How To Create Backlinks Manually

Getting more backlinks over time is a process. For new businesses, getting recommended by other websites and users is very valuable. However, it often seems very challenging to get those backlinks naturally, especially in the beginning. Sometimes, even despite all the effort, website owners get weak results, and they often give up. However, building backlinks takes patience and constant improvements. That’s why we want to share the best methods to create backlinks manually. Easy, simple ways to improve your website and get the most for your SEO.

How backlinks matter for your SEO?

Backlinks represent a sort of recommendation of your website from another online location. It comes in the form of a hyperlink, that links to a page on your website. Backlinks are a key method of digital marketers, which is why you should try it out as well.

There are two types of backlinks – Dofollow and Nofollow links. Dofollow link connects your page to a page on another website. They also bring juice from another authority website.  Nofollow links are less valuable, even though they look the same. It contains an attribute that tells search engines that they shouldn’t follow that link. Finally, Nofollow links don’t pass any value or PageRank to your website.

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Learn what works best for your website.

How to create backlinks manually – the best methods

Creating your backlinks manually is not that difficult. There are several methods you can try. However, you should filter and use those that suit your website’s needs and preferences. If you’re not sure how to do it, you’re in the right place. This guide will help you browse your options and see the best way to manually create your backlinks. Surely, you can always contact a professional to help you out and make the link-building process a lot easier.

Guest Posts

If you’re good at writing high-quality content on various topics, then guest posting is the best method to create backlinks manually. Sometimes, even the best content is not seen by too many people, which is why you need to post it on more visible websites. Search for online locations that accept guest posts, and submit some great content. It will help you raise awareness of your business, attract some new visitors and increase the value of your website. Just remember to be polite, persistent and offer high-quality content in order to get your content published.


Every page or content becomes more attractive with infographics. They are easy to read and understand, which is why people tend to read them more than long texts. Choose a topic, your target audience, and make your ideas visual. A good-quality infographic is simple, good-looking, and most importantly – informative. It should be easy to view and read, focus on the most important information and tell a lot about the topic. Many bigger brands and businesses will be happy to use them in their content and therefore give you backlinks.

Use Social Media

Social media websites are often forgotten and underestimated means of communication with brands and customers. However, they can be a great way to present your business, interact with partners and customers. Furthermore, the traffic that happens on these websites is surely something you should use as an advantage. You can post social updates, share new blog posts, and make your website more visible.

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Social media is a powerful tool in order to create backlinks manually.

Post to forums

Another way to draw attention to your website and communicate with the target audience is to become active on forums. Depending on your niche, you can answer questions about relevant topics you know a lot about. The great thing about these answers is that you can add links to your blog or other pages of your website to support your answers and give users more information. This will drive more traffic to your website – – the main purpose of creating backlinks.

Use videos to create backlinks manually

Websites like Youtube, Dailymotion, or Vimeo can be powerful tools in creating backlinks. Video Marketing is an important advertising technique, as it diversifies your marketing strategy, helps you reach a new audience, and finally – builds backlinks. Draw your target audience with a useful video, and then add a link to your website to support the video and give more information. Not sure what to film? Try out these video types that can go well with the content you have on the website:

  • tutorials – how-to videos are one of the most popular types. People need them to understand how something works, and ways to do them on their own;
  • service demonstration – showing your good or services and ways people can benefit from them is very valuable;
  • reviews – if you have videos of customers using your services or products. make sure to use them I the best way possible. Upload them on your YouTube profile as proof of the quality of services.

All of these can be used to make your video platform resourceful for users, and the place where they can ask questions, find solutions for their problems, and additional information through links to your website you can add to every video.

Make friends with fellow bloggers

Interacting with other bloggers and readers is a great way to make connections and also get backlinks. Whenever you come across a blog post related to your niche and keywords, make sure to comment and share some of your ideas. This way you can drive traffic to your blog where people can read more information about what you’re commenting on before.

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Being a blogger is not only about writing, it’s about interaction, too.

It’s all about high-quality content

Your website is the first and last step of your self-promotion and creating backlinks. Uploading high-quality content is the best way to attract more visitors to the websites, and get recommendations from other sites. This strategy takes time and effort, but it surely pays off. You just need to be patient and use up the knowledge you have to share it with your target audience in the best way possible.

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