How to Write a Press Release That Gets Results

Don’t be fooled, it’s not an easy thing to write a press release that gets results. You will need some help and we are here because of that. We will try to point you in the right direction. Nowadays it’s so much more than just your writing skills. There is a whole world competing in the same line of work so being creative and writing well is just a part of it. Don’t worry, we will also show you where to get additional help and show you our checklist for writing press releases so stick on.

Let’s cover some basics first

What is a press release? Yes, you most likely know this already but let’s mention this quickly for the ones in the cheap seats back there. A press release is content that can inform the media about an organization’s recent developments. To simple it down it’s what a company writes to let others know about their news whether it’s some new development or new product launch or whatever news that company can have. Now we covered the basics and we can focus on writing a press release and doing it well. If you have more questions you can check out Link Department and get more information on this and similar topics.

Is writing a press release still relevant in 2022?

If you wondering why even bother writing a release it is 2022, we have to show you the benefits :

  • you can get covered on popular blogs and media websites
  • the release can drive traffic to your site
  • Google News can cover your release
  • your Google rankings can improve
  • you can even boost your company’s credibility

Now, let’s get something clear – a press release is not magically going to change everything but you can catch someone’s eye and things can go well for you. This can be a good tool to spread the word about your exciting news.

a calendar of 2022 as a symbol of our topic - How to Write a Press Release in 2022
It’s called oldie but goodie and yes press releases are still important in 2022.

Steps to writing a press release worth everyone’s attention

  1. First of all, you need to do something newsworthy so your news whatever it is needs to be something exciting
  2. Develop your hook – you need to get everyone’s attention
  3. Start by writing your press release headline
  4. Write your press release lead
  5. Write your body copy
  6. Now is the time for final touches and making sure that everything you wrote is great
  7. Distributing a press release is the final thing you need to do

The hook

We will skip the first step since we can’t talk about it really. It varies a lot depending on what you do and what your news is so let’s start with the second step – the hook. You need to take the news you have for sharing and refine them. Turning your piece of news into a hook is crucial. You need to find a good angle for presenting your news. Often hot and trendy topics are the best way of presenting your news. For example, if you are writing about good and bad backlinks (which is something that is heard so many times) focus on getting rid of toxic backlinks like “we found the easiest way of getting rid of toxic backlinks”. That sounds interesting, right? That is your hook.

Press release headline

In many ways, this is the crucial part of your release, and it’s important to write your press release like a pro. Mainly because journalists only read the headline and the rest is read only in case the headline is interesting. If it’s not, the rest of the release will be skipped over. That’s why this is so important. This men’s that your hook needs to be in the headline! Most press release distribution websites will allow you to add a subheadline (to your release) and this is something you can take advantage of.  Mainly because it can add detail and additional context to your headline.

Your lead

How to write a press release and how long will it take? As Mr. Bull (a character from the Peppa Pig cartoon) likes to say “It will take as long as it takes” so you should know that writing it is not easy as we already mentioned. Your lead is the first few lines of your release and it can make or break your whole release (no pressure). That means don’t save the best for last. Start with the good stuff.

Google rank

There are many ways to improve your Google rank and writing a great press release can be one of them. The better your rank is the more noticeable you and your site will be so this is a win-win situation for you. Just a gentle reminder – if you are having trouble with writing you can always hire copywriters to help you out.

Opening a Google app on a smartphone
The most important is what Google thinks of us.

Share your release!

This is a bonus step for you. Share your release. Send e-mails. Ask bloggers for reviews and try to find other ways of getting the word out. Just make sure that you are not annoying. That can also be bad for your press release. Emails are always a good choice and so is posting on social media.

a bunch of newspaper
Sometimes paying for an ad in a magazine (that’s in your niche) can be very good).

How to write a press release and how to distribute it

This is something you shouldn’t do on your own. You can write a press release and release it on your own site but then what’s the whole point? Your current readers already know everything. You want to attract new ones while sharing exciting news. You will get much better results if hire a PR distribution service. Hiring professionals to is always a smart business move.

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