How to Increase Your Quality Score in Google AdWords

Before we start talking about ways to increase your quality score in Google AdWords we need to go over the basics. The AdWords Quality Score is a keyword-level score on and there is a scale from one to ten. That’s how they are rated. Every keyword you assign gets a quality score. If you have a score between eight or ten that is considered to be great! Anything lower than eight is something you need to work on. That’s why we are here today. To help you get a better score and improve your keywords. There are a lot of approaches to this problem and we will show you some. That will help you continue research on this topic later on.

How is the quality score determined?

Understanding the answer to this question will help you improve. So, naturally, we will start from the basics. Quality Score is calculated based on the following combined performance of three components:

  1. Ad Relevance or to simply put it – how closely your ad matches the intent behind a user’s search
  2. Expected click-through rate (CTR) or the likelihood that your ad will be clicked when shown
  3. Landing page experience

You can use the same keywords with different ad groups and you will notice that you are getting different Quality Scores because the groups likely differ in the ad creative, landing page, and demographic targeting. Google will simply assign a score and you will be able to see if your ads match your keywords.

blocks with numbers as symbolic showing your quality score
The name of the game here is getting number 10! But 8 or 9 will be just fine too.

Tips on how to increase your quality score in Google AdWords

Now that we covered our basics and we are on the same page on how the score is assigned we can talk more about how to get a 10/10 quality score. That is the goal here after all. Just know that it might take some time and practice before you get your first 10 scores. But don’t worry, you will get there. This is a learning curve and all you need to do is be persistent. Now let’s get on those useful tips:

  • Make sure to tailor your ad copy to your keywords and not the other way around.
  • You need to structure your Google Ads account in the way that you have a large number of very targeted ad groups.
  • It’s important to choose highly relevant landing pages.
  • Ad extensions.
  • Make sure to optimize, the more the better.

Some additional tips

Before choosing and assigning the keywords it’s important to research them carefully. Also, don’t choose one work to be your keyword. It’s much better to use a phrase instead. All those tips are just a way to get in the game of high numbers so use them all not just some of them. You can also find websites like Link Department where you can read articles on similar topics and get informed regularly. That way you will be always on top of your game!

Ways to use your quality score to your advantage and improve performance

The first thing you should do is review the three components we already talked about under “How is the quality score determined?”. Read again if necessary. Those components can help you update your ad text, keyword selection, or landing page content. The goal is to move from average to above average for starters. You need to focus on giving your users what they want. So try to look for ways to reach them by improving your user experience. You can use Quality Score as a diagnostic tool.

woman on a laptop learning how to Increase Your Quality Score in Google AdWords
There is a lot to be learned about Google AdWords.

While trying to make ads more relevant to your keywords try to match the language of your ad text more directly to user search terms. Grouping your keywords into themes to increase the relevance might help. For example, if you are selling jewelry have a group of keywords containing “engagement rings” since that is a very popular product for you likely. But also make another group of keywords for “wedding bands” or “golden earings” or whatever are your best selling products. Make sure to make those keywords easy and light so they can be incorporated easily.

Who can help you to increase your quality score in Google AdWords?

It’s perfectly ok if you find all of this to be a bit too much. Maybe you have a lot of other aspects of business that you need your focus to be on. You don’t need to deal with everything on your own. That’s why there are specialists for every aspect of your business. You want your website to blossom – hire SEO experts. You need your legal documents sorted – hire a lawyer. That’s how this works.

By handing parts of your business to professionals you also gain a lot better care. Surely you can learn all of this, but is it necessary? That’s up to you to decide. If you want to learn this quickly there are courses that you can take strictly for AdWords, you can also hire experts to teach you or to come and work for you. The choice is yours.

hiring Google AdWords experts
Hiring experts will allow you to do this hassle-free.

Google Ads Experts

By hiring Google Ads Experts you get to increase your quality score in Google AdWords. Also, they will manage and optimize your campaigns instead of you on a weekly or monthly basis depending on what you need. And they will send updates and reports on the performance for the key metrics so you will get a better insight into the news. All that you get for a monthly fee and no hassle from your side. That sounds pretty convenient, doesn’t it? So, you can try that and if not start learning more about this topic. We pointed you in the right direction and showed you where you can learn more. Good luck!

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