How Do Online Reviews Affect Local SEO?

If You have a business that provides a certain service that people can leave a review about, having an online review section on Your business’s website is a very important thing. Reviews are very helpful to future clients who are thinking about hiring Your services. The reviews help them see that people have previously been content with Your services and Your business will have a much easier time growing into something bigger. Plus, not a lot of people know this but online reviews affect local SEO. In large amounts. Especially if you run a local business. This is why including this section on your website is important. But just how do reviews affect local SEO? Here is where You can read more about this topic. There are plenty of things to know about SEO so make sure You do as much research as You possibly can to understand which parts of SEO you need to work more on.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is very important for local businesses. By local, we mean businesses that are limited to a certain city or county. This is basically competing only with similar businesses in your surroundings, not the complete state, country, continent, or the world. If you have a small business that you want to grow and make very successful not only in your area but further, focusing on local SEO is very important.

Google on laptop.
If You have a small business, bettering Your local SEO is very important.

To put a better focus on your local SEO, you have to make sure that you make Google know that your target audience is located geographically near where your business is located. You have to point this out in many ways on your website. This is a topic to do more research on surely. Or You can simply hire a professional company like Link Department to assist with the task of making your website as optimized locally as it can be.

Why include online reviews on your website?

The question many people want the answer to is why to include online reviews on your website. Not every business has one, why would yours do? Well, if you want to better your SEO and your business as well, you will include it. This can be beneficial in many ways. As we mentioned already, having an online reviews section on your website is good for future clients or customers. They will be able to read experiences from people who have paid for your services before which will make them realize that your business is the one to trust for the job.

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Including reviews is not only beneficial for your SEO but for Your business growth as well.

So, the more people hire you, the more people will be leaving new reviews, both bad and good ones. The more people are leaving reviews, the more of them are visiting your website. And this is very important. The traffic of a website is one of the most important things. And this is exactly one of the ways online reviews affect SEO. This is the type of content to include to better your local SEO in a very easy and fast way.

How do online reviews affect local SEO?

Online reviews help better the SEO in many ways. One of them we have already mentioned – more people are coming back to your website which makes the traffic of your website better. Also, leaving new reviews means that there is fresh content on your website. And if you know anything about SEO, You probably know that new content makes your SEO better.

Constantly adding new things to your website makes Google believe that your website is up to date and always including fresh information to share with people. This automatically ranks your website higher. And it doesn’t matter whether the reviews are good or bad. As long as new reviews are being left at least once every week, your SEO will keep on getting better. Bear in mind that it takes a long time to rank on Google. So, even if you include online reviews from the start of your website, it might take a year for it to be applied and for you to see results.

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No matter whether receiving good or bad reviews, SEO will keep getting better.

But having good reviews is always better than having bad reviews. Google uses the reviews to evaluate your business, not just customers. This is why making sure that all of your customers are content is very important and it is something you need to put as much of your focus on. Bad reviews help bring new content, but they can also pull your ranking down if Google recognizes your business to be unreliable.

More ways reviews help SEO

There are a couple of more ways the reviews help better the performance and ranking of your website. And it is key words. While writing reviews, some of the people would surely include keywords related to your business. And a lot of them will repeat in a couple of reviews. This means that you will have plenty more keywords on your website. And keywords are very beneficial for SEO.

The more of them you have, the better your website is. But you have to make sure that there aren’t too many because this can cause a different effect. Adding the online review section to your website also helps you create more local links to include in your website. There are plenty of benefits and online reviews affect local SEO in many ways. If you still don’t realize just how important reviews are, we suggest doing more research on this topic.

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