Fantastic Tools and Strategies to Recover From Link Penalties

Being penalized by Google can cause considerable damage to jor search rank and traffic. Any failure to comply with Google’s rules will certainly lead to a penalty of some sort. This causes a lot of problems and you have to know how to deal with them. First of all, you have to understand the problem and have sufficient knowledge to identify just why you are being penalized. Furthermore, you have to be informed about some tools and strategies to recover from link penalties and get out of this predicament. To help you out we will try to shed some light on the problem itself and on some of the tools you can utilize in this situation.

What are Google penalties and why are you the target?

Google can penalize your website if it determines that you have some sort of a spammy backlink strategy on your pages. Any spammy SEO technique even if used by your competitors can get you in Google’s sights. In these cases, Google demotes your site or removes it from search results completely. This is the answer to why you can be penalized and what this penalty is.

But you also must know that there are two types of these penalties. Penguin penalties are issued by an algorithm and are usually associated with an update of a webspam algorithm. In these cases, the penalty is issued if an algorithm finds spammy backlink issues on one of your site’s pages. In these cases, it blocks this page demoting its google search results.

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Your SEO effort will suffer from Google penalties but there are SEO tools to help you tackle them

Another type of penalty is issued through manual action. In this case, your whole site is demoted or removed from search results causing a drop in your traffic. This happens when Google finds links that seem unnatural. These bad links can occur on your website if you are practicing autogenerating links, paying or trading links, or from spammy content in guest posting. This type of penalty hurt the most.

Dealing with penalties

However, there are ways of tackling both of these types of penalties. Usually, this takes time and it can cost you some traffic, rank, and in the end money. You must know that Google issues more than 400.000 manual penalties and has over 20.000 penalty reconsideration requests. This means that it cant tackle this kind of load fast so be prepared to wait. It will take a complete four weeks for them to respond to your request so this means that you have to react fast. And when you do recover from a penalty know that your organic traffic will be gone. The best recovery you can hope for is if it gets you back to 60% of 70% of your traffic.

So, recovery from a penalty will cost you considerably so make sure you prevent being penalized. But if you can manage that, there are also some great tools and strategies to help you recover from link penalties. These tools are designed to help you deal with the issue that caused the penalty and fix them efficiently.

Tools and strategies for penalty recovery

Getting too many penalties can quickly destroy all of your hard SEO work and effort. You can hire professionals at Link Department to help you deal with this issue. But it is also clear that you have to get knowledge about different tools that can help you recover and clean the issues that caused the penalty. Here are some of them:

  • Majestic SEO
  • Ahrefs
  • Google Tools
  • Link Detox
  • Cognitive SEO
  • Moz tools

Majestic SEO

This tool provides a lot of information about your traffic. It also audits your links as well as the links your competitors use. Majestic SEO allows you to see the summary of your site as well as for each page. It will also provide the chart of your backlinks, check your anchor distribution, and search for breakdown frames, redirects and images. With this tool, it is easy to find spammy link problems even historically and help you fix them as they are the root of the issue.


Ahrefs is available free of charge and offers a regularly updated links database. It can list all of your inbound links and sort them by following and by nofollow. It can also analyze new inbound links to find bad ones and even point out to referring IPs if the links are from a specific network.

Google sign
There are many tools that Google provides to get you out of penalties

Google Tools

Google also provides some excellent tools and strategies to recover from link penalties. Disavow Backlinks is essential. The tool is used to disavow all connections to your inbound linking websites. It is used once you have contacted the site’s webmasters requesting links to be removed with no results. At the same time, you use Google Search Console that allows you direct communication with google. It will notify you about vulnerabilities, spam actions, and other errors that impact your website, etc.

Link Detox

This tool uses 22 sources to determine the score of each backlink giving you a risk assessment of these links (healthy, toxic, or suspicious). It provides a whole site diagnostic and even manual backlink research. This functionality can be invaluable as your overall profile may be good but it can contain several toxic backlinks. Detox is great for those that have been penalized and understand the impact it makes on your SEO effort. It will help create a trouble-free profile.

Cognitive SEO

Cognitive SEO also provides link ranking and is simple to use as it provides visualization of link quality. It ranks them as OK, suspected, or unnatural. The tools also allow for an unnatural link export to a text file for easy disavowal.

Moz tools

Moz provides a set of tools. Mozcast allows you to take a look at changes in rankings in the past five days. Open site explorer can be used to evaluate all inbound links and to analyze them for spam and group them. Moz also provides a Google algorithm change history. This tool makes it possible to diagnose algorithmic issues to prevent penalties from happening.

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Keep a close eye on your traffic and performance to be aware of any Google action

So, there are many fantastic tools and strategies to recover from link penalties. They for those that want to fix any issues on their site to prevent future penalties. Just make sure you choose the right tool or tool combination to do the job. Using these tools will ensure that you have good quality backlinks that will prevent any future disaster.  Breaking Google rules can get you penalized fast.

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