How to analyze each important search result page

If you own a business and have a business website you should regularly analyze each important search result page. If you are not doing that your business is missing out. Every customer searches and visits your webpage it generates an enormous amount of data You can easily use this data to better your business. It is the key to enhancing your SEO effort and doing better marketing. You can use professionals like Link Department to do this job for you. Professionals that can run your SEO and build backlinks for you will certainly qualify for this. But, it is important to understand why and how to do this analysis yourself.

What is this analysis?

Simply put it is a detailed analysis of a visitor’s behavior during his time spent on your webpage. His search behavior that you can follow and mark provides a wealth of data for your business to use. Following it is easy through your search analytics dashboard. This tool makes it easy to follow and look at a number of metrics. From keyword and phrase search to filters and suggestion clicks all this data is available to look through and analyze. The results of this analysis will allow you to make changes and improvements to your website on a daily basis if needed. It is a crucial part of any improvement in your webpage and business processes.

Google Analytics on a laptop monitor
Make sure you combine data and tools for proper analysis

Why is that? This is because this analytical approach can answer a lot of questions. These can demystify your user and its behavior and provide insight into how your webpage meets the needs of your customers. Through this, it will allow you to tune up your webpage and increase its value and functionality to achieve better results. So, it allows you to:

  • Determine the quality of your search,
  • Understand users and their needs,
  • Understand how your website meets these needs,
  • Enhance your knowledge,
  • Enhance your SEO,
  • Improve conversion and decrease bounce rates.

This means that you should try to analyze each important search result page from the standpoint of the user/potential consumer. In addition to the SEO audit, or speed test analysis, or even competitor or traffic analysis, you should try to make the analysis from the user’s standpoint. These results are the starting point for any improvement.

Site search analysis

Where to start in this analysis is a tricky question. Each industry and customer base is different so there is no right way to do it. Basically, you should try to set up a tracking analytics dashboard to follow the behavior on your webpage. Then you can start to employ different tactics to and see how customer behavior and business results change as a result. First of all, you should differentiate between types of searches and concentrate your analysis on:

  • External search
  • Internal search

External search

External search report shows you the way in which visitors arrive at your website. It is a detailed analysis of the keywords they use to get to a webpage. So, you can easily find out which key phrases are important to visitors and that they use in Google searches. It is a basis for any change in content. You can use more of these keywords in any future content to attract more visitors. At the same time, these keywords in conjunction with bounce rates and time spent on site can indicate their other issues. A high bounce rate can indicate that for certain keywords the website doesn’t meet the needs of certain visitors. The visitors come to the webpage by mistake. So, it may seem that you are targeting the wrong audience. In these cases, you should make changes to your SEO in order to achieve better targeting.

Two graphs showed in parallel on a laptop
Try to compare data to determine the results of the action

Others indicate that the keywords are just right so you can use them more. Then it is important to enhance your content to contain more of the important keywords and phrases to achieve more traffic for the website. So, the key pages to analyze are Keywords and Filters, Traffic sources, and Bounce rate.

Internal search

Internal search analyses will provide different types of data. It will track just how visitors are using the website and the way they are behaving and what they are expecting. The key here is to follow and analyze what people are searching for on your web pages and within your search box. You can use a number of tools including Google Analytics for this type of analysis.

The key information this will give you is what people cant find on your site. This can indicate if there is something wrong with your webpage design and particularly architecture. This is done by reviewing the Search Term Report that can provide all of the words that are used for searching your website. If people are using search terms that are already on the page then it can indicate that the architecture of your webpage is not right. That means that people are not finding these links so something must be done and improved with this aspect of your site.

If people are looking for things that are not part of your website then it indicates that the wrong target market is approaching our site. In these cases, you should make changes to your marketing effort and also deal with content, keyword, and metadata changes. These changes should improve your keyword usage. Ultimately it will enhance your results and reach the correct users and potential customers.

People in a meeting
Good data analysis will be key to further SEO strategies and actions to improve your results.

In short

Any analysis is not a clear-cut process. It will require using a combination of different reports and metrics. This process is complex and requires you to analyze each important search result page in detail. In this way, you can track the changes that occur for different SEO activities and strategies that you may implement. With this in mind, it is clear to see that it leads to activities and actions that will make an impact on your business.

It is very important to analyze in detail each important search result page in order to get the proper insight into your webpage performance. This will provide enough data for you to make changes and improve your website and your SEO effort. In the long run, this practice will lead to better business results and profits.

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