Finding Websites to Get Backlinks From

Improving the ranking of your website is not possible without backlinks. Backlinks are sites that link to your website and improve organic traffic. This results in better SEO scores, more traffic, and better sales. However, it’s not about getting any random backlinks that will link to your site. It’s about finding good quality backlinks, which is not always easy to do. Luckily, we’ve got some strategies for you. Learn everything about finding websites to get backlinks from and making Google love your site.

Explore your niche for some authority websites

One of the best and easiest ways for finding websites to get backlinks from is exploring your niche. This will lead you to the authority sites related to your keywords which can be an amazing way to get links. Even though it might seem like an impossible thing to do, getting a link from an authority website doesn’t need to be that difficult.  Some very popular websites don’t have a problem with giving out links if they recognize good-quality content. So, do your homework and research the most prominent websites that you can find related to your keywords.

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Improving your SEO ranking is easily done with backlinks.

Guest articles

If you want to reach some new clients and make your website interesting to a new audience, guest articles are the way to do it. You can improve your online ranking by posting on other popular websites and presenting your content to some new people. This strategy is not only about finding websites to get backlinks from, but reaching a new audience and expanding your influence.

The best way to do it is to find popular websites that accept guest articles. This is fairly easy to do – naturally, by using Google. By typing the right set of keywords, you can find some amazing sites that will accept you as a contributor. Try searching your keywords along with the phrases such as guest-posts, become a contributor, want to write for us, contribute, write for us, guest posts, become an author, etc.

Bonus tip: Influencers often share the sites they contribute their articles to. It’s a great way to find those websites yourself – just explore the profiles of popular influencers.

Use infographics

Another way for finding websites to get backlinks from is by using infographics. Visual content is always a great way to attract readers so after you collect the sources for your content – make it graphic. A good designer can help you with this work. Then, after publishing it on your website, you can submit it to some infographic directories. Even though this seems like a lot of work and it can be expensive, it surely pays off, as you can get more backlinks through this method.

Self-promotion is necessary for finding websites to get backlinks from

Having some good-quality articles on your website won’t get you backlinks if you don’t promote them. In this strategy, you need to promote your content by email outreach. Again, use Google to find websites that do regular roundups and then contact them. Introduce your website and share some of your work. If they accept it and find it beneficial for their website, you will probably get a backlink.

Look for the websites that link to your competition

If a website you come across links to your competitor, do your best to have your website included on their list. To be able to find them, you can use some link building tools to help you analyze the websites providing the links. Find your competitor by searching keywords and paying attention to the top results, excluding websites such as Amazon, Wikipedia, etc. Once you find the competitors’ addresses, use the tools to help you analyze their websites and find the sites they’re getting backlinks from.

an opened laptop used for fidning websites to get backlinks from
There are various methods for finding websites to get backlinks from – try them all!

Use the broken links for finding websites to get backlinks from

Even though it’s an old-fashioned strategy, it works very well. Websites often offer a link as a way to say thank you for letting them know about the broken links.  You can do this when you come across a broken link by chance, but also find the links on purpose. Search for the relevant websites and check their pages for broken links. When you happen to see a link that doesn’t work (results in an error page), let the webmaster know and offer your link – this strategy will probably work! Introduce your website in a friendly way and offer a good link that can replace the old one.

Bonus tip: This method can be much easier if you use the right tools. Google Chrome has a plugin called Check My Links, which can help you search for the broken link with ease.

Contact the websites you already contacted with

Apart from finding new websites to get backlinks from, you should also take a look at ‘the old ones’ as well. If you had some connection with a website, the chances are they will give you links again. So be sure to do a link audit and find out the websites that were happy to give you links before and try to renew that relationship. To find these websites, use Google Search Console to check your traffic and find links to your site.

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What’s the best strategy for finding websites to get backlinks from – it’s the combination of several methods.

Conclusion – what’s the best strategy for finding websites to get backlinks from?

As you can see, there are several methods in finding websites to get backlinks from. However, the common mistake is for people using one or two strategies. The best way to get as many links as possible is to try out all the methods given. It’s a strategy that will help you feel the field, and see what works best for you, but also extend your online presence, reach a new audience and make some new connections. So be sure to do your homework and be consistent in trying out various strategies in finding backlinks. Good luck!

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