Steps to Defining Your Niche Market

As any entrepreneur knows the first three years are critical for companies survival. A good idea is not a guarantee of success. To achieve results you need to precisely define your market. Finding the right market niche is one of the crucial factors for business success and key for your whole online marketing activity. However, although many entrepreneurs can easily define it many are unsure. They waiver as they believe that defining a niche will narrow their market and sales. On the contrary, the niche market can give you power. It can be a decisive factor in your companies survival. Once you know this you should learn about the steps to defining your niche market. The process is important and crucial for the success of your marketing effort, and that is why the Link Department will help you learn more.

What it does and why it is important

Defining your niche market allows you to precisely define the aim and target of your making activity. You will then know just who you’re marketing to and how effective it is. Meaning that you will know just what marketing results you get from your investment in marketing. By doing so you are then able to precisely define your marketing activities. To aim your marketing tools and use them efficiently. You cant benefit from investing a big marketing budget into an inefficient marketing effort. Only precisely defined and aimed marketing activities can benefit your business and lead to further development.

Marketing strategy written on a peace of paper is dependent on Defining Your Niche Market
The key to a good marketing strategy is to properly define your niche

This is even more important if you take into account your internet marketing strategy. Internet marketing is not the final factor for business success. Here you also must find the right niche and address the market properly to ensure success. Defining a niche is critical for defining a marketing strategy because:

  • You can maximize your budget when targeting a well-defined niche
  • You can SEO your website for maximal results
  • Define the website to salve particular issues of your defined niche
  • Develop new products and services for that specific niche
  • Position yourself as an industry leader within the niche

Steps in defining your niche

As with everything in life, defining your niche market is also a process. There are certain steps to defining your niche that you must go through. These are a blueprint that can lead you to success in your business endeavor. We can easily condense the way of defining through seven simple steps:

  • Reflect your passion and interests
  • Focus
  • Identify customers needs and wants
  • Synthesize
  • Evaluate
  • Test your ideas
  • Make a leap

Make your market wishlist

Try to envision and decide on what your market should be. Try to define your customers and marketing orientation on the basis of their geographical location. Also include gender, age, income in your decision-making process. Be clear that you cant work for everyone. You cant cover the entire market and all of the population. It would be a waste of time and resources. You will exhaust yourself and confuse your potential customers. So, this is the first step in defining your niche market and is critical in shaping all of the other activities.

Focus, reflect your passions and interests

Try to define your niche according to your skills, interests, and passions. Utilize your previous experience and problem-solving skills to define what you can do.  Be focused and define the products and services that you can offer to the market. Of all of these elements, your niche will arise by itself. But be clear, deciding to work in clothing retail will be only a field of work. If you decide to sell only children’s clothing then you have defined a more precise niche.

A lightbulb in relation to several fators sketched on a blackboard
Make sure you define your business idea properly and put it in relation to your niche

Identify customers needs and wants

Once you have your business idea you should research what kind of needs and problems your potential customers have. You should reflect on how your idea can help them and meet their needs. Research your potential market to identify how your brand of business can provide value to your niche market. There are many tools to do just that and analyze your customer’s personality and nature. Also, analyze your competition and discover where it is lacking the potential to satisfy your customers. This will be your chance.


With this data, you can synthesize and shape your niche. It is a place where your potential and customer needs meet. A good niche will allow you to achieve your long-term goals, it is needed by the customers, it is unique, carefully planned, and it can change and evolve. A good niche will provide long-term success and keep your core business going.


You should evaluate your business idea (product and service) against these criteria listed in step 4. If your defined niche does not stand up to one of these criteria then it is not a good choice for you. Go on in searching for your perfect niche and the best marketing tactics for that market.

Test your ideas

Make sure you test your business ideas thoroughly. Do not make this test too expensive. However, make samples of your product and go on to test the service. You should test how your niche market reacts to your product/service. Print a newsletter or organize a seminar. Analyze the niche market reaction and take note of the results. They will make a good starting point in making adjustments to conform to the market reactions and needs.

A pile of 100 dollar bills
Once you define your market correctly you are a step closer to achieving business success

Make a leap

Once your idea is finally shaped then it is time to market it. Implementation is one of the most difficult activities in the whole niche defining process. However, if you go through all of the steps to defining your niche it won’t be a gamble. Implementation of your idea in this case will be a calculated risk with good chances of success.

So, this whole process can be precisely defined and scripted. It is important for your small business survival in the first years. It is also important for your further development along the way. Although it can be intimidating going through steps to defining your niche market is a necessary precondition that will put your business on the right path.

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