What are the Best Blogger Outreach Service Tools?

Being a blogger is as hard as it is exciting is what any real blogger would say. It isn’t easy to stick out in the sea of people writing online no matter what you are writing about. It can be very hard for bloggers to find a way to their audience because slowly but surely there are more and more bloggers online. Some are better, more unique, or just attract more attention from the larger public. And you do not have to change your style in order to do so as well. You just need to put in an effort for your blog to be seen by more people. Using the best blogger outreach service tools is how you will find a crowd of people loving what you do.

And what is one of the best ways to do that? Well, outreach, of course. Blogger outreach is a technique used by most bloggers. Its purpose is to communicate and build better relationships with same-industry influencers and audiences interested in that sort of online content. But doing that without blogger outreach service tools can be difficult. This is why we wrote this article to tell you all you need to know.

What is blogger outreach?

If you are generally new to the blogging world, you might have not gotten a chance to hear about blogger outreach and blogger outreach service tools. So, let us first explain blogger outreach and how it can help your online presence. Remember that you can always hire the Link Department to help you with backlinks for your website or blog.

As we already said, blogger outreach is a technique of gathering an audience and working with bloggers in the same field as you are. If you are a pet owner blogger, for example, your target audience certainly isn’t people who read blogs about cars. Even if you do collaborate with a very popular car blogger that has millions of followers, it is not so likely that their audience would be interested in your content.

Woman using laptop.
You need to always search for new ways to better your online presence.

This is why meeting bloggers similar to you is important and so is working with them. This is how your audience will grow as you will be close with people who have the same target audience as you, people who read lifestyle blogs in this case scenario. In fact, blogger outreach is sort of a marketing campaign.

You can also do outreach with brands, not just influencers and bloggers. A company, brand, or small business can send you their products which you mention in your blog linking to their website. And the company does the same from their end, they mention your blog on their website adding a link to it. This is called backlinking and is one of the best ways to better your online presence. It can help a business, as well as a blog, grow.

Why you should use blogger outreach service tools?

Well, finding people to collaborate with in such a way is not easy even though there are thousands of bloggers in your field. And if you have been trying to find a way to create a better link scheme, you already know how complicated this can be. Finding people who have the same point of view as you and are willing to include the link to your blog on their blog can be hard. But when you start using some of the best blogger outreach service tools, it instantly becomes much easier.

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Many good things can come from using blogger outreach service tools.

Blogger outreach service tools are basically the easiest way to find influencers and popular blogs all over the world with who you can work. This is also how you can find small blogs that you can help grow if you find them interesting. Blogger outreach service tools are very helpful for both big and small bloggers and influencers. Outreach is the best way to promote your blog.

The best blogger outreach service tools

Now, let us tell you about the best blogger outreach service tools you can find online.

Ninja Outreach

The first tool we will tell you a bit more about is Ninja outreach. It is one of the biggest blogger outreach service tools as it has a database with over 100 million users. Here is where you can find bloggers in any country and start a campaign with them. Here you also have very helpful outreach email templates. It is a pricey tool but a very helpful one.


Another great option is Awario. It is a tool that helps you monitor mentions of your brand across multiple channels. You can even monitor various keywords in order to find new bloggers with who you can guest blog. Guest blogging is another name for collaborating in such a way. The best thing about Awario is that it is very affordable.

Money on table.
Most of these tools do cost quite a bit on a monthly basis but using them has plenty of pros.

Crystal Knows

Do you want to not just find people to collaborate with but also find information about influencers’ general behaviors in relation to business? Crystal Knows is the tool to use. You will receive lists with dos and don’ts that will help you better your blog and gain a bigger audience. And what most people love about Crystal Knows is the fact that it is completely free for an unlimited time.


A lot of people have issues with mailing even though it is a very important part of blogging. This is why using a tool to help out with that is a good idea. FollowUpThen is one of the best blogger outreach service tools that helps you manage your email. You can schedule emails to be sent out at a certain time on a certain day. You can even set reminders for yourself in the future. It is a very helpful tool to have if you want to make your blog better and more active.

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