How People Use Google Search

Just imagine you need to find out something important, and that’s urgent. Almost everyone in the world would instantly reach for the best possible source of information– Google. And although- if you don’t know it, ask Google- usually comes as a joke, it appears to be more than true. In the world of fast information flow, when we don’t have enough time to go through books to find some answers, an effective and rapid solution such as Google is more than necessary. There you can find a lot of different facts, many topics, and all that within a single click. But let’s take a brief look at the very process of online surfing on the search engines, focusing on how people use Google Search.

The users’ behavior – it’s important to know why and how people use Google Search

Search engines are meant to make our lives easier. Most of the time people really rely on the information that they find online, and that’s why that information should be accurate and trustworthy. For that exact reason, search engines take good care of what kind of information they show. Website owners from all over the world invest a lot in improving their SEO, just in order to appear more reliable to the search engines. In this whole process of defining a website’s ranking position, one very important segment to consider is the user’s behavior. It is crucial to understand the way people use search engines if you want to create an effective SEO strategy.

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Creating a good plan and effective strategy are the key factors to success.

Google’s worldwide popularity

As we all know Google is the number one search engine in the world. What’s more, we can say it became so popular that Google is our first association when we hear the word internet. Websites that have the luck to appear among the top search results of Google benefit from that a lot. As the most visited search engine, it receives more than 60 billion visits over a year. Every day people consult Google for information, but that’s not all. As a developed company is started with providing various other amenities for its users. Gmail, Google News, and Google Translate are only some of them.

Some researches have shown that the number of searches conducted on Google on daily basis exceeds 3.5 billion. That would mean that in every second more than 40, 000 people from all over the world enter this search engine and consult it on various topics.

A search option for every device

Google is a search option available on every device. In these modern times, people are in constant motion. Most of us do not spend too much time at home, and we rarely have time to sit and surf the internet leisurely. And that may be the exact reason why nowadays the biggest number of searches come exactly from our mobile phones. Namely, it makes more than half of the total number of searches. As opposed to our computers, a mobile phone is a device we always take with us. That’s why experienced professionals in the area of online marketing such as the Link Department always mention adjusting your website to be easily usable on mobile devices.

There are three girls using their mobile phones. Mobile devices are one of the main ways on how people use Google Search.
Use Google Search and make sure you get the best possible answers to all your questions.

A little bit about the statistics

  • The average time one user takes to find and click on the wanted result is around 14.6 seconds. In fact, more than half of them will need about 9 seconds to complete the action.
  • The majority of the users click on some of the links offered on the first page of the search results. However, it’s interesting to notice that less than 10% of them really reach the end of the first page. Thus, it is not strange that business owners give their best to increase the traffic of their websites, and appear among the top results.
  • A little bit more than 40% of people who use Google Search really take a look at the second page of the search results. What’s more, the truth is that if we don’t find the desired results on the first page, we will more likely change the query than take a look at the other result pages.
  • Once they click on the result, they rarely decide to go back to the search results again.
  • Around 23% of the users tend to make use of the autocomplete suggestions on Google.
  • Most of the users don’t change their search terms along the way. That would mean that Google really offers more than relevant results in the first place. On the other hand, it also means that most users usually tend to construct adequate keywords for their search.
  • Only one-fifth of all Google Search users decide to click on Google Ad at the time of their search.

We use Google Search pretty often

Although nowadays we can choose among several search engine options, such as Bing or Yandex, Google still remains the top choice. Basically, we tend to rely on it in every single sphere of our lives. Some statistics say that an average person visits Google Search typically 3 times a day, or sometimes even more. This naturally resulted in various updates, and today we can be sure we have a great search engine that gives us fast and high-quality results.

A girl is pointing to a graph on the screen.
More than 80% of people from all over the world use Google on a daily basis.

All the analysis of Google as a search engine and of how people use Google Search, in particular, have shown that, at least for now, there is no competitor in the area that can compare with it and its performance. Users simply got used to effectiveness and reliability, and thus would hardly decide to trust someone else instead. But, that also leaves a hard task to Google itself. It needs to maintain the quality, but also to improve constantly. Luckily, Google manages to take everything under control. Otherwise, we would need to get used to living without our treasury of knowledge, and that’s something no one really wants.

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