How To Build PBN Links The Right Way

Google crawls websites collecting the information that will help them rank each website in SERPs appropriately. And one of the most important criteria is the number and quality of backlinks. The more quality backlinks the website has, the better ranking position it gets. With high-ranking positions, websites improve their online visibility which leads to higher traffic. But, the problem is that acquiring backlinks is a long and tedious process, where you don’t have the actual control over backlinks. To speed up the entire process and get more control over links, some of them turn to Private Blog Networks. This, in general, make things easier and much faster, but it can be a potentially risky move. To avoid problems with PBN links in the future, it’s necessary to understand and know how to build PBN links properly.

The safest way to build PBN links

PBN link building is not exactly a white-hat strategy, but it doesn’t technically belong to black-hat strategies either. The real truth is somewhere in between. If used properly, it can be an effective way to boost your ranking position for competitive keywords quickly. However, search engines like Google are disapproving using such strategies. Why? Because most PBNs don’t really contribute with quality content.

A woman holding the “quality control” warning.
Search engines try to maintain a certain degree of quality in their results.

On the other side, if you invest in a quality network, you can get back control over your backlinks without getting unnecessary attention. This way, you will control the entire SEO process and create an efficient and satisfactory system. The only caveat is that you have to carefully think everything over. You need to be innovative, cautious and pay more attention to details. Today’s PBNs are fast, without footprint, and exceptionally secure. If you don’t have enough experience, you should ask professionals to help you by explaining all the risks involved in using PBN to build links. It’s the only way to successfully avoid any pitfalls in the future.

What is a PBN?

Private Blog Network, or PBN, is an industry term behind the concept of backlinks acquisition method through owning multiple websites. When someone buys several domain names it can create numerous websites for purpose of directing backlinks to one central website. This concept can be a powerful marketing tool to boost a website’s search engine ranking position. If you look outside the digital domain, it’s a common practice for one company to buy another with the goal of strengthening its position in the market.

The PBN controversy

Inside the digital world, this often controversial method is used to improve marketing position by acquiring links. Whether it is a matter of divided opinions, this method has been used a lot in the past. And up to this day, many companies are still using it strategically. Some might call it taking an unfair advantage, but hardly anything in the market today is considered fair. Especially in high competitive niches.

Link Department doesn’t encourage the use and is not taking sides in the dispute, we are simply providing an unbiased and realistic opinion. After all, when it comes to leveling the digital playground field, some of today’s most accepted SEO methods were considered “cheating” at one point in time.

Build PBN Links by creating your own network

One way to build PBN links the right way is through your own private network. However, to start with this you will need to consider investing plenty of time in SEO. The entire point is to create a network of high-quality websites that offer real value to the visitors. Which, in the end, is not much different from how things work in the wild. The only difference is that here you have one owner in control, instead of numerous owners of different websites.

PBN practices

Companies are buying expired domains with a good and authoritative history and reshape them for their needs. Backlinks from these domains do have a value that you can pass onto your own website.

A person checking one of the blogs on a tablet.
There are various blogging networks you can use to boost your SEO efforts.

However, not all industries are suited for PBN. In niches where PBN links are the only way to remain competitive, you need to be strategic. Those that use PBN make a great effort to remove any footprint search engines may trace back to them. A lot of attention is placed into making the natural content, which is no different from other quality content on the web.

When it comes to website creating, WordPress is probably the most popular CMS. Its theme-based approach and potential for customization are making it a one-of-a-kind building tool. You can easily redesign your website and build links in the future without any negative effects. The better the design of websites is, the better the user experience will be. That’s why different premium themes for each website are a common and desirable option.

Another important thing for PBN link building is that it should have a lot of websites. The more different places are giving backlinks to one central website (often called “money website”), the more value it brings to SEO. Basically, a massive Private Blogging Network has more room to shape the way links are distributed.

How to build links from PBN

Here are a few instructions to consider if you want to build PBN links and utilize them up to some degree:

  • Everything has to seem natural
  • Content should be of no less quality than on regular websites
  • Maintaining the natural diversity of keywords
  • Always ensuring that anchor text is relevant to the industry
  • Limiting the number of links each domain gives
  • Smart placement of targeting pages across the domain
  • Real SEO optimization must take place on all web pages
  • A perfect combination of backlinks from authoritative website to supplement the strategy
  • Avoid cross-linking websites inside the network unnaturally

Finally, if you regularly update and maintain PBN backlink providers, they will look more like non-PBN websites. Those with enough knowledge ensure their PBN website blocks SEO analytic programs and different bots.

The negative side building PBN links

Of course, building links comes with certain risks. If you are using low-quality PBN, you can easily earn a penalty from Google. In some cases, it can range from ignoring your backlinks to more severe penalties. But premium PBNs often find a way to stay out of the sight. Normally, those premium PBN are far from cheap – the quality and certainty always come at a price. Also, PBN is not a shortcut to ranking. The quality of content and maintenance is not less than on any other website out there.

A boot almost stepping on the banana.
Avoid slippery ground when constructing your SEO strategy.

In essence, Google is strictly against using PBN links because this practice renders their AdWords useless. They aim to provide a quality user experience, so methods that circumvent the system might damage their revenue. Before you decide to build PBN links this way, you need to understand all the potential risks it may include. It’s a recommendation to consult a marketing professional to completely understand the entire process. Overall, there are many SEO strategies worth utilizing. Explore them before you try combining alternatives.

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