Guest Blog Types That Earn High-Quality Backlinks

There has been a lot of debate on the subject of guest blogging over the last couple of years. And despite what you might hear, it isn’t dead. On the contrary, there are some guest blog types that earn high-quality backlinks. So, naturally, you can profit from them.

A couple of years back, a representative of Google came out and said that link building strategies are a violation of Google’s quality guidelines. And that news quickly spread. So, many marketers didn’t know what to do when it comes to guest blogging. It was unclear if it still was worth it.

And here we are in the present time, with guest blogging being one of the most valuable tactics for any brand that wants to make itself more present online. It’s important for you to have good rankings, as well as good traffic and leads if you want to be seen as relevant and establish your brand in the niche. And incorporating guest blogging and link building strategies into your SEO is the best way to get there.

Guest Blogging Explained

To learn how to use guest blogging to its maximum potential, you have to understand what it is. And the easiest way to do this is to see it as a tactic used by marketers to promote their services or expertise on external domains.

You do that by promoting the new original content created for educational purposes. You should be adding value and expanding knowledge of your potential customers with your post. Only that way they’ll see you as an authoritative and relevant source.

Man searching for guest blog types that earn high-quality backlinks online.
Guest blogging is essentially creating content for someone else’s website so you can get exposure and links.

Benefits of Guest Blog Posts

We’ll deal with guest blog types that earn high-quality backlinks in a minute. But first, we’re sure you’d like to know what you will get with writing these posts and sharing your expertise. Beside clear benefits like online exposure and brand awareness are, there are some that are equally as important, but hidden in a way. And yes, we’re talking about links.

We all know that links are one of the three most important things when it comes to search rankings. Additionally, some studies that we have done here at Link Department have proven that there is a connection between high-quality backlinks and high domain authority. In other words, you have to have good links in order to achieve this status of importance. 

If you do everything by the book and share your posts effectively, you’ll get a strong opportunity to grow your online presence, and therefore business.

Guest Blog Types That Earn High-Quality Backlinks – The Things You Need To Know

Now you fully understand what guest blogging is and what benefits you can expect from it, so we can dive into the subject in question a little bit deeper. Before you learn how to write the perfect guest blog pitch and start promoting what you’ve been working on, you need to master the craft of creating perfect content.

Don’t fool yourself. The quality of articles you’re offering to these blogs is what will determine if you’ll be able to build high-quality links. It’s as simple as that. So, here’s what you can do to optimize your content for making success. 

Magnifying glass on colorful surface.
Expect your post to be under a magnifying glass, so it has to be good in every way.

Eight Word Titles

The first thing you want to take care of when writing an article that should earn high-quality backlink is a title. And studies show that titles that have exactly eight words increase the average link gain by more than 100%. Don’t believe us? Look at our title, it has exactly eight words and you’re reading the article. What better proof could you ask for?

There’s no secret to why this is a thing. Google usually displays the first 60 characters of your SEO tag, and that’s why number 8 is a perfect fit. So, if you want to improve your post’s likability, make the title to suit the SEO.

Write Guides

Pretty much ‘the daddy’ of all blog types is a thing called how-to guide. The reason behind it is simple. Just think about how often you search for an answer on Google. Whether you want to know how to clean your windows most efficiently or how can link building benefit your business, you go to your search engine for an answer. It’s in our nature to seek solutions to our problems, and nowadays this is the easiest way to do it.

Search for the guides similar to the one you’d like to write and check them out. See if they’re outdated, if they miss something or if you can improve them somehow. If you succeed in this, trust us, relevant sites in your niche will want to publish it. And that’s why guides are still one of the guest blog types that earn high-quality backlinks.

Sign showing a way.
We, the people, are always looking for guidance. So, if you offer it customers will come to you.

Write About Issues That Are Always Present

Now, this one is a little bit trickier. You see, to ensure the success of your story it has to be timeless. If you write a post that’s dealing with a problem occurring just in 2020 it won’t be relevant in the next few years. So, you need to make something that will keep up with time. 

If the time has taught us anything that is that what goes around comes around. Write your posts in the present tense so they can stay interesting and sharable. If it correlates to current issues, all the chances are that you’ll see it thriving.

Avoid Numbers in Titles

Although it is well-known fact that titles with a number in it will very likely increase social shares, they’re not too good for outreach potential. Usually, when people concentrate on fulfilling a certain number of things they want to mention the quality suffers. And as we already learned, quality is everything when it comes to guest blog types that earn high-quality backlinks. Get straight to the point and don’t get yourself tangled in numbers when you don’t need them.

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