optimize your content for multiple keywords to avoid confusion. Also, try to be specific to address the right audience. If you use generic terms you may not be able to distinguish yourself from the global competition. You will also be invisible to your potential customers. Use the right keywords that will help potential customers find your content and web pages. Neglecting keywords, using generic keywords, tags, and descriptions will lead to an ineffective SEO effort that does not create results.

Person writing Audience as neglecting your customers is one of the Pitfalls to Avoid in SEO
Do not neglect your customer and audience needs

Black hat SEO

Practicing black hat SEO is one of the top pitfalls to avoid in SEO. These usually do not give the intended results and may cause you long-term problems. For example, buying links is a shortcut to a proper link-building effort. Buying these links is a sure way to earn a Google penalty. This penalty can cause you a fall in your website rankings. Sometimes it can even cause complete removal of the site from search engine results. In this way buying links becomes a considerable risk to the companies business as a whole. I addition even if you do not get a penalty Google still has a list of the web pages that deal in link selling and regularly devalues these links. As a result, they do not add to your page rank and make your SEO effort ineffective.

Other than buying links a company should search for alternative solutions in link building. There are many companies that can facilitate acquiring high-quality links for the required niche without breaking any rules. these professional companies provide top-tier SEO services.


In any business adaptation is the key to success. The conditions and environment are always changing and so should your activities. Not following and adapting to changes in SEO and sticking to old-school practices is a common problem. Google is always changing its ranking algorithms thus changing the effects of SEO. In turn, many very successful strategies from 10 years ago no longer work. New technologies, techniques are emerging and this knowledge should be adopted and implemented in your SEO.

A person reading a book about digital marketing
Be informed and follow modern SEO trends

At the same time, there are new emerging platforms that you should prepare for. Mobile traffic is also in expansion and overlooking it is a mistake. Website speeds are also becoming increasingly important in a high-paced world. Ignoring these changes can cause you a lot of problems. Even failing to anticipate changes and not thinking well ahead can lead to ineffectiveness in your SEO.

In short about the SEO pitfalls

SEO is an indispensable part of your whole marketing effort. It is a lot of work and you can expect results overnight. However, if you do it right and keep in mind these common pitfalls to avoid in SEO you can achieve great results. This is why you should study SEO and new trends and changes to make sure you are always at the top of your game and getting desired results.

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